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  1. One of my patients has a scabies infestation so thats nice
  2. I actually think we are pretty solid at RB Other positions need some depth a whole lot more
  3. cant even watch it. yall meed to upload videos to youtube then paste them here cause if you dont 90% of people cant watch
  4. What you really are doing is showing off and its gross you do this every year
  5. agreed. I was a huge KB fan but he was emotionally fragile and immature. Otherwise he was a stud.
  6. I will say KB had the make up of an All-Pro but for whatever reason mentally he fell apart.
  7. i don't have an ex-wife yet just a wife but man you and me both!
  8. some of yall are trying to compensate for something.. gotta feel better about yourself somehow i guess. gotta get that huddle fame baby!!
  9. yall want a selfie? ok you got it. be nice, I'm self conscious tbh i can tell who are kinda turds in actual life by how serious they take themselves on here trying to hold up and image and reputation. its a message board folks
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