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Community Answers

  1. Baker has no fight in him whatsoever. He's about as hate-able as any qb ever ever had.
  2. I need a new adjective to describe the Panthers offense with Baker Mayfield. Anemic, pathetic, pitiful, all used up.
  3. He gives zero fugs now. You could hear him making subtle jabs all night, about the team, the city, whatever.
  4. I've been here many many years, I've never seen a game thread disappear mid-game
  5. In before this thread too disappears
  6. Starting a qb that you're scared to let throw the ball. Yeah makes sense. Gotta love this limp dick football
  7. The black uniforms and helmets will look so sick against the backdrop of all those blue and silver empty seats. Prime time baby.
  8. Excited for the uniforms and that's it. A sad state of affairs.
  9. It's clear the league hates us. Hell we hate ourselves right now.
  10. Looking at the remaining schedule, we've got a solid chance against BYE, but that's about it.
  11. According to the injury report he was a limited participant Wed and yesterday. Today will likely tell the story but I'm leaning towards him not playing this Sunday.
  12. Prayers for a full recovery and a successful transplant!
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