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  1. The big fish from the small pond about to find out what the ocean is like.
  2. You don’t pay 30 million a year to the dude who wants to be paid on previous years production, who then mails it in when he doesn’t get what he wants. You pay 30 million a year for a game wrecker; the dude who shows up when the moment demands it. You pay 30 million a year to the guy who break NFL records. To be people still sniffing Burns’ jock (Sheena included)…I don’t know what y'all have been watching for 4 years, but Burns was never that. And never will be.
  3. Why do the Canes fall asleep IMMEDIATELY after scoring a goal?
  4. Can you imagine having to watch this film in front of other lineman during the next position meeting?
  5. Necas at full speed is my love language.
  6. Hope you had fun Tarasenko. Get Tkafug’d, Brady.
  7. Awesome. Bogus penalty leads to a Canes goal.
  8. These Sportsnet Commentators are some clowns. They’re commending the Senators for “climbing back into the game” after literally showing Too Many Men on the ice for the tie’ing goal. What?
  9. Tickets are sold. Mods can delete if they want. Thanks y’all. Enjoy the game tomorrow.
  10. I went and got Covid over the weekend, so I won’t be attending tomorrow’s game. 535, Row 4, Aisle included. They’re face valued right at $90/ticket, so any Panthers fan who wants all 3 can get them for $270. I am the original PSL Owner and can Ticketmaster transfer them over immediately. Only selling as a trio.
  11. I don’t own a social media company… oh. Nevermind.
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