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  1. Miami will use the "we're not sure about Tua" trap to get a team to trade up and get draft capital. I've seen where they are committed to Tua and IMO it is only words on the street to get someone to trade up.
  2. I liked how he we would use every avenue to address the QB position. So many on this board think the only way to address it is through the draft. While getting a young QB to groom is our preferred direction, all avenues will be used to address it. Maybe we trade up for a QB, maybe one falls in our lap or maybe we have to take a veteran QB. I don't know I am just happy that we're not hell bent on the DRAFT ONLY.
  3. 6 of the 11 first QB taken have panned out, while 2 of 10 2nd pick (no 2nd pick in 2013) in the first round have panned out. Jones and Tua still questionable. So unless you have the first pick you are gambling on greatness far more than the first pick.
  4. Of the 4 QBs in this draft only 1 has surefire written all over him. Trading up to get one of the other 3 may not produce the results you are looking for. My point is, your demanding one of these first 4 QBs and it's a strong possibility than we may not be able to move up or down to get one. The Senior Bowl gives Rhule a chance to look at 2 QBs that many fall to the 2nd or 3rd or possibly the 4th round. It gives the coaches the opportunity to move these players up and down their draft board. If I couldn't get a QB in round one (Which I hope we do) I would have my eyes o
  5. The whole advantage of coaching the team is to get a good look at other players. If Newman for example shows he has the tools and the athleticism to play in this league why wouldn't you want to put him higher on your board if we aren't able to draft a QB early. Everyone wants to bitch and moan about getting a 1st round QB and they also bitch and moan about having TB at QB for another season. If you can't get that first round pick than plan B might be that player you coached in the Senior bowl. Well sometimes things don't work out like you want them too. If you select a QB you
  6. Goodell is going to clear him to play. He wants his dream match up of Mahomes and Brady in the Super Bowl so he can gift wrap a 7th championship ring to Brady. Can't let the GOAT retire with a loss, that would be so uncommissioner of him.
  7. I hear Hurney has already resigned Kerrigan to a 5 year 200 million dollar contract.
  8. It was sarcasms. I am fully aware of how great he was. You only read the first line. I followed it up with my honest opinion.
  9. I hope you're not a betting man. Gale Sayers went into the HOF with 7 years with 2 being injured. Basically 5 seasons worth of productions. Excerpt from Wikipedia Not only will Luke get in. He'll be first year ballot selectee.
  10. Of course he's overrated. I mean good god every running back can produce a 2000 yd season. I think we have one projected in the 7th round that will be just as good. Your take is about as trollish as any I have seen. Do you watch football at all? Name me one linebacker that can cover him one on one. Hell I'd venture to say there probably aren't many CB that can handle him. His route running is elite. His salary is high, no doubt, but his ability to basically play two positions is why he is worth the money.
  11. I always hope for a win so week 1 is always a 10. Sitting back and watching TB nickel and dime teams with his underneath throws and pathetic deep balls will destroy that 10 quite quickly. From the top down they have indicated that QB is an issue so there better be a better option learning the system on the bench. Whether a draft pick or a veteran working on a new start.
  12. Of the 4 teams mentioned I think we have the worst odds but then again that's what they said when Carolina was up for a team in 1993. We beat the odds once, why not again.
  13. Slater? Any relationship to the HOFer Jackie Slater? If he is he's pedigree.
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