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  1. I think what makes me happy about this defense is when he said he would have to figure out a way to get all the talent we have on the field. This tells me that the players we have are good enough to play and most will see playing time. IMO he's saying our depth is outstanding.
  2. Totally agree. We are building a good team and as each new year approaches we are going to want to keep those 1st rounders that play well. Guys that don't show the improvement needed will be replaced with younger cheaper talent (through the draft)
  3. Jackson will have his work cut out for him. Some don't take his injury as a factor in his performance but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. If he stays healthy and doesn't reinjure the foot. Our DB group will be a strength and not a weakness.
  4. This is exactly why we didn't take the Chicago offer. Why trade down and pick and overrated 2nd round pick in round one. I believe we nailed this draft. I think you'll see our defense is going to be awesome. I am so excited to see this new product on the field. I also believe that our staff did their homework on Darnold and he'll utilize all his weapons and put up enough points to win many of our games. Those 8 games we lost by one score or less will turn around for us. Barwell barely mentioned any of our other draft picks outside of Horn. It's feasible that all will see play
  5. Not to mention that the defense in the 2nd half of the Green Bay game. Our defense gave the eventual MVP fits. If I remember correctly we had 5 consecutive 3 and outs against Rodgers. Probably our best half of defensive football all season.
  6. Some stats to prove your point. Games 1-5 38 rec. 489 yd (3 100yd games 1 at 99) 97.8 ypg Game 6-15 63 rec. 609 yd ( 0 100yd games) 55.36 ypg It's only 120 yard difference but a 5 game difference. Top four receiving games 1,2,4,5. Though he a 1000 yard year, as you stated, his production was not elite after game 5. Outside of a 55yd performance against LAC not one game in the final 11 surpassed his production in games 1 thru 5. Too bad it wasn't just a one year deal. We could have afforded to keep Samuel. IMO was far and above a better receiver than Anders
  7. I saw it on youtube live. I think we got a steal in Taylor. He mentioned him a few times and I think he's very happy with what he has shown in OTAs. He did say we'll see how good they are once the pads go on. I didn't catch who asked the question about Sam but I thought it was a stupid question since Snow is the DC. Outside of knowing Sam as a Panther I am sure he not going to comment on his ability and was smart to say so.
  8. Of all the additions on our defense I think this is going to be key to our defense being much better. If they can get the QB to hold the ball a little bit more. Reddick and Burns are going to turn QB pressures into sacks. I also believe we'll be much better on 3rd down for the same reason. As far as offense I believe the huge upgrade on the offensive line is going to allow Darnold to succeed with the incredible weapons he has. Definitely I am very optimistic about the upcoming season. On paper we look incredible but I believe that will transition to the field. I look forward
  9. We are not a team that anyone fears at the moment. We've had 3 losing seasons and writers don't give a crap about what we are building. We lost Samuel but added three capable WRs in Moore, Smith and Marshall. These guys don't have the time to actually see what we have. Ranking us 20 has more to do with us not being Dallas, Green Bay or any of the more notable teams. I take their take with a grain of salt.
  10. I'm really excited to see what Darnold and Moore will team up in terms of yards and touchdowns. What I am even more excited about is the total weapons we have. If Darnold can isolate who is being singled covered on each play. I anticipate that player winning a lot of those battles. There is no way you can double everyone. Whether TE, WR and RB someone is going to be singled covered. It's gonna be fun to watch.
  11. I do believe he has a plan and we have many of the parts to make our defense great. So Do I.
  12. Something tells me that Snow is going to adapt and with the talent we have, we will have a good defense that will be in the upper half of the league. Top 10 maybe but far better than 2020.
  13. I agree that his age might have some teams shying away but defenses win championships. If his innovative defense shows up and we beat the likes of TB and other high powered offenses. There are going to be some teams interested. I don't have any facts to back it but, it seems to me. He's happen as a DC and may not be interested in a HC job. Tepper might have to shell out some more money to keep him but if his defense is good. It would be worth the investment.
  14. Yeah, I get that OTAs are not mandatory but come on. Your job is WR on an NFL team. The team is having workouts with a new QB. IDC if he knows what Sam can and cannot do. Especially since you have a ton of new WRs on the team. You're supposed to be a leader of the WR Corps. If you are truly dedicated to your job that pays you millions of dollars. YOU SHOW UP.
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