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  1. Watched the rerun….great bounce back win, can’t work out Raanta hot and cold in one game, TDA is lights out at moment even in D, Aho and Svech hopefully getting hot for Caps, these lines seemed to work. Now Sunday, 1pm game….hmmmm two TVs going?
  2. Nice to see we are carrying on where we left off. Zero zip about our play
  3. Will switch game on as soon as Planes, Trains and Automobiles has finished…..happy thanksgiving eve gents. Stay out of the box, more shots and more net front. Oh and start dominating face offs again…cost us Monday and nearly did against Kings who scored two off face off wins
  4. Don’t care who he votes for just don’t fight your team mates
  5. Messy game, Raanta still our best player, eyelids like concrete
  6. Hopefully he keeps himself in check. Always though RBA wouldn’t allow something to fug up his locker room and he must have signed off on it
  7. Safe travels. I’ll be in full thanksgiving mode by then and will be up to start thread if no one else does
  8. Sooo many turnovers. One of them has to lead to a better look in next two periods. We haven’t really troubled the net
  9. Meh first period, Raatna our best player. On a positive note I’m still awake
  10. San Jose a little lax with the puck in their own end…..good to see
  11. Is the tv camera on the back row of the arena? Maybe it’s my eyes
  12. Trying to stay awake! Just two more late nights to go….. Jarvis to score? Yes. Svech to also bounce back from his worst display this year.
  13. Jarvis has been unreal. Svech, Aho and Jarvis….crazy young…..crazy good drafting
  14. Would love an RBA one. Let’s start a campaign to get an RBA coach bobble head. On a side note I gave all my groomsman a bobble head of themselves in a wedding tux as a gift at my wedding. They were a hit. Totally inspired by Canes bobble head nights
  15. They stopped doing bobble heads? Think I still have my Eric Staal one somewhere
  16. Hate late night games as there is zero chance of me seeing anything beyond the 1st. So is Jarvis up for good then?
  17. Where do you coach? Us Welsh have a great sense of humor, built around our mining community’s, rugby clubs and pubs.
  18. An acquaintance of mine from a Cardiff. A very funny and nice gentleman. If you have never seen the movie Twin Town give it a go….him and his brother are stars
  19. See the opposing coach and QB today for evidence. Kliff was on a cliff until Kyler got hot
  20. Have we found our kicker? Been a long journey but he looks pretty solid. important part of our upcoming superb owl win…..also..I love booze
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