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  1. This 4 game stretch against TB will tell us a lot but our intensity tonight on a back to back game has been incredible. Hope it continues
  2. We are going to be tough to beat over 7. This team has a real chance this year
  3. Also offer Rod a lot of money to coach for next 5 years. Dynasty.
  4. Give me a goalie/goal keeper/net minder/goal keep ......please. We can’t keep scoring 5+ a game to win......although maybe we can . Such a fun season
  5. Get the fug in. Great win when not playing great. I’m drunk but appreciate the company gents. Take care
  6. Exactly. I’m probably over harsh on Reimer but this team is a good goaltender away from a championship. Both of ours are back ups
  7. Last game they had a few out of rotation and killed them in 3rd. They looked tired. Look far better tonight in the third
  8. What do you like about Reimer? A good back up no doubt but not a starter
  9. Nino, Tro, Aho, svech, Brock, Staal.....all on fire. Get a few D goals and then some half decent goal tending and we are hard to beat
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