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  1. ive emotionally disconnected myself from the panthers for a while now. will be optimistic and hope for wins of it actually tears you up, that problem is with you.
  2. i love classic old time country like johhny cash or bluegrass but mainstream garbage singing about cutting grass and drinking beer.. its pop just for rednecks
  3. dumb af. if they want to make people more interested in the sport, how about less penalties that just derail any tempo or rhythm of the broadcast tards.
  4. football gods i deny this jinxing MF. DENOUNCE
  5. if you are too emotionally fragile to not get excited for the upcoming season because you cant handle the disappointment if things don't go well, 95% chance of being a neckbeard. care too much about something you cannot control, and a high chance that being a "panthers fan" is your identity. loser.
  6. Hes gunna be a guy they you get the ball to near the line of scrimmage some way or fashion and hes going to run full speed to truck someones ass hes a WR but he brings that physicality and toughness. Just get him in motion. may or may not get the ball.. just another option that a defense has to account for. Hes not the classic outside WR. Hes gadget. and theres nothing wrong with that. a smart OC will know how to use him. wether thats getting him the ball or making the defense think hes getting the ball. when you gave up a couple late round picks for a guy, if he contributes at all thats a win. 500 yards and a couple TDs via short pass, end arounds, misdirections, crossing routes... dats money duuude between Him, CMC, DJM.. and a QB that can quickly them the ball this is going to be YAC city and im stoked
  7. I think we are about to go the fug off and have a great season. Im all in and ready to get broken again but thats the kind of fan I am. Its fun to be optimistic and be excited for the season.
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