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  1. lets win tommrow fug the raiders and their trashy fans lets shut them up and get this w . ill rather win out and not make the playoffs then tank !!!

  2. We need to win! im not ready for our season to end . we need to win out!!! and it starts with beating the cardinal bitches once again.

  3. If we can derek henry dodd ogbah or alexander that would be biblical
  4. ideal first and 2nd round combo . derek henry and sterling shepard
  5. imagine getting both henrys our offense would be so damn stacked
  6. Imagine we draft derek henry rd 1 and hunter henry in the 2nd??
  7. i think were drafting henry . almost every 1st rounder we had outside of star was criticized by fans and haters . people will hate on us that we drafted henry a alabama running back but it will workout in our favor
  8. denver fans are delusional they are lucky to even make it to the superbowl thats how bad the afc is
  9. if we give up another td it will be another repeat of last week
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