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  1. I noticed the same thing. Cousin fell in love with Jefferson and never looke Thielens way. So many times he was wide open and Cousin missed him.
  2. I hope he shines. I know it is a steep hill to climb but who knows if he could make a roster he might just do something special. Cam is one of my all-time favorites and changed the league because many teams look for their Cam Newton. Good Luck Cam.
  3. I don't think anyone doubts his playmaking abilities. It is just when he get destroyed by a DE coming in on the blind side and blows him up. How many of those hits is he going to be able to withstand. If It were my choice, I am going to go with the QB that has a better chance of hanging around for more than a couple of seasons.
  4. God knows we don't need to be known for our best weapon is a TE.
  5. i Honestly think this is where we are going. I think his interview at the combine showed he is an intelligent QB and with the proper coaching, which we have, will make him the best QB in this draft. Mabye sooner than later. I do believe we will do our due diligence and have each QB in for a visit and workout. I think Reich and McCown will see the potential and take a chance.
  6. Trading back to the Colts wouldn't be such a bad idea if Arizona was going to stay put at #3 but someone is going to trade up for that 3rd spot. So IMO if we trade down it will only be to #2. Having talks with Indy could press Houston to bite on moving up to #1. It would be great because they seem to love Young and he's their #1 pick which would give us picks and our QB Stroud.
  7. Adam was the man in Minnesota before Jefferson went there. I think he is an excellent route runner and will be a great fit for our scheme and our young QB.
  8. I am glad they haven't announced who they will draft. I agree that they have made up their mind but truthfully I can't say for 100% it's Stroud. Stroud seems to be the best option because Reich wants a QB that can run the RPO and I don't think Young is durable enough to run that type of offense. It's tough to overlook Young because he has that Mahomes ability. Stroud was right there with Richardson at the combine in the throwing portion. Young being a distant second, IMO could have us saying. If we only drafted Young. While he maybe the most ready I have a fear he'll end up like Tua after a couple of season of abuse. If we do draft Young we better ensure that our O-line is top tier. If we have Young and a weak line he'll disappear in no time. The darkhorse in my opinion is Richardson. I know many would absolutely lose their minds if we drafted him. But, IMO his ceiling might be greater than both Stroud and Young. The young man from what I have heard was exceptional in the interview portion of the combine. Not to mention he absolutely lit it up in the throwing portion of the combine. You combine that with two coaches that seem to know the QB position quite well. If we draft him and he took to the offense well, maybe he surprises us and starts game 1. So my opinion it's Stroud but deep in my heart I would love to see us take gamble and bring in Cam Jackson.
  9. Houston needs so much more than just a QB. Regardless of who they pick they are going to have a tough 2023. I'd take #2 and their 1st next year which most likely will be top 10. Maybe a 3rd in 2024.
  10. I expect him to get some meaningful Reps this preseason. He'll be groomed to be a backup. You are relying on a rookie to start; you might as well have good young back up. It only benefits us for Reich and Co. to develop Corral. If he were to get some meaningful minutes, he could boost our chances of trading him for our 3rd back.
  11. Look IMO we have two really good coaches who know the QB position. If we were to trade down to #2 or #4 and I think we could get a 2024 #1 pick and some more draft capital. I really like Richardson and believe with our coaching staff they can get him up to speed pretty quickly. Regardless, we'll have either Stroud, Young or Richardson unless someone trades up to #3. Worst case Scenario we end up with Levis. The most important piece is we get our QB and we get some of the draft picks back we gave away. Could be a smart move. However, if we sit at #1. I'd rather take Stroud over Young. I just think Young is going to get destroyed and not last too long in the NFL.
  12. I agree. Mostly because we have some good coaches that can help him become the QB we want.
  13. The battle the JR had to make a dream turn into reality is amazing. When he initially started the quest Carolina was a bigtime dark horse. He continued to battle and when it was all said and done. He proved the Carolina's could support a team. I remember the announcement and was jumping for joy. As a big fan of the NFL it was a very nice highlight in my life. JR Thank you for your diligence and bringing us the CAROLINA PANTHERS GOD REST YOUR SOUL AND REST IN PEACE
  14. I agree with McShay. Richardson could be a bust but his potential to be a QB in the mold of Newton/Hurts is hard to overlook. I would not trade up for him but if he were at #9 I think we'll take a shot. I personally don't think any of the 4 QBs are going to be there at #9. I guess I will feel more comfortable when the free agent QBs find new teams. Atlanta, Seattle, LV and possibly the Bears could screw up the whole thing by drafting a QB.
  15. Why would you give up picks to get a QB that is going to be released. I never said he was for sure going to be our QB. I don't know what Reich, Fitterer and Tepper want. Someone in that group may not want a retread QB. I was saying the Colts tried 3x to get him. You asked for proof so you got it. I do believe he is an option. You move the goal post when you ask for something and you get your answer.
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