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  1. Aho and Svechnikov need to do some soul searching. They werent even close enough to good in the post season. Someone needs to take away Necas’ keycard access to PNC arena. In Jarvis we trust. enjoy your offseason.
  2. See y’all in a few months. Absolute embarrassment of a season. Good stuff from everyone here except one person who won’t even get a mention.
  3. Pull him. Give Pyotr or Freddie some game time for game 7.
  4. Raanta hasn’t caught on cleanly yet.
  5. You can’t be under 2 GAA at home and 4 on the road and let that soft garbage in. Pull him.
  6. Who the hell was that that just pulled up on the Rangers player behind the net?
  7. ELEVATE THE PUCK TURBO. World class goaltender and you're going for a tap in.
  8. I was more so commenting on someone trying to step up and have an impact. Team has no energy and at least Lorentz is trying. Team is way too passive and they're getting pushed around. ESPECIALLY since Reaves said his intent this game was to get in people's faces. Can't get pushed around.
  9. Good on Lorentz for showing some fight (no pun intended). Only player trying to win it seems.
  10. What the fug was that, Svech? This is awful.
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