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  1. Cardinals are going home next week. Panthers/Seahawks will destroy them.
  2. Right not it looks like who ever wins tomorrow is going to the Super Bowl.
  3. I thought the vikes would bring it tonight, but they are just falling apart physically, and mentally. Zona looks good, but nothing great. They definitely aren't better than Car.
  4. I Have a feeling Panthers Playoff D would eat Zona up.
  5. What a pathetic effort of Tackling by the Vikes. I mean can we at least get some effort, after that awful performance last week.
  6. Peterson Is on a mission tonight, as I knew he would be. This game wont be easy for the cards.
  7. The saints are pursuing hard, some mis directions runs would probably work well
  8. Offense needs to step up make some plays. Penalties are killing them.
  9. Specials Teams coaches gotta go. Look Im Sorry, but it is what it is.
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