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  1. https://streamable.com/orewuv heres one.
  2. Just tuning in...something happen to Raanta?
  3. Should have bought those last minute tickets I was looking at. Dang.
  4. Here we go. Pour it on. Canes survived everything Boston had in the 1st and 2nd. Now they're putting the pedal down.
  5. I don't think yall understand how badly I need to see the Canes beat Boston.
  6. Wasn't Haula a POS in the VGK Canes game last year or the year before?
  7. Not sure how its interference if Staal is pushing the puck, though.
  8. dont challenge. refs won't overturn that.
  9. Bruins playing so fast, looking for the hit so much, looks like theyre overskating pucks on the boards.
  10. Canes took the first 5 minutes on the chin. Now they need to get the forecheck going.
  11. good to see KK using his size, putting that dude onto the ice.
  12. The sounds is ... amplified? I'm hearing sticks moreso than normal. Is that just me?
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