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  1. I have zero expectations and feel rather indifferent lately. I know that will change when TC starts, but until then, I'm checked out.
  2. So is Baker a Panther yet? I poke in here every few days and thought it was an absolute certainty.
  3. Everything they committed to in order to acquire Watson. They should lose out on his guaranteed cash, unless the contract had a clause about his legal issues, idk.
  4. The Browns should lose everything since they knew what was up before they did the deal. Buyer Beware.
  5. This clown I swear. What an attention whore. Just go already.
  6. Rhule has the worst hands. He didn't catch that kick, he dropped the pass right into his hands on the sidelines last season smh
  7. I hope they go down in flames to Tampa
  8. I've got some loose change in the couch cushions
  9. Let's crush the Deshaun Watson narrative right out the gate.
  10. Straight from Walter White's strategy on building an empire - crush the competition then own the market.
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