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  1. This game is just what I needed to see decreased ticket prices in Atlanta, they have no hope sell low!
  2. Oh my god if I see one more Republican ad! Thankfully the Dems have no need to advertise!
  3. fox sports game tracker predicts 99% chance for panthers victory after the 2nd ginn td.
  4. I have been holding this in for awhile, so I feel I must let this loose. I joined the huddle the year Cam came to Carolina. Yes, I am that fan! I must begin by saying like Zod; I am a photographer, mostly sports and entertainment, but on a much lower level. I have spent time photographing nationally ranked high school and D2 football. It is what is close to me don't judge me. I had the opportunity to photograph Julio Jones playing at Roman Harper's old high school. Needless to say I have seen transcendent talent. I watched Cam's amazing season at Auburn, and even as a Alabama resident, I
  5. Feel like I should be college credit for reading this! How many units was this worth professor!
  6. Wish we could get carter's son off colts and use him like Delaire against the Bucs!
  7. That last photo of the seahawks fan with his life partner was very touching!.
  8. Please wear some body armor, and I hope you completed your self defense class!
  9. My only regret is I waived the Panthers d in both my leagues, luckily I may win both games!
  10. Panthers release Joe Person and sign Ravens beat writer . Save substantial amounts of cap space, and dead air.
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