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  1. You’re an eternal optimist. At this point I think the Prime Minister of Haiti knows how to do their job better than anyone in this organization lmao.
  2. This is the only franchise that could try and sit down to scrape the $hit off its boots and wind up sitting in $hit, and then after realizing they were sitting in $hit and tried to get up, put their hand in $hit as well. So what was JUST $hit on our boots is now $hit on our jeans and our hand. That’s the Panthers in a nutshell.
  3. There was a time I would have laughed at this. I now believe it to be the only logical path forward.
  4. Take the worst team in United Football League and I bet they beat the Panthers by 3 scores.
  5. Ok. Remind me at end of season if I owe you because I’ll forget. But there is like maybe 1% chance I lose that bet. And I’d like to stipulate if I may the bet should be a push if they start someone other than BY. If they find a guy on the street that used to play XFL ball we might win 6+, but no chance with BY. See you at the end of the season friend!
  6. Because there is no light. The light from the star that is success is so distant from this franchise it will take light years to reach us. We will all be dead before the franchise even gets to rock bottom, with another 20+ years after that until we sniff the playoffs again. Bryce Young’s great grandchildren will be old enough to play for the Panthers by the time this team gets out from underneath all of these moves. Spend your Sundays going to church or taking up a new hobby. I personally have learned how to play guitar, sew, cook, and done some pretty badass woodworking with the time I have spent not watching the Panthers. I mean don’t get me wrong, they play on the tv in my garage, but it’s in the background and on mute so I can enjoy other things in life. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy clothing or memorabilia or tickets or TV packages that benefit the team. All you can do is hope Tepper loses so much money in a year that he has to sell it. Then at least we will only be 3 generations away from a winning team instead of 4 or 5. Success!
  7. Well one could argue he DID NOT have a value of two firsts because no one was offering that. His value is whatever a team was willing to trade for him. The person you should be mad at is Fitterererer for not getting us two firsts when HE DID have that value. just accept that this is the worst-run franchise in professional sports (yes, even worse than the Oakland A’s that I could 12 run mercy rule with 8 friends off the couch) and you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed. I checked out when they benched Cam Newton for not wearing a tie, and my life has been stress free ever since.
  8. The Panthers make the Oakland Athletics look like they know what they’re doing.
  9. Weren’t we offered two firsts just a year ago and now we are hoping for this trash? If this franchise isn’t the most incompetent in professional sports I’ll eat my fuging shoe.
  10. I think everyone balked at his asking price. Maybe he bought into his own hype and thought he’d get a sweet Chip Kelly type deal.
  11. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  12. Reading through this thread looks exactly like it did when we hired Rhule due to his youth, and then again when we hired Reich due to his experience. This guy will also poo the bed and I imagine the thread when he gets fired (O/U is at 25 games and I’ll take the under) will also look just like the Rhule/Reich fired threads.
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