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  1. GO PANTHERS really need a pick me up Hokies suck Fantasy teams struggling.. come on panthers gimme somethin to make me feel good about football
  2. its not like his slide caused him to get caught in the turf and get injured looked weird but was totally safe in doing so
  3. thats prob his career right there
  4. he needs to go. for his sake
  5. im not dying on this hill any longer im going to youtube go panthers
  6. id rather let dalton get some reps.. god forbid dalton has to go in.. knock on wood.. or whatever the fug else.. knock on wood.. knock on wood.. but bryce is that prospect that is abnormally small.. knock on wood.. if bryce needs to miss time I believe we have the team to win i want the backup to be capable.. which dalton is.. i guess and think.. tbh ive had beers they are taking effect .. i put my point out there and i feel i backed it up.. this is what im known for on here to huddle vets im going to tap put now.. LETS FUGGIN GO PANTHERS THIS IS THE YEAR REICH AND YOUNG ARE GOING TO fug SSHIT UP ight i said my piece goodnight
  7. dude.. you have no idea.. the deeper the dynasty league, the better
  8. like that sponge bath your mom got in the hospital where 3 people had to be there to roll her over
  9. Not that I'm unique in my opportunity to see actual practice and games.. theres a lot of fans that do that.. but the fact i was able to for the first time this year really put some things in perspective for me.. let me put it this way.. we arent "developing" matt corral.. When i saw the joint practice with the Jets.. dude had SCRAPS .. he had* the last rep or two in every drill.. 7v7.. 11v11... I barely saw the MF.. and then all of a sudden he plays most of the preseason game.. ?? the fug are we developing? I sure as hell did not witness "developing" in practice.. And its not like he ws bad in practice.. i barely saw the MF.. how is he going to develop? fugin virtual reality>?? the dude clearly isnt in our plans (what i saw from practice) ..... (aka has not been given a fair chance)... .. and im not saying the panthers are in the wrong.. we got our guy and the backup.. and from the impersonal entity of the panthers.. we are trying to trade the MF! but, it didn't work.. you did not prepare the trade piece.. the trade piece.. is no longer trade piece.. because of that, let the dude go.. he aint going to get you a "pick" .. let him go..
  10. ive known this for years and years but i know the exact clip which your user name is referring to.. just so you know
  11. I agree from the perspective of the Panthers.. But As a fan and believer of Corral.. or even being put more in a more reductive depersonalized from pathers way.. an "Owner" of Corral in several Dynasty Fantasy Leagues.. I wana see him let loose ASAP. basically the best thing for Corral would be to be let go ASAP
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