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  1. I am ready to give Ned every start at this point. Reimer looks like just a guy.
  2. Dumb penalty by Svech, you cant give a team 4 Power Players and not expect to get burnt.
  3. If only Staal wasn't so slow! he had a breakaway.
  4. Seems like the Canes have had a ton of breakaways and havent been able to score on them.
  5. Lol. Did yall see Necas push the dudes head back on the faceoff?
  6. If the Canes can get right in this game, I won't feel as bitter about the Lightning games.
  7. I can't believe Lorentz hasn't put one in yet. Nice chance there.
  8. Tripp's jacket is ... loud. Lets see if the Canes can build a lead in the 2nd.
  9. Absolutely awful hockey. Bring back the Taxi Squad players.
  10. Canes won't win anything if they can't grind out a win against a top tier team. This is really embarrassing.
  11. I would really like it the Canes would put a puck into the net. This has been an awful 3 games.
  12. Been a busy week for me, sorry for missing. I didn't see it live but how was that penalty in the 1st not a Penalty Shot?
  13. Someone finally was able to put that rebound away. That puck has been bouncing in that area with the cage yawning for most of the 2nd.
  14. Hedman out there tackling Nino but shaking his head at the call.
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