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  1. Merry Christmas to you and the family.  Miss you all on the board.

  2. Some of you may have already seen this cause it posted it to my FB. I really like the concept of this scale. I'm buying one, its only $25 and the other scales like it are $100+. If you want I'll give you my review on it after I have used it for a while. I'm going to test it's accuracy with some weights. I really hope it works out.
  3. Nope, I asked first. You wouldn't say no to a lady who wants something would you?
  4. I'm definitely going to need to see pics if I'm going to truly understand how this is coming along for you guys. Please only post the after photos. Tyvm
  5. I rarely drink sugary drinks so when i do i drink it real. I had a McDonalds $1 sweet tea today. It was pretty good!
  6. 5 regular tea bags or 10 little tea bags steeped 1 1/2 cups sugar made into a simple syrup
  7. Jon Vezner We were with a small group of people and we were surprised with a private concert by him. He sold some of his albums after the show but I didn't buy any because I didn't have any money on me. My daughter wanted to meet him and ask him a question since she's learning guitar so we waited around and we ended up being the last 2 people there. He sat down with us and we all talked for about 30 minutes. He's a super awesome guy & he gave us 4 of his cd's. I'm listening to one now.
  8. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  9. Thanks so much and have a very Merry Christmas! See I spelled it right that time!

  10. It's so small it's just a tease!!

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