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  1. dude sounds like porky pig it pains me im a chronic optimist but after a 3 game skid.. man.. i gotta lay out some heat.. dude sounds like porky pig man -The Huddler (drunk after a 3 game skid)
  2. Ok ill tell Matt Rhule tomorrow when I see him
  3. i thought you were gunna ask.. "what is there to do??" pshh
  4. bigkat says hes a doctor but 100% of what he has is inheritance. which makes it even more disgusting he flaunts his money. this wasnt a post about horn it was a backdoor way to brag
  5. we did the whole first half once they got up on is they could pin their ears back and get after darnold with this POS OL, causing him to make bad decisions we certainly looked like we belonged first half and if it werent for the bullshit foreward progress call, we could have gotten up on them and flipped the game script with us pinning our ears back
  6. Look.. Am I disappointed and butthurt about the loss today? ..yes.. but lets all be honest. We didn't expect to have such a good start, and I can at least speak for myself and say I started drinking the coolaid.. Today was a dose of reality. Our weaknesses were exposed. That said, we have an opportunity to go 4-1 next week which is fugin awesome. We have a poo ton of cap space next year.. we will fix the OL and then truly contend
  7. Dan Arnold is a floppy piece of baloney everytime he got tackled it looked like he got obliterated and he gets up wincing
  8. no hes damaged goods no amount of practice can fix his mental fugs. once he misses one, hes fuged
  9. why would you spend #8 ovr on this.. when you can spend a 2nd on this.. Thats a franchise elevating move!!
  10. ill eat crow too i thought gettleman was the sshit and thought we fuged up big time by letting him go
  11. he really his athletic with his play extension and sneaky rushing ability
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