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Community Answers

  1. Kinda like when guys say "she could be my future ex-wife", this guy could be our future interim coach
  2. I couldn't be more disinterested in the Panthers than I am right now. I log into this site everyday almost automatically just to see if Rhule is gone or find out other nuggets of sorrow to wallow in. Misery loves company.
  3. Dear Dave, I miss seeing you out and about, friendly with the fans and the community. What changed bro? I guess I'll look for you to appear around time for the Charlotte FC debut. Don't forget you own an NFL team too, and if you haven't checked lately, they are at a historically low point in their existence. Please fix this. Admit Rhule is an incompetent fug stick who has destroyed the Ferrari you gave him the keys to, without so much as a drivers license to prove he could even start the thing. Yes, shame on you for giving him the keys but for God's sake take them back before he kills more people. Thanks
  4. Rhule, after trading the farm for Kirk Cousins: "YoU LiKe ThAt!?!?!!"
  5. Who else saw the dildo thrown into the end zone after the NE touchdown? I grabbed a screen cap
  6. I'm just here to see Mac Jones snapped in half in this cold weather. Please don't disappoint me Bills.
  7. I just want the Bulls again, in the Hive.
  8. I want Rhule on the next Greyhound bus out of Charlotte. That being said, if we fire the whole staff, who would we get to run things as an interim next season? As has been said before, next year is already a lost season for the most part, and we should be setting ourselves up for 2023. If Rhule is here next season as a lame duck, he will likely cause more long-term damage to our roster and cap between now and the end of next season or when he's canned, whichever comes first. We're in deep poo and Tepper's silence is really pissing me off.
  9. And if you neuter Rhule's ability to make any personnel decisions that have this type of franchise-damning impact, you're basically putting the writing up on the wall. Which I'm fine with. What's he going to do - lose games on purpose just to spite the organization?
  10. The worst options will continue to go with the worst options
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