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  1. I used to love this team unconditionally, the logo and colors meant so much to me, I felt like I knew the players (Jake, Smitty, Pep, Gross, Luke, TD, Cam, Olsen, etc). Now, my hate for what Tepper has done to what I used to love so much has me in a state of complete apathy. I doubt I would shed a tear if this trainwreck became some other city's problem.
  2. I guess the past few years have conditioned me to have lower and lower expectations going into a season. I guess it's my own mental health's self-preservation mechanism. Because of that, I feel zero excitement right now, none. I know I will look forward to the opener, but Bryce gives me no level of confidence, so I guess I will be marginally excited, then when we drop that season opener, I'm sure I'll give up that night. We're in a very low place.
  3. So what happens when the kid underwhelms relative to his compensation to play college football for Whatever State University? Can they now be cut/fired, because they're employees more so than student athletes, or will the "their just kids, let them grow" narrative remain? Business is business, can't have the cake and eat it too.
  4. While I'm down with misery in Atlanta, who should they have drafted?
  5. From one Huddle lifer to the O.G with the longest rap sheet, get well my friend!
  6. I look at it like the Jags got a deal on their guy then. Nothing really to see here.
  7. When Tepper said to Schefty, is that your son? Pat should have said nope, it’s your daddy.
  8. The Bryce Effect, warding off talent like syphilis
  9. This is the only time of year for optimism as a Panthers fan. Once the opening game kicks off, reality will set in.
  10. I want to smash Fitterer in his fat face for fist-fuking this franchise into eternity.
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