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  1. 19 minutes ago, MillionDollarCam said:

    Don’t post as much right now because I have some personal things going on but just wanted to drop by and eat some crow on Jack Drury.

    I was ready to trade his ass after the first 15 or so games but over his past 26 games he has 17 points, that’s a 65 point pace over an 82 game season.

    Hope things are ok, bud.

    Im the same on Drury, didn’t think he offered much but he is putting a run together 

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  2. Imagine what he is like in closed meetings? Narcissistic, ego driven, never wrong business leaders are the fuging worst. But they make a ton of money. This guy has bought his way out of adversity most of his life and is upset he can’t do that here.

    Edit: I also acknowledge he worked hard to get where he is. But man have some composure as a leader 

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