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  1. Great finish there. Looked very close to offside but can’t tell 10ft in the air
  2. Forget statistics. Just. Have. Faith lets fuging go
  3. Someone with a statistics background please tell me I shouldn’t be worried about this. I spent Thursday telling myself that both the Canes and Tottenham can’t win on the same day, two good sporting results hours apart don’t happen to me….they didnt yes I have a problem.
  4. Must take so much mental strength to keep going. So much admiration for him. The Players Tribune is easily the best sports read out there.
  5. Frustrating to watch. We seem to be still in 2nd gear
  6. Don’t like either option to be honest so it is what it is. If the guys in front play to their top level then we win this game. Rants was poor down the stretch but so were the guys in front of him. lets fuging go!
  7. Is it me or is this an odd uniform combination? Bit of a sleepy game this but that maybe the paltry crowd and atmosphere
  8. I can now plan on watching the draft…….for the next three years….yay. fire the fat prick
  9. He’s conkers deep in his Mrs whilst thinking about his soccer team. Who are also atrocious
  10. Glad I still have a team to pull for. As poo as it may be. Fire Rhule and I may just get excited again.
  11. I was replying to a post that implied they were. I sincerely hope they were not but if they were would they not know?
  12. Burns and Chinn (not the guy/gal who posts on here)are wondering why they should play hard for a team who was using them as a bargaining chip.
  13. If Cam did this at his peak….hoooooo boy. I just don’t get the pass being given by the media.
  14. I agree but it will still have an impact on valuation. We will probably trade DJ anyway seeing as we do dumb poo.
  15. DJ Moore laughing all the way to the bank.
  16. Calgary going to be so deflated after that first period and now this. Not too dissimilar to lightning game yesterday
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