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  1. 5 goals on 16. Waddell shouldn’t be able to sleep tonight
  2. When does Freddie finish his blood thinner course? Two more months
  3. Necas OT goal on the way though (positive thoughts only)
  4. Everyone can see it. Must be some kind of arrogance in our building to ignore it constantly
  5. Burns. just landed in Orlando. Try and watch on phone
  6. As a person who is working in a PE backed firm the emphasis on energy level is no surprise. These guys want full on table slamming, do something, chaotic energy all the time. It’s exhausting Edit: Frank was also asleep at the wheel and useless
  7. Good win. Comeback shows we have the mentality still. Let’s go on a run
  8. I can’t find on ESPN +. Is that because it’s in NHL channel?
  9. Some soul searching happening this morning somewhere
  10. Top guys missing again. Goalie fuging sucks. Stubborn coach. Hope to fug we get a groove going at the right time this year
  11. Wow. Something ain’t right. Either this is a turning point or we are fuged
  12. Which means we are truly fuged for a while. Raanta playing like that Minnesota U goalie who thought he was the real deal
  13. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? or something like that
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