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  1. Exactly, the thing is we are actually in most of these games. Had we not had the late turnovers against Baltimore we could have at least tied them. Atlanta first game two missed opportunities to win. Win or lose you have to admire Wilks getting them to believe we can win these games. Given a choice for a new OC after the season. 2023 could look much different.
  2. When we hired Rhule we expected 5-11 season but what we didn't expect was the following year to be 5-12. We definitely didn't want to see 5-12 for a third year in a row. Winning brings an attitude. We finish strong it gives the players something to believe in over the course of the offseason. Secondly, these games aren't meaningless to the players. They still have a shot at going to the playoffs. Winning or losing record. Making the playoffs are a goal for every team, regardless of the record. Once you are in the playoffs everyone is equal. A team that sucks in the beginning of the year could be totally different come playoff time. Players love the underdog role and who knows what will happen. These games don't become meaningless until we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The only meaningless interpretation comes from fans who have given up on the season. This usually happens in here about week 5 lately. None of us, whether we are Pro or Con on Corral know what will play out. We all assume that we'll draft a QB this offseason. Mostly because we want the shiny new toy since Corral was an afterthought pick in the 3rd round. Our new coach or Wilks may like what we have in Corral. They may think we could address another position that will make us stronger and choose a QB later on, if we choose one at all. I know I am talking to a wall, but the tanker fans really need to understand who's playing the game. It's not some fatboy sitting on the couch with a controller in his hands. These are real young men that have spent their entire lives working to get to the NFL. Players and coaches don't give a damn about our draft position. As a fan we should embrace that our team wants to win and deal with the draft in April.
  3. Really? You're an expert on Corral? Corral has many good traits and given a real opportunity you'll be proven wrong.
  4. Agreed. So many more intangibles than how far or hard you can throw a football. Of course, it also helps if the questions aren't off the wall questions that some interviews seem to enjoy asking.
  5. Sounds like what happened to Howell at UNC. 2020 he had many playmakers, and everyone was talking how he'd be at the top of the 2022 draft. UNC looked bad in 2021 and blamed most of it on Howell. He had several WRs dropping spot on passes. Richardson intrigues me. I haven't seen him play much but from what I've seen he can really zip it. I think his game will transition well to the NFL. If he gets a decent QB coach he'll probably have a high ceiling.
  6. I don't think Fitt would do that. If we are going to burn a first on a QB he better have the tools to start, even if it is 2024. I am not convinced that any of these QBs are franchise type players. If Young were taller maybe him but otherwise, they most likely are serviceable. In our current position I don't think Stroud or Young will be there at our pick. I would expect us to go with another position of need or possibly trade down and get an extra pick or two.
  7. Glad they got this done. Burns is becoming the face of the franchise.
  8. They also had a back up plan with Foreman. No? Big difference when you have someone to back up than have nothing and hope that draft pick works out.
  9. You're just a loser. You only think about how you feel about not getting a top draft pick. Professional teams don't focus on the draft in the middle of the season. Players are going to try to win and obviously you don't get it. Typical Tanker that only uses there desires and don't think about what Professional Sports is all about. I bet you're one of those guys that join a fantasy league and trade all your good players away once you figure out you can't win it all. You trade them to your buddy so he can win the whole thing.
  10. You blew your who story with this insane comment. Hurney brings in talent to the NFL. I did a lengthy spreadsheet on Hurney a couple of years ago. He was money in round 1 and garbage beyond it. Not counting the first round he was well under 50% on his "talent" and only 2 or 3 Pro Bowlers outside round 1.
  11. Obviously, you have no clue on how to build a team. You don't gut your team of good young players. But then again, your response doesn't surprise me.
  12. A true "mature football fan" is going to pull for his team to WIN every game that they play in, not hope they lose. A "mature football fan" knows our management is going to do everything they can to solve our QB problem. A "mature football fan" isn't going to hope we lose so we can "Possibly" get a quarterback that MIGHT be a franchise QB. Meaningless for you and the other Tankers out there. Last time I checked we were one game out of first place in our division where we are 3-1. Our division leader has two games they are most likely going to lose. Based on your mentality that once you have a losing record you tank for the highest draft pick you can get. We'll just tell Brian Burns that we are going to sit him for the rest of the season, to hell with your sack total. You can get more next season. We'll also tell DJ Moore we're going to sit him as well. Don't worry you can achieve 1000 yds receiving in 4 of your 5 seasons. We'll also tell Bozeman that we are going to sit him as well but would like for him to come back next year. Hopefully we won't have a losing record at midseason, and we won't have to sit him again.
  13. True, it also didn't help that the media was playing Rhule up to be the next greatest thing since sliced bread.
  14. How did we get so baffled by this guy? So many thought he would bring an exciting brand of football to the Carolinas. Instead, we get an unaccountable bum that made us the laughingstock of the NFL. Definitely agree the worst Head Coach in NFL history. Move over John McKay you have company.
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