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  1. I'm curious. Is your screen name from the movie "Manos The Hands Of Fate" that Mystery Science Theater 3000 covered?

    1. Manos


      Yes it is. 

    2. Hogmolliesmaht


      LOL, I thought so. I'm a MS3TK fan too. Thanks

  2. All those big, strong, and tough football players running around, yet G-man is the baddest man on the field. How can you not love that?
  3. What in the hell is wrong with you? Why would you spend so much time and energy arguing with a bunch of Panthers fans, if you really don't care who wins? That just makes you even worse than an opposing fan troll. Are you really so damn stupid that you can't see that?
  4. Denver has never faced a running game like the Panthers will present to them. When they did face something similar, they gave up over 100yds. This game always has been and always will be about match ups, and I like how my Panthers match up in this one.
  5. I see my slow little buddy is back. What's up Mr. football expert who doesn't care enough to pull for a team? I bet you're a billionaire from betting on the winners, huh?
  6. the coaching staff didn't drop a pass right in their hands. That was Philly Brown's fault.
  7. Alright, Let's get another 5-6 minute drive and finish it off with points.
  8. Good drive. Took time off the clock and scored. I wanted a TD, but time of possession is just as important right now. They can't come back if they don't have the ball.
  9. It breaks my heart to see this happen to TD. That man deserves to play in the Super Bowl, and he deserves a ring as much or more than any other player in this league.
  10. Seriously, Cam left at least 10 points on the field, probably more.
  11. Eh, the hit on Gio Bernard was more dirty, IMO. That was crown of the helmet into the guy's chin. I don't care if he was defenseless or not, that should be flagged. Burfict is a jack ass though.
  12. Some of those ass hats at ESPN are still trying to defend OBJ by pointing out other helmet to helmet hits where guys didn't get suspended. The thing they don't seem to understand is that there is absolutely do doubt that OBJ obviously had the intent of injuring one certain player, regardless of what else was happening on the play. You can't say that about those other hits.
  13. Oh well, it's good when you can win and still have something for the coaches to bitch about and keep them from getting too high on themselves.
  14. Dammit! I did not want them to score, even if it is garbage time.
  15. These refs can go straight to hell, as far as I'm concerned.
  16. I'm so damn happy for Funchess! Suck on that, haters!
  17. WR's are getting open. Cam is just flat out missing them. This game should be over right now.
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