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  1. That tends to happen when you have been on this forum longer than a couple of months. @Mr. Scothsa been on this forum from the inception. That's nearly 20 years ago.
  2. I said early on in the draft process that I believed it was between Young and Stroud but my desire was Richardson. Supposably, we have QB minds all over the place and Richardson would have fit in well with them while learning the position. After 2 Weeks IMO Richardson looks the best out of all three. I'm not unhitching my wagon from Young as I think it is going to take some time for him to get comfortable and than he'll show why we drafted him #1. (Or at least I hope so)
  3. I had hoped that our free agent signing would make a difference, but Chark and Thielen don't appear to be the answer. Young is being a rookie QB. And dealing with players that are old or a rookie or JAG. We don't have an elite WR that can help our rookie QB. Our TE is slightly above average, and it looks as if our stud FA running back is JAG too. We hitched our wagon to Young and we are going to have to let this play out. I do believe that with each week of experience Young is going to get better. Our defense is pretty damn good and we've been in the game going into the 4th quarter. Young will get better. Hopefully, by mid-season those late Quarter loses becomes wins. Sadly, this forum has gone downhill as everyone expects instant success when we draft a player. The first sign of our rookie QB not meeting their personal expectations they want to label him a bust. Just relax and watch him grow. I do believe he will be successful in this league. We have to give him time and we have to give him some elite weapons.
  4. Pretty much. Honestly, I thought there were several moments where I said wow, we have a QB and then there were times i just said WTF was that. I believe he'll improve as each week goes on. His receivers need to help him some. That pass in the late fourth Qtr to Marshall is a TD if he didn't stop running.
  5. Hutchinson destroys Taylor if he is line-up properly. Those refs allowed it the entire game. Not only that be he was always a half a step ahead of the snap. I can't see where that isn't a false start.
  6. The NFL cannot allow this to continue to happen. I believe I heard last night the Tackle must be lined up equal to the back half of the center. Taylor was a full body behind the center and was continually jumping the snap. I don't see how they couldn't call that every play. This game would have never been that close had the refs called the false starts and illegal formation. This is the typical NFL favoritism of the Chiefs. If we had a player lining up like this and jumping the snap we would have had 15 penalties.
  7. Luke doesn't seem to be as articulate as Olsen but I am sure he talked with Greg and becomes a better communicating.
  8. Maybe I am wrong but didn't Atlanta finish last in our division last year? While I agree every team can improve through the draft and free agency. We also improved. We addressed our most glaring need at QB. Considering we had an idiot running the team for 1/2 the season and we still won 7 games with QBs like Walker and Darnold. We have an Offensive Minded Head Coach, a great DC and we have solid players. Depth is a little issue but we have a good team. I predict that our true defense shows up on Sunday and our fan base blows up at how good they truly are. Bryce Young and Mingo turn into this years Burrow/Chase tandem. I think we go into Atlanta and Thump them good. 27-7 Black Cats.
  9. For two first rounders I agree. For one it isn't impossible. I like Burns but if he thinks he deserves the same money as Bosa that he's crazy. Bosa was Defensive Player of the Year. Burns wasn't even in the conversation.
  10. I think Burns wants to be here and I hope we can get him paid within a reasonable amount but as many have stated he's not on the Bosa level and paying him anything close to what he's getting is insane. I'm to the point where we trade him and get some value out of him even if it is just one first rounder and find a Rent-a-DE for one season. If we start overpaying players than we are going to put ourselves in a situation where we can't keep enough good players to be competitive.
  11. There are two sides to that story. We have a general Idea of how Atlanta plays. I'm sure they will change a bit with their stud rookie RB but for the most part we have tape from last year. Whereas, the Falcons have no idea what we will bring to the table. I'll go back to a game maybe 10 years or so ago. We played Tampa and had the better squad, but they had a new coach and they beat us, and it mostly was because we had no idea of their offense and defensive scheme.
  12. What makes you think we don't have a game plan and can execute that game plan? Are you basing your opinion on Pre-season? Everyone knows that we didn't game plan in preseason. Reich is a veteran coach with an excellent coaching staff. I am 100% sure they'll have a solid game plan. The only problem that both teams face is what each team will look like in game one because there isn't any tape on the 2023 squad.
  13. I saw this game too and thought pretty much the same thing. This type of turf apparently is very similar to grass and the players seem to like it. Since, Tepper uses the field for other events other than Panther Football it would make sense to invest in this surface since he doesn't want grass.
  14. The biggest issue to me will be how quickly this defense Gels together. They didn't play much together in the pre-season so only practice is what they get to Gel together. i think we have all the pieces in the right spots to really cause some issues for teams. This is going to be an exciting defense. 10 Tep IMO if we stay healthy Top 5.
  15. NO has a consistent defense and Carr makes their offense dangerous. I think they win the division. Atlanta will be good but banking on a rookie running back to carry the load isn't a good idea. I think we have an overall better roster and we'll be 2nd in the division. I know we looked horrendous in the preseason but that was by design. I really think we are going to have a very exciting team. Remember Cam's first two seasons if we had a decent defense we would have made the playoffs our offense was pretty potent. Our rookie QB wasn't the problem. It was the D. This year if our Rookie plays well, we have a defense that can get us some wins.
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