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  1. While some may be upset over the end of Darnold to Arnold, welcome to the new CB tandem that will confuse broadcast teams for years to come - CJ and JC (Jaycee). Where is Dick Stockton or Sam Rosen?
  2. So our starting secondary this Sunday will be??? D Jax Chinn
  3. He's taking better care of the ball - jury's still out on that. We've been lucky as hell to fall on his fumbles when the pocket breaks down. Ball security needs to improve.
  4. We'll find out after facing Dak next weekend.
  5. Getting ready to face those Dallas WR's without Horn is a huge downer. That being said, if we can generate enough pressure up front hopefully the boys in the back will be alright. But Dallas' o-line should be the best we've faced yet and Dak is mobile, so I don't know.... Get well soon fellas!
  6. I think I'll just FedEx them a steaming turd in a box with a note they left it on the field in Houston.
  7. And has only allowed a grand total of 6 points in 90 minutes of first halves this season.
  8. Reddick will terrorize Kyler Murray and get us the W against AZ like Sam and Robby got that dub against the Jets.
  9. Dear bald baby Jesus, do not make Davis Mills look like the second coming of Tom Brady. LFG!
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