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  1. you tellin me i gotta watch this on my phone? come on NFL. Ill pay for a service. but not if its fugin impossible to access that service unless its my phone
  2. i cant even find the NFL+ app on my dumb ass Samsung TV
  3. how the heck am i going to watch this thing? i thought it was in NFL network but at 2pm it says "NFL Now"
  4. i think the Watson thing was Rhules last ditch effort at staying "gimme gimme gimme"
  5. I believe in Reich and our evaluators and I stand by any pick they make.
  6. its totally possible they wanted brown or burns and we said NO
  7. getting your ass gaped in the middle and not being able to stop anyone from running the ball hurts a rookie. WRs can be replaced and offensive production can still be had with good coaching and scheming not that case on the DL. idc what a handful of huddlers say, great DL get picked high in drafts, and paid for a reason.
  8. we havnt prioritized it in the past we are about to have a whole new WR core. i think you are moving the goal post a little bit. Whether or not some teams hit or even prioritize WRs or not doesnt change that there are a ton of them and that good defensive lineman are more valuable. its just a fact that good defensive lineman are more valuable than WRs we can replace Moores production a whole lot easier than finding great let alone acceptable defensive lineman take the emotion out of it
  9. theres a million of them. and the right combination of them and offensive system, you can get away without having some superstar WR. See KC. Meanwhile good interior defensive lineman are incredibly valuable, are always going in the top 10, because if you can get ran on in the NFL, you are fuged. meanwhile you can find another WR a whole lot easier. Disagree with Varking strongly
  10. and compete with ASB and Jamo? come here and be a WR1 or go there and be a WR3? if he goes there hes dumb as rocks and they can have him
  11. On the bryce Young train but ultimately buy in immediately to whoever Reich and Co. takes.
  12. sure, the panthers have a plan and preference and have a QB1 but us fans don't know a gat damn thing and i think its stupid as fug to act like they do. Even breaking down film. SIT THE fug DOWN you don't know a fugin thing. get the fug off youtube loser!! most of you should be worrying about how you are going to reach around and clean your fat ass crack, let alone worry about who the panthers are gunna take. if yall could build your life like you could build the panthers, maybe you wouldnt be the king of man tits and grease stains my .02
  13. we have over a month to go and im already wanting to go into a voluntary coma until draft day poo is driving me nuts
  14. while i get that, its hard to predict injuries. I say go get the BEST QB Cam was big as fug and he didnt last much past 30 We got the OL i say let Young cook in that pocket
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