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  1. we made the right choice. we retained an elite tackle, and still have talent and upside at WR whole lot easier to find competent WRs than competent OTs.
  2. thats what im afraid of. nights are hell, but day time our kid is pretty chill you were 100% right about things moving quick with inductions. It was moving pretty slow around noon the day she was born bout 4cm.. upped the Pitocin.. im playing some games on my phone just chillin that afternoon, then nurse comes in to check where we at around 2pm or so. she goes "oh man she's 9.5!". and ever since that moment my life has been moving at 100mph and has forever changed. the shock of like "oh poo this is actually going down" had me pacing in the room lmao. She would have been born even sooner if there was a doc available to start pushing. there were a lot of babies born that day. she sat there kinda locked and loaded ready to push for an hour or two.. shits crazy man. the sleep deprivation has been real
  3. Update!! She gave birth on Thursday at 5:49pm! The whole process from induction to birth took a little over 24 hours! Gave birth naturally and I saw the whole thing by holding a leg lol. Baby girl was healthy! 7 pounds, 9 ounces! passed all her tests and knock on wood very healthy. My wife and I are worn the fug out though. she even more so obviously. the whole breast feeding things every 3 or so hours is tough!! thanks for the advice yall. sorry for the late update.
  4. Wish me luck. Its our first and inductions can take a while. Blood pressure issues lead us to being induced at 37 weeks as a precaution. Gunna have to hang in there for the long haul. Will need to put my needs and worries away for now and be rock solid for the whole process Any advice for Dads during Labor? Shes going to have all the meds, epidural, laughing gas.. all that stuff. Hopefully that smooths things over. Wish me luck. Not worried about me, just worried about her pain, sleep, and complications.
  5. i dont care how much hes working, hes going to miss when matters because he is a choke.
  6. a 2nd round pick is not a significant bet.. pretty light compared to what the 9ers just did.
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