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  1. lol it has definitely been a while!! I thought Dan and you quit posting here... hows everything?

  2. Hey!! Yeah, I've been good - been very busy @ work lately. How are you doing? Dan, daughter and pup?

  3. Thanks Dan! Yup, heading to either Raleigh or Atl as soon as I get off work. Should be a good one.

  4. How you doing? Haven't been posting around as much?

  5. and VERY nice pic on your page here! :D Hows everything?

  6. Ah, think I saw you... would have said hi if I'd known. Anyways, enjoy the game.

  7. Were you @ the BOA plaza building today around 1-1:30 pm by chance?

  8. Why did you stop doing the on-notice threads?

  9. Tarheels rolling this year, aren't they? Lovin' it!

  10. Click on it - this step will copy the image URL. Now hit post (or the reply button on the thread), click on the image icon, ctrl+v (or paste) and enter. You should see the image now in your post.

  11. When you right click on the image, do you see a 'copy image address' option?

  12. lol :) Just make sure the image url ends in .jpeg or .jpg or .gif.. those are image extensions. So when you have that is when you can attach to a post.

  13. how much do you think I can get a ticket for, if I go looking?

  14. Terrorist attacks in various parts of Bombay... specifically targeting Americans/British tourists, took hostages in 2 5-star hotels and a jewish center. over 150 dead and 300 injured over the last 3 days. Islamic fanaticism.

  15. lol I do know and I was just messing :) Just found out that my friends back in Bombay (India) are okay, so all is good finally.

  16. YES!!! I HAVE A FRIEND NOWWWW!!! thankssssssssssss

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