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  1. I need to learn how to make my own gifs. I am going to rewatch the game (I recorded it through AT&T) and see if I can get another view of it.
  2. He barely touches it, but you can see him redirect it ever so slightly.
  3. Yea. As of right now I am ok being in the Central Division, rather than the East.
  4. Agreed. I am more than satisfied with what I saw, just trying to remind myself that its game 1 and it was against the Red Wings.
  5. Just remember, the Red Wings are in the running for worst team in the league. The Hurricanes, and us as fans, should start expecting to dismantle these types of teams. I know its the first game of the season, and there is still some rust to shake off, and the Canes were solid, but there are things that need to be tightened up. After the game, Coach indicated as much:
  6. Dougie looking like an older brother who decided his younger brother needed to be set straight.
  7. Gotta love Roy Cooper talking a little smack all the way from Raleigh...
  8. That should do it. Svech on a goal per game pace. I’ll allow it.
  9. Uhhhfgggh! Wide open there Teuvo!
  10. Huge PP right here, boys. Let’s hope for the dagger.
  11. Nice to see Dougie is feeling and bringing the energy.
  12. Yea. Canes are hitting early though. Skjei bout put that one dude into the bench.
  13. First 10 minutes definitely felt a bit chaotic and reactionary. The Hurricanes got to their game toward the end of the first though. Hopefully they can keep that forecheck into the 2nd.
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