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  1. Athletic writer Sara Civian watched the Habs game with Senior Director of Social Media, Dan LaTorraca, and Vice President of Marketing and Branding, Mike Forman, and got to pick their brains on how the Canes seem to be a “going viral” factory. A small excerpt to whet your appetite: The game moves into the first intermission. Civian: Do you guys have any what I call “graveyard ledes,” where I write something really good and have to erase the whole thing when it doesn’t happen? What’s the biggest or best thing you never got to use? LaTorraca: Here’s the thing. We have been so lucky over the past few years that a lot of the stuff we’ve wanted to do, we’ve gotten to do. Like when we beat the Capitals in the playoffs, we had that “bend the knee” tweet written, what, two weeks in advance?
  2. If you’re not subscribed to the Athletic, you should. Sara writes good stuff and her Twitter is nothing if not entertaining: https://theathletic.com/2907713/2021/10/23/how-the-hurricanes-create-a-viral-moment-inside-the-art-of-throwing-the-second-punch-with-the-nhls-top-trolls/?source=user_shared_article
  3. You were correct My Bally Sports South says NBA Basketball - Hornets Cavaliers and there’s golf on the channel. Bally Sports Southeast says “Fight Night Boxing” and there’s Hornets Basketball on the channel.
  4. Thanks. Southeast is displaying “Boxing” on the guide.
  5. Am I the only person whose watching some golf thing on Bally and NOT the Hornets game?
  6. Cant help but laugh as Tripp talks about his eyes, "LOCATES!", meanwhile Freddie is spread eagle and no idea where the puck is.
  7. At this rate…I’m going to be pissed if the Hurricanes allow a single PP goal this season.
  8. Part of the reason I don’t have Canes season tickets is because they play too many games on Thursdays and Thursdays are no good for me (yes, I know this is an away game). I’ll be out of pocket for this one. I’m going to try and pay attention through the ESPN Gamecast. I want each of you to know that if Svech scores I’ll be jumping for joy. Enjoy the game (in Svech’s voice) “my brothers”.
  9. Sounds like a case of Islanders' colored glasses then...
  10. I work with a guy (granted he's an Islanders fan) that was at the game and said they had a replay angle shown in the arena that clearly showed the puck crossing the line. If that is true, they had an angle that we didn't see because every shot on the broadcast was inconclusive and there's no way the refs should have overturned the ruling on the ice.
  11. Ah. That makes more sense. There are also zero Promo nights on the schedule.
  12. One of those weeks has got to be the All Star break... but dang. I hadn't seen that.
  13. How is there no Canes hockey until Thursday...
  14. Wouldn't be a Canes game without a finish that takes some time off your life span. Svech came up big after the turn over that let the Pred's tie it up. See yall for the next one.
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