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  1. I think I worded it weird. I was hoping to do Vegas for Morgan Wallen on the 8th, then go to the Panthers a few months later maybe in November not just a month later in September. How is that sphere thing? I’ve been to Vegas probably 50 times so I’m beyond most of the tourist poo but that sphere looks kind of cool for a show.
  2. Nice callback! Back when the Panthers were trying to kill motherfugers!
  3. So there are 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL and BY is ranked number 34? That’s understandably shitty.
  4. I’m Bay Area myself. I was hoping the game would be later because I am going to the same stadium to see Morgan Wallen and Jelly Roll on August 8th, but there is plenty else to do and see in Vegas so no big deal.
  5. i will be there in the nosebleeds section 414 lets go
  6. It’s a trip watching 49ers game because all Purdy does is make great reads and great throws with very little fanfare about it.
  7. Honestly not with a new coach. New coach often means new QB. When you are a new coach with an abysmal year two QB I think you go in another direction. That being said, I HOPE that BY takes major strides and becomes a decent NFL player. My concern is I don’t think he will ever be a star. I think his ceiling is Jake Delhomme. Maybe that’s enough to will is to a SB like Jake did, but I’m not betting on it, and I’m a degenerate gambler.
  8. Been waiting for a month to see when we play the Raiders so the wife and I can schedule a trip to Vegas.
  9. I apologize in advance I don’t know what any of that means. Thanks for attempting to enlighten me though, it’s appreciated.
  10. I suspect that for the second year in a row, he will have a worse statistical season than every other rookie, which is a remarkable achievement.
  11. Explain this to me like I wear a mask alone in my car. Does this mean he was slightly less shitty than we thought and BY is slightly more shitty than we thought?
  12. Is this a good trade value wise? 100%. Do I have any faith whatsoever that this organization will do something good with it. Not at all. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell with this team right now. years ago I would have been super excited about this. I now feel like a battered wife.
  13. It’s called rock bottom. Come on in, the water is fine.
  14. In fairness our “Big Picture” has been shot since SB50. We are a rudderless ship with no vision, no talent on the team, and worse, no talent in the front office.
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