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  1. Wrong prescription... I too shoveled the driveway... but had 4 beers at 10% ... Feeling great for NFCCG!
  2. The report from the sidelines from Chris Myers after the half was that we wouldn't take our foot off the gas, per Ron...
  3. You think there would be more confidence on this board after 15 straight wins...
  4. That was great pocket presence by Cam. What a play!
  5. Are there any targets besides Olsen and Ginn? Where's Funchess, Cotch?
  6. How much he has I'm not certain of. I know he has some, but however much it is I think he should have even more. I know Cam is loyal to the coaching staff so he follows the game plan; I am basically offering an alternative to Shula with Shula still part of this staff; the only way Rivera axes him is if his own ass is on the hot seat, which isn't coming. I think Cam could simply do better than his own OC.
  7. Cam should be calling plays with Shula as a figurehead just like Peyton runs his offense and his OC is just a figurehead. Cam is coming into his own and he should be given more authority over the offense; more audibles and better pace
  8. I assumed he scored the extra point. lol my mistake
  9. Tie game peeps; considering what the score should be, we are in the driver's seat for this game; should we not win, all our fault. I think the leaders on this team will inspire and we'll come out much better for the final 30 minutes and get the dub.
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