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  1. Carson in fugit mode, chuckin it wherever he sees red.
  2. Ginn was ready to hit the burners. Shame, would have been a big moment.
  3. First half was like the best half of my life. The problem is we did that in regular season against GB and NY, and it still came down to the wire. Today it was SEA, and next week we get the Cardinals. Even with our deficiencies, I don't doubt our players are hungry. Coaching worries me. Luke looked hot near the end. I hope whatever happened today gets corrected.
  4. Are you proud of how that second half played out? Do you think that poo will fly against Bellicheat?
  5. Contradictory rulings on the field by officials shouldn't cost us a fuging time out.
  6. Sick of this poo. 31-0 at that half and now we have to sweat the last 6 minutes.
  7. So you're saying the offense and defense failed on the same drive? Wtf are you talking about?
  8. Fox is going to accuse us of poor sportsmanship running the score up like this.
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