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  1. who said he was coming to carolina? pshhhh thats like me saying, nah, i dont want to be a store manager gtfo
  2. yeah the fugtard didnt quite get the attention he wanted he wants the full parade in his way out he tried the whole dramatic look back n poo ... no one cared he will be back to try again bitch
  3. you got this from reddit. or someone did
  4. this place is dead compared to the Hornets subreddit.
  5. myth this was Hurney taking one last big swing to save his job.
  6. Personal Foul: Unnecesary Roughness.. Defense.... #107,774 post guy 15 yard penalty... 1st down.
  7. some of yall whine for a QB but don't want to give up what it takes to get one.
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