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  1. Their 2nd was the killer. Completely unacceptable from Anderson
  2. PK been ok since 2nd game. Just cost us both those games along with poo PP
  3. Haven’t watched the last two until last 3 mins of each game. Just been refreshing the NHL app. Do I change the mojo for tonight?
  4. Just win your shift! Let’s fuging go
  5. Hope we get all the puck luck in the next game. Watching Boston get a few bounces here
  6. It’s mad how close the series actually is if you stand back. Two great teams
  7. I didn’t watch a minute. I can now no longer watch a minute. Followed on the app and still got annoyed lol
  8. I think he is carrying an injury. That stinger he got still bothering him
  9. Special teams have cost us again though. Can’t go 0-14 in the playoffs
  10. They give up hardly anything. Defend the front of their net so well. The one time they didn’t we scored
  11. Well let’s see what we are made of. Time to front up
  12. Not enough traffic in front of Igor. Everything so easy for him
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