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  1. Beat me to it. When a guy with 6 fuging fingers picks you off it’s time to hang up the cleats lmao
  2. Well poo when you put it out all easy to read like that…sure looks awfully good.
  3. If he actually boards the team plane back home I’d be shocked. Dude is trash. I’d trade him for a Vault Edition of the new Call of Duty. Trading team can pick if it’s for PS5 or Xbox I don’t care.
  4. I’m certainly not going to pass judgment on Wills after one game, but a lot of the time when a HC gets fired and an assistant is put in his place, players go hard and try to play for him. That certainly didn’t happen today, and in his first game he had to separate a player from a coach while screaming at both and send the player home mid-game. That’s not a good sign but poo happens.
  5. Well I took the Rams -10.5 today and made a quick $1K. This is the 2nd week in a row betting against this ridiculous garbage team that I have made a lot of money. I will continue to double up on them against the spread and will use my $30K in gambling earnings to get some new tires on my truck and maybe a new club fitting. Then when they clean house and get what resembles an NFL QB and HC, I will have to contemplate next season on whether I should be golfing on Sundays or watching football. Right now it’s not much of a decision, the course is surprisingly empty on sundays during football season. Go Panthers!
  6. Matt Moore was a fun huddle crush. So was Jason Carter and Stanley McClover. I’ve been here a long time lmao.
  7. This is me to a T. Met up with a buddy at a sports bar to watch games last week that I haven’t seen for a while and he was like dude you used to be kind of a rabid Panthers fan. I told him I still love the team, still watch most games, but the success of the Carolina Panthers no longer dictates how my day or week goes. I compared it to watching an episode of Seinfeld. Enjoy it while it’s on, have a few laughs, and then move on with my day. I don’t sit there stewing over it hours after it’s over thinking to myself I can’t believe George’s girlfriend took credit for the big salad he gave Elaine. I just don’t care enough to let it consume me like it used to. It’s actually awesome, and the most at peace I’ve ever been as a Panthers fan.
  8. In fairness the Panthers have ALWAYS been a mediocre franchise. I love this team but it’s no secret that even when we have a magical season like 2015 it is sandwiched by abject failures. Nothing remarkable aside for a few flare-ups of moderate success. Tepper hasn’t exactly been a gem, but the teams problems date far before his tenure as owner.
  9. 100% I have watched more Niners games than anyone here. Jimmy G is trash. Arguing about whether or not he is better than Darnold is like arguing that your GMC Jimmy is more awesome than my Bronco II. We are both losers and neither is winning anything anytime soon.
  10. It takes a lot of luck as well to build a state of the art facility while simultaneously having massive fan support that lights a fire under the asses of the local city council or county board that has heavy influence on a projects viability. The bureaucracy for a project of that scale takes years to cut through. You almost have to be in the middle of a dynasty with max fan support like the Warriors had when they built Chase Center, in order for these things to go off without a hitch.
  11. Jimmy G is the worst starting quarterback we could possibly try and get. He can’t hold a candle to Teddy Bridgewater on his BEST day. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
  12. Maybe because we are fans of seemingly the only team in NFL history to give two kickers a jersey on game days. The kicker (Kasay) and then the kickoff specialist (Lloyd). So we are used to being spoiled on that front.
  13. If he is a first round pick we control him potentially for another few years right for cheap right? I don’t think it means anything for Jackson. It means this team believes they are as good as their 3-0 record suggests and they don’t want a potentially solid season to go to poo over the loss of a(n) (albeit spectacular) rookie corner. That’s good because in the past Hurney and Rivera would have scraped the bottom of the bin to go get some “lunch pail” jagoff guy. This is good.
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