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  1. If he is a first round pick we control him potentially for another few years right for cheap right? I don’t think it means anything for Jackson. It means this team believes they are as good as their 3-0 record suggests and they don’t want a potentially solid season to go to poo over the loss of a(n) (albeit spectacular) rookie corner. That’s good because in the past Hurney and Rivera would have scraped the bottom of the bin to go get some “lunch pail” jagoff guy. This is good.
  2. Exactly. I’ve never had a Facebook but I did the IG thing to post with friends and distant family, and then people started posting more freely their political thoughts about every conceivable subject, and I found it aggravating and then realized, why follow this every day if it doesn’t bring joy to my life? So I deleted it all and I’m a happier person for it, as well as less toxic myself around those I care about. Win win for everyone.
  3. If you feel that way, you care way too much. You are where I was a year ago. Like do I really give a poo if PantherzDood42069 likes Megan Rapinoe and I do not? The fact that I’d find myself drinking a beer with friends on a Friday night while browsing here and letting SteveSmithIzMyGodddzz actually affect my mood in real life made me do some personal reflecting on what affects me, and things have never been better. And it wasn’t just here, I deleted all social media, Reddit, basically everything toxic in life, and my life has never been more stress free. Just this man’s opinion, but you seem like you are where I was and it isn’t healthy.
  4. This is good advice. I literally left this site for a year because the politics and insufferable opinions actually made me mad on a daily basis. Then I finally realized why do I care about this person’s opinion here? Come and get Panthers news and discuss topics as I see fit and enjoy it for what it is. Best decision I’ve ever made, and there was much rejoicing.
  5. Been a while since we've messaged each other or whatever.  Just wanted to check in on you given the sad Cosmogirl/Robin post.

  6. Is it possible to do a trade that is dependent on legal/civil action? Like we will give you a first for him but if he ends up going to jail or missing time over these allegations we get our picks back? I’ve never heard of anything like that but it could be a nice low risk way of doing it.
  7. I’m not making it into any sort of competition. I’m simply saying the take that players love Rivera and he never loses the locker room seems patently false to me. Of course it’s just an opinion because I’m not in the locker room. But I’ve watch Rivera’s Panthers play like absolute trash down the stretch for several seasons and they certainly didn’t look like they were trying to win one for the ol gipper. They looked like they were just going through the motions.
  8. Yeah when Rivera benched Cam for not wearing a silly tie on a travel day I’m sure the rest of the team was like good call coach, Cam had it coming. Lmao Rivera was trash with his stoic to the end poo. Maybe that’s why even though he is highly likely to die if he gets the rona his players still won’t get vaccinated for him, it’s because they love him so much.
  9. That’s where I recognize the unusually feverish dedication to a player from. TRD with Matt Moore sounds just like this guy with Teddy.
  10. How else do you suggest conversations get started on a message board outside of people making posts and others commenting on that post?
  11. Sam Darnold be like thank god I’m off the Jets who refused to protect me or build any talent around me. Panthers: Hold my beer
  12. Something to be said for having enough dick to rub it on someone. Had a buddy that could wrap it around his wrist flaccid and ask you the time. I can’t hit the bottom on my best day.
  13. Whatever give me Watson to at least show this franchise has shifted directions and goes after baller ass talent and doesn’t shy away because he has a goatee or mustache or tattoo that says ride or die or listens to old school Pac albums. Sell the farm fug it.
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