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  1. I'm nuts over Hayden.

  2. ah, I read in the beer thread you were in WS. good luck!!

  3. I've been mocking it as much as I can. :)

  4. yeah, I was going to keep an eye on that number.

  5. no swag points, that hasn't moved in a month at least.

  6. I think that is my post count, you get a point at every 500...:lol: It has gone up 2 since the swag stopped.

  7. I started palying Stranglehold when I posted it...it ended right before the missed FG... it is 2012.

  8. Nope, but we'll find out after a few more reps...if you stop on 42949755.

  9. I thought everybody knew about my obsession.

  10. not too good with the jokes are you? :lol:

  11. Go to Walgreens, get some Coricidin C&C HBP. Take all 16 pills...smoke some weed about 2 hours later. You'll be trippin' but at least you will be awake. glad I could help.

  12. this is the message I keep getting: "Video requested was not found. Please make sure you entered a valid video link . Try again." some vids are like that and I don't know why.

  13. couldn't get gifsoup last night, I'll try again tonight. what a sh!thole.

  14. sometimes the vid can be too long too...:( Okay, I'll try.

  15. some vids you can't gif. I think it's the ones you can't embed. give me the vid and start/stop times and I'll see what I can do. Day time also sucks to try and make gifs on gifsoup. fugin site sucks.

  16. notice the new sizes at imagebam? 4e1c5b151353079.jpg

  17. bout time you locked that poo. :)

  18. has a little typo I said not instead of now. :lol:

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