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  1. Ok, I concur, that would be a good way to respond.
  2. They'll have to respond even if with some kind of coach speak. Joe Person already told someone on Twitter that he's going to ask Rhule about it, and NFL.com is has already posted an article about it.
  3. I saw a report earlier today that the Jags were shopping him, FWIW. ETA, found it:
  4. Lol, imagine thinking this is a ringing endorsement: That team spent some of their limited, precious draft capital on me and got rid of me two years later in favor of Taysom friggin Hill! I'm amazing!
  5. If the Saints can figure out a way to have Russell Wilson on their roster, and have anyone else making any kind of money, and can save themselves from being $80M over the cap, the NFL might as well just get rid of the cap because clearly it means nothing.
  6. The Jags have no incentive to make that deal. They aren't going to set up a division rival like that.
  7. Apparently Ciara loves Chicago.... Check out that very subtle name drop... "My good friend Missy Elliott" Damn, the Wilsons are a tedious pair.
  8. It's not really that big of a deal, just very bizarre. There's a troll, who shall go unnamed, that is convinced he has some sort of unique and genius perspective on what Tepper is doing with Panthers' management structure. He would often derail (I haven't seen it as much in the past week or so, but it was almost relentless for a couple of weeks prior to that) threads to insist that Tepper was instituting an Appaloosa Model structure of management. It felt like every time people talked about Fitterer/Rhule/Tepper, he would swoop in and just start bizarrely talking about the Appaloosa Model an
  9. I wonder if it's just slowed as the front offices dig into the draft prospects and really start considering whether they would be better if with a draftee or with a free agent/trade prospect. Also, if the Watson situation is resolved one way or the other, we'll also probably see more movement in other directions for any team losing out on that. Watson's the lead domino and teams are just waiting for it to fall.
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