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  1. Bob concussed or just crying? He’s about to be a Meme based on that shot of him on bench
  2. Just popping in to say fug Florida. Enjoying this more than I thought. And I dislike anything associated with Vegas.
  3. In football I never want the NFC team to win it unless it’s us obviously.
  4. Yeah I would definitely would have rooted for them. Not sure I can even watch it. Yes I’m still not over it.
  5. fug both of them. Twice. But especially Florida.
  6. Based on the season statistics there is more chance of us winning 2 straight games than losing a 4th in a row* *not actually based on statistics Believe.
  7. Definitely need to change a few things up and need some injury luck. I love the regular season, games every few days of a team I love.
  8. We’ve lost 11 straight in the ECF. Yes I want to win one. Who knows what it leads to in the future. fug me this place has got bad the last few weeks
  9. Night folks. Hope all this energy returns for the regular season in this forum
  10. Just want to win one. That hard to understand?
  11. I’m actually taking this better than I thought. After game one this was the obvious outcome. Plus Bob is just lights out. Sucks but nothing has gone for us at all.
  12. Oh well. Sleep will get easier soon. Really don’t want to get swept though
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