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  1. All due respect to Dan Arnold...but unless youre Gronk, Kittle, Kelce or Waller...you're replaceable. And being able to swap a middle of the pack TE for a potential CB1 whose contract is mostly paid is a no brainer in terms of asset management.
  2. Man. I wish I could go on IR at my work and take a year off.
  3. I enjoyed Cam as a player here in Carolina and I can appreciate his commitment to his personality, style, and brand but his mouth moves faster than his brain and I don't think he would work on TV. With that being said...there are worse media personalities on air right now than what he would be.
  4. Yes he does. If you are IR'd BEFORE the 53 man cut, you're done for the year. Once you make the 53 you can be 6 week or 3 week IR'd, and eligible to return.
  5. Taking a few comments from Reddit about the ins and outs of the QO: u/Downvote_Comforter: Mostly correct, although qualifying offers are more than a simple formality. The QO is what a team must present a player in order to hold their RFA rights. If a soon-to-be RFA is not qualified, then they become a UFA. If qualified, the soon-to-be RFA can either accept the qualifying offer (and sign a 1 year contract for those terms) or they can continue negotiating with the team to reach any contract. Players are also free to sign any type of extension before the qualifying offer is due. It's more than just a formality as it creates a very real "floor" for a 1 year contract on the next offer. This gives the player the leverage to reject any poo offer from the team by simply saying "why would I sign that poo when I could just sign my QO instead?" But it still allows the team and player to agree to a multi-year deal for an AAV less than the 1 year QO amount. u/papercutssc2 QO offer is nul and void if player accepts a contract before the QO deadline, yes. You are correct it would become a formality. What's not a formality is if the player gets injured or plays poorly and the offer is no longer on the table than the player can default to the QO and get 6.5 million for another year OR becomes an UFA. This high $ QO gives the player a lot more bargaining power than a regular RFA with arbitration rights. So not really a formality. So it sounds like the Hurricanes CAN offer a different contract if KK will accept it? I guess it depends on when the QO offer deadline is?
  6. Are you sure we can offer sheet him for $6.1 million and then turn around and immediately sign him under a different deal for the 21/22 season?
  7. The Canes have been next level on Social Media with this. Props to whoever is the brain trust for the entire Canes social media persona.
  8. Not that Michael Smith has the gravitas, or is in the same conversation as John Forslund, but you have to raise an eyebrow after the offseason we've experienced so far. Could be something, could be nothing.
  9. 1 Tarasenko or Eichel please.
  10. Joined 5 days ago. Has 300+ posts already. Yes.
  11. Yea, but then GMDW has his hands tied and Dundon is setting the org up for failure. Which is very possible.
  12. Possible. But then you'd have to imagine that DWGM would be trading a 1st Rounder for Kuemper. And then signing Dougie to the deal he wanted because he, in theory, wouldn't care what the cap looks like beyond 2024.
  13. I thought that too, but the Canes just signed a new lease extension through the '28/29 season.
  14. Saad to the Blues. Does anyone else find it interesting that we have no player under contract for the 2025 season?
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