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  1. That’s where I recognize the unusually feverish dedication to a player from. TRD with Matt Moore sounds just like this guy with Teddy.
  2. How else do you suggest conversations get started on a message board outside of people making posts and others commenting on that post?
  3. Sam Darnold be like thank god I’m off the Jets who refused to protect me or build any talent around me. Panthers: Hold my beer
  4. Something to be said for having enough dick to rub it on someone. Had a buddy that could wrap it around his wrist flaccid and ask you the time. I can’t hit the bottom on my best day.
  5. Whatever give me Watson to at least show this franchise has shifted directions and goes after baller ass talent and doesn’t shy away because he has a goatee or mustache or tattoo that says ride or die or listens to old school Pac albums. Sell the farm fug it.
  6. The only truly safe bet to win in the NFL seems to be getting a HOF QB. Of the last 20 years, there are a few outliers, but getting the HOF QB seems to be the only truly universal truth. Even the games where the “lesser” team won, (and by “lesser” I mean the one without the HOF QB), the losing team did have a HOF QB that helped get them there. Seems like all other data points are arbitrary.
  7. Right? Unfortunately, one of the only consistent things about this franchise is that we are consistently loaded with dead money, poo contracts, and our collective backs are up against the wall with regards to the salary cap.
  8. C’mon Tom Harkin! Beeyyaaaaahhhh!!!
  9. I have a brother with an auto immune disease and an immunocompromised dad who is 65. I am not taking this poo lightly.
  10. Not likely. Peak will be in May, should subside after that.
  11. The weekend of the Oakland game I will show you guys a few of the great local breweries in the Bay Area. But once you go past Santa Rosa, you're on your own.
  12. I did a long write up last year about BPA. Gettleman is keenly aware that a teams needs are always a fluid, evolving change. It's the need vs. BPA dichotomy that constantly requires balance. A few years ago we had Hardy and CJ and had a great defensive end tandem. Hardy leaves and CJ falls off and all of a sudden it became more of a need. Last year, it would seem, CB wasn't a need with a young Benwikere coming off a great rookie campaign and Norman turning into one of the leagues best corners. Fast forward a year and Norman is all but out the door and Benwikere wasn't playing like he did
  13. Well this thread went sideways in a damn hurry didn't it?
  14. It certainly isn't by me because I can't find a Luke jersey anywhere
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