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  1. Unfortunately the whole league knows we are desperate and that makes any asking price double. We either give up a lot or wait for Freddie
  2. May watch first period. No idea what to expect to be honest. A bizarre team this year. I’m staying with my mantra that we may get hot at right time this year and that we sign an average goalie. Who wants to win the presidents cup anyway
  3. Still more than capable of putting a run together and going close. Just not with these goalies.
  4. Just watched the Bruins get smashed by Sabres. Feel dirty. Stopped off for a few sherbets on way back to hotel. How we playing?
  5. At this point I’m worried about the above .500 mark after Christmas. That used to be my are the canes serious guide
  6. Said that a few times this year. Not good. I keep telling myself we are going to get hot at the right time. But only if we have a different goalie
  7. Average goalie makes an average save against Slavin. What a thing of wonder
  8. The year is 2152….you are surrounded by discarded lithium batteries, Trumps cryogenic head is running for president and the Canes are still looking for a goalie.
  9. Always on National TV. It’s a Carolina pro sports disease
  10. Such a bad situation. We need to see some action from the front office
  11. We were asleep in front of him as well. Just fuging lazy start
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