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  1. Brno Boy got one I see. Was in transition from bar to room lol
  2. Of course. We’ve been asking for a sniper for a while. It’s not hard to see where we have lacked in last few years….unless your Wad
  3. You are correct and they are correct. Raanta sucks this season but tonight not entirely on him. It is what it is. At some point we need a goalie who can win us games. That can’t be disputed
  4. Put Bruce Young in skates and he may be NFL QB height
  5. Just started watching and I haven’t had my first goal guess yet….so I’ll try and change the karma
  6. Love this and love my Canes. One really late game but that’s a Saturday so maybe I’m making at least one period…. Either way it’s better than the Tepper poo show.
  7. I kind of felt a little worried on that Monday night football game in what, game three? But it is now a burning fuging fire for the franchise how bad he is. That lateral in this game was probably the final nail, like a fifth grader out there. Not even third choice back up level poo
  8. 5 goals on 16. Waddell shouldn’t be able to sleep tonight
  9. When does Freddie finish his blood thinner course? Two more months
  10. Necas OT goal on the way though (positive thoughts only)
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