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  1. Just outplayed, out coached and deserve to lose. We were 4-2 up for fugs sake
  2. I would have bitten your hand off if someone offered the Canes to score 4 before the game. Can’t see us scoring 6
  3. Refs calling everything for them and us completely losing our PK ability is not a good mix. Hoping we get a PP opportunity and goal early in 3rd!
  4. I’ve seen comments on their cap irregularities but not fully up to speed, need to look it up. Glad we got this one on the board.....keep getting to the net (that’s all I know to say as you can see)
  5. lol. Far from dense mate, not sure what made you make that comment or poo my posts. Can we have a constructive conversation? I’ve lived here 15 years and followed hockey ever since so self taught.....I don’t think we are playing our game, is that because they are just better than us?
  6. We have missed Nino in front of the net and Tro at the face off is important. Just glad to get a win and make them a bit uncomfortable
  7. We played better in our first two games and lost. Hopefully this kicks us on but I stand by we don’t look ourselves at all.
  8. Hopefully 16 is back Saturday. Foegs and Nino seem unlikely
  9. Exactly. They are folding. I wish I could say different but they have no fight. Haven’t heard staal’s name this series and with key injuries it’s done
  10. Haha @TrevorLaurenceTime22 Pooing my post. What’s poo about it?
  11. This team isn’t winning 4 out of 6 against TB. Would expect better than this though. Lightweight
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