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  1. Well at the least game ended before it got out of hand. OH WAIT. THERES 2 MORE PERIODS!
  2. Keep it up! Disappointing to see the streak end, but it had to at some point.
  3. Get effed, Boston. I hope Brad Marchand test positive for the Black Plague, freaking rat.
  4. Clausen has NO IDEA who this was purposed for. Guaranteed someone just sent him the highlights of what to say and now we have this.
  5. lol. Have a busy day so i've been keeping an eye on the gamecast. I was sad to see sad to see the 0-3 score. raised an eyebrow at the 2-4 score and im completely shocked to check again and see the Canes won 7-4. WTF.
  6. If the Panthers draft a QB in 2022 WITHOUT completely overhauling the OLine ... we're going to create David Carr 2.0.
  7. Are the original links broken for anyone else?
  8. Yea, Scheifele healed real quick from such a devastating hit. As Tripp pointed out, he was out on the Powerplay immediately.
  9. I'll tell you what... eh. Ian Cole is just a meathead, apparently.
  10. Nothing like paying for Cable just to have Bally Sports poo all over the bed during Canes games.
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