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  1. I am about to drop ~$300 on a custom stitched, adidas Primegreen SS jersey. Thinking of going with Necas because I can't stop thinking about that piss missle he scored with on the power play. Am I crazy?
  2. and of course ESPN cuts away during the best part of the Surge.
  3. I turned on the Dunk Contest. Who was the 2nd intermission performance?
  4. Watching Slavin flip his hips like a cornerback and match the pushing forward's speed to stay in front is poetry in motion.
  5. that left dot outside the Caps goal has seen several players slip.
  6. That cross check was a penalty 3 days ago when Svechnikov did it.
  7. If anyone is walking around and they see the Black Knit Men’s Pom beanie, grab me one and I’ll pay shipping (and even a small handling fee if you want). Looks like this:
  8. Brian Burns is currently tied for SEVENTEETH (17th) in sacks and dude failed to tackle Mariota, and let him escape, in a game with 1st in the Division on the line. Take the blinders off, yall. He's Frankie Luvu, not Charles Johnson.
  9. The ONLY reason you don't take the picks is if, somewhere in the back of your mind, you're thinking about Anderson in the draft and Corral as QB1 in 2023. Burns is the guy you play opposite your elite DE.
  10. Brian Burns: more like the Invisible Woman than Spider Man. Lots of talk about PJ, the Defense, DJ, DJ's helmet, and Pinero. I'm focused on Brian Burns with 0 sacks and 0 TFLs in the most important game of the season so far. I think hes more like Frankie Luvu (good player who makes some great plays) than a star DE.
  11. I dont think I can listen to Hannah for another 80 games.
  12. Those Harris Teeter sandwiches dont look like sandwiches.
  13. "The longer the shaft the better, every inch matters."
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