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  1. What I would love to see is Bryce show some signs of improvement, we trade Andy Dalton to the Jets who are DESPERATE for anything resembling a QB (Trevor Seimian lol ok) and get back some of our draft capital, and start building something resembling a future here. Let’s go!
  2. I don’t know how I was talking wild but apologize if I ever offended anyone. I was gone for years due to a brain tumor and other pretty serious health problems that I had to take care of. I’m not back due to some new hard on or power trip.
  3. That can’t be right. I know we are bad but being behind ever in the last 53 games is a death sentence? Like the other team gets ball first and goes down and gets a FG and that’s it change the channel? That’s tough if true.
  4. A few decent tracks to be sure. Murder One, Ecstacy, Weed Song and Resurrection are good tracks, but I guess I was 18 and felt like they were “falling off” by the time Resurrection dropped. I mean I was an impressionable young pup maybe 12 when creepin on ah come up came out and I listened to that tape front to back until it wore out, several times over. Nothing but bangers. Bone is an all time favorite of mine though regardless, and between them and Three-6 they are the only true way to tell how good the system in your car is. I just went and saw Jelly Roll and Three-6 a week or so ago and they were still killin it and I’m 40 now lol
  5. Did I use the right form of effect? I don’t know, but the threads around here carrying an extra chromosome are affecting my mood and so now I must make this thread to have a more positive effect around here. I am locking all these threads brought up from draft day. There are only two good resurrections, one from Jesus, the other from Common. 2Pac: Resurrection was lacking as a film, and BTNHResurrection was a bad album from Bone Thugs, so let’s start leaving the dead poo in the past. The Panthers are a bad team. The Panthers have always been a bad team and probably will always be a bad team. But that’s the great thing about having a black fuging cat as your mascot, you know going in the ball ain’t gonna bounce your way. So until the team relocates or changes their name to the Carolina Four-Leaf Clovers or the Carolina Lucky Rabbit’s Feet, we need to understand and accept this and move on. Constructive criticism of ownership, coaching, and players is accepted, dare I say welcomed around here, but the constant bitch fest is dragging this place down to where quality people are leaving in droves. I can’t sit by and just watch this happen. Please, PLEASE, keep the main forum Panthers related . This means no new threads every time you have a thoughtful little nugget about the starting QB’s of other teams, in particular the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. Your smarmy one-liner isn’t as witty as you think, your meme-making ability is atrocious at best, and both of them can live happily in the game day threads and don’t need their own new thread. Early Sunday games I will allow ranting and bitching until the end of the day. Go to bed and enjoy your life and your family. Late Sunday or SNF games you can bitch until MNF starts. MNF games (lmao like we will ever have one of those again) go until whenever I feel like it on Tuesday and will depend largely on how my day at work is going, and Thursday Night Football game bitchings will not last long into Friday because I leave work early Fridays and start to enjoy my weekend with family and friends and can’t have anyone killing my vibe. So let’s all understand this moving forward and enjoy talking about our shitty, small market, underachieving football team in peace and harmony, shall we? If someone is killing the vibe and violating rules, report them so we can address it. And much like the NFL, I am sure I won’t see who did the first push, I’ll see the guy that pushed back and flag him so be warned. Your attention to this is much appreciated. Go Panthers, and Cotchery Caught It.
  6. Yeah but you have to protect players form themselves as well. Cam Newton should have been poo down many times to heal but because he is big and RR is shitty and desperate, he let him play and cut five good years off of Cam’s career. If Bruce needs to take a step back before taking steps forward I am fine with that.
  7. I frequented an Oakland A’s forum for years. During the run the team had around 2012 it was a very fun place to be. Fast forward to today and it’s an absolute shitshow. The fans go as the team goes.
  8. Well in fairness, it would make sense that a team with a black panther mascot would be based in the city that birthed the black panthers. Problem is the city won’t pay for the infrastructure portion so no professional sports team will touch it.
  9. Only one observable flaw in your post, and that’s the fact that they are actually called The Rainy City Bitch Pigeons, not Seahwaks, otherwise 10/10 would read again.
  10. Lol bruh you can’t compare lower tier college programs to the NFL. Or I could point out how Matt Rhule did a great turning around two shitty college football programs before coming here.
  11. Pinned because it’s actual important Panthers news and not an emotional bitchfest.
  12. Well let’s not get crazy now…
  13. How there can be any scenario where a returner gets horse collared BADLY at the 1 yard line, and the receiving team then starts at that 1 yard line is beyond me. I don’t care if one of our blockers shot one of their guys during the return. You either rekick or get the extra 15 yards, it’s unbelievable this rule could exist if accurately called yesterday.
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