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  1. For those curious, Brad Panovich brings the knowledge...
  2. To give insight into this, I listen to a podcast that has both authors of these articles on it. The Power Rankings author is a rabid Jets fan who kind of doesn't want to see Darnold do well and be reminded, AGAIN, what a dumpster fire his organization is. He tries to say he's rooting for Darnold, but you can tell from other comments that he really doesn't. He's a little bit in denial about the Panthers playing well the past two weeks. The QB rankings author is a Patriots (1st) and Saints (2nd) fan who often seems inexplicably annoyed by the Panthers. He also is a huge Teddy Bridgewater fan for reasons I can't figure out. Of note, Marc Sessler is also on this podcast and he is a delight. He wasn't a big Cam fan, but he has been talking up this year's Panthers for awhile.
  3. I mean, it didn't feel like a thorough whipping as I was watching it live at the stadium, especially in the second half. But I respect Baldy, so....
  4. I thought it was great. The rumbling in the stadium as it appeared was cool.
  5. Call me crazy, but I think I'd take the automatic win and just deal with a week of Sam speculation. (That said, I doubt very highly the game will be forfeited)
  6. Looks like a number of the offensive coaching staff, lower on the tree,could be out for the game this week. Edit: sorry, not sure why the tweets didn't embed. Screenshots:
  7. Ok, I concur, that would be a good way to respond.
  8. They'll have to respond even if with some kind of coach speak. Joe Person already told someone on Twitter that he's going to ask Rhule about it, and NFL.com is has already posted an article about it.
  9. I saw a report earlier today that the Jags were shopping him, FWIW. ETA, found it:
  10. Lol, imagine thinking this is a ringing endorsement: That team spent some of their limited, precious draft capital on me and got rid of me two years later in favor of Taysom friggin Hill! I'm amazing!
  11. If the Saints can figure out a way to have Russell Wilson on their roster, and have anyone else making any kind of money, and can save themselves from being $80M over the cap, the NFL might as well just get rid of the cap because clearly it means nothing.
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