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  1. I think I joined back in the 2006 off season when we signed Keyshawn Johnson lol
  2. Graham is a RFA at the end of this season and he's gonna get paid. The question is, will it be the Hornets who pay to keep him? I don't know.
  3. What about going for Jarrett Allen, JaVale McGee, or Andre Drummond in FA this summer? Cody and Biz both fall off the books after this season.
  4. I also miss the good ol days of Steve Martin and Gil McGregor (remember him?). That being said, listening to other NBA broadcast teams, I'm stoked as hell that we have TWO BEEEEYUTIES in Eric and Dell!
  5. Imagine this team only committing half their usual boneheaded turnovers...
  6. The Martin twins are the most abysmal passers on the team, throwing some high school JV bullsh&t out here. This is the NBA fellas, lazy cross court passes don't work smh
  7. Kings find a new, gut-wrenching way to lose what was a sure win. Unreal. Hats off to Terry and Malik who stepped up in crunch time.
  8. Hayward playing weak as hell lately. Earn that money bruh.
  9. This article, smdh... what about the missed calls when Melo was constantly hit, or the foul-that-wasn't just before this when Booker actually fouled Hayward and got the four point play? They can go the hell on with this sh#t. And they can keep that L. https://arizonasports.com/story/2557382/2-minute-report-hornets-fouled-devin-booker-on-suns-game-tying-attempt/
  10. Would the Panthers have the "NFC's best offense" after unloading the players we would need to send to Houston to make the trade work?
  11. So, they set a franchise record for 3 pointers against us a few weeks ago, and then broke that record against us tonight. Sonofabitch, this team can't guard the three point line to save their lives. Embarrassing smh
  12. Welp, hang tough all night then poo the bed in the fourth. I'm having Hornets flashbacks
  13. Haven't even seen the video, guess I'm going to find it now.
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