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  1. hes set for life and being a scout isnt easy, not quite the paycheck or glory. he'll take his earnings and invest in something that gets his juices flowing
  2. All good man I feel you 100% I love this draft class and I love Fitterer. His double chin vibrating with anxiety when talking with the media and then completely flexing with this amazing draft.
  3. @Zod you are right.. but don't kill my homer vibe man
  4. Brown doesnt need to be athletic. that over rated for gaurds. Can you move that other 300 pound man directly in front of you out of the way? hes a dump truck that will plow a hole for our RBs. Cant ask for more than that where we got him.
  5. 0% chance Cam doesnt start every game? idk man ever since he went vegan hes been falling apart like crock pot meat.
  6. Darnold is so easy to root for. I will be one of the most proud fans WHEN he goes the fug off
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