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  1. Damn, too bad I won’t be able to witness this miracle should it happen. I swore off watching the Panthers two weeks ago and can’t go back on my conviction. I’ll keep tabs on teh huddlez
  2. I didn’t want Reich and I didn’t want Young but I got both.
  3. Wait, the same moron who hired Reich gets credit for canning him?? No way.
  4. Reich sucks. The announcers today nailed it. He said at the half they need to protect better, yet his play calls suck at giving protection.
  5. Ickey sucks so bad. Bryce, who the hell knows, the guy is small and has no time to make a decision let alone multiple reads. Frank Reich is an idiot and Tepper is a bigger idiot. Coaching and ownership can choke on dicks.
  6. Reporter: "Chaos, what do you think about the staff's execution?" Me: "I'm all for it."
  7. I'm holding a press conference at 10AM tomorrow to announce my resignation from Panther fandom until changes are made that improve this awfully run and embarrassing franchise.
  8. Dominated?? Micah Parsons dominated the LOS when I was watching in the first half. I turned it off at halftime.
  9. This idea has merit, let's let cancel culture do some good for once!
  10. Taking my son to the park to practice basketball while the weather cooperates. Fug the Teppers, not ruining my weekends anymore.
  11. Everyone, please! Stop making me discover that I can hate Tepper more than I already do with each new thread. It bothers me to continue learning the depth of my capacity for hatred.
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