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  1. Well I won't be throwing anything at the TV if we select Pitts. He is going to cause problems for every team in the league. If we have 2 of the biggest threats in the game (CMC and Pitts) our offense is going to be scary.
  2. If New England, Denver and WFT get in a bidding war we could potentially get a 1st next year. Which I would be extremely happy with. If Darnold doesn't impress we have 2 first that we can use deal with. Whether it's Watson (if he somehow clears all his problems) or any of the prospects from next year. Imagine the WFT drafting Lance and he has a poor season but shows potential that pick could be top 10. If Darnold fails (IMO he won't) than we could potentially have 2 picks on the top 10. If he plays well we could have 2 picks in the top 20.
  3. As I think of it, it plays in our favor somewhat. If Denver doesn't try and move up it could get other teams that are interested in him to move up ahead of Denver The more distant we are between draft picks the more draft capital it will cost them. Maybe far enough between where we can get a 1st next year as well as this year.
  4. Not to mention that TB could not take advantage of his deep ball threat. Give him a QB that can stretch the field. He's top 5.
  5. Yes, 100% agree. It has been pretty much the forum standard that all NFL news be posted in the Panther forum. Zod will notify us during training camp or at the start of the season when ONLY Panther related news is allowed. If you don't like the post, don't reply.
  6. What I like the most about this trade is the fact we lose nothing this year other than a 6th round pick. Since we have an extra 6th we have picks in every round this year to build a team behind him. If we gave up a 2nd and 4th we lost 1/4 of our draft this year. Options in the draft. Take Rhule's preferred OT and build a great line for Darnold to work with. If a QB is available take him as insurance and competition for Darnold Trade down with Chicago or New England or anyone who will trade and pick up an extra 1st in 2022. If Darno
  7. Trading up to three would leave us with Jones, Fields and Lance. Wilson is going to be gone at 2 to the Jets. Staying at 8 may leave us with one of them. I think they made the right decision on negotiating with the Jets for Darnold. Though many think we gave too much for Darnold we have to remember they wanted a 1st for him. We stood strong and got him for much less, plus we kept most of our draft picks for this year. I am impressed with the negotiations and got him for a fair deal.
  8. To trash a player that played so well for us over the years because his brother didn't pan out is absolutely insane. He recommended Darnold because he believes that with his work ethic and our coaching staff he can become the player everyone thought a 1st rounder would become. I'd also like to point out that the majority of talking heads on NFL Network, ESPN, Fox and other outlets say that Darnold was ruined by a bad coach and no talent around him. To me this gives me hope that Darnold will be one of the greatest moves we've ever made. I will enjoy watching all the negative Nanci
  9. Whitehead was a miss but we had quite of few additions that surprised us. I hope we that these additions were not just names but players we targeted. I've always been an optimistic person. Fitterer and Rhule hopefully have a plan and these players pan out. Defensively I think we have added some good pieces. The draft I still think will be mostly on offense but not completely especially in the latter rounds. Every year I go in hoping we will be competitive and win and make the playoffs. Ya never know.
  10. It truly is a no lose position. The point of perennial pro bowlers is accurate. I do believe that teams will trade up ahead of us to get the two remaining QBs. As I stated earlier Pitts would be such a nightmare but TE doesn't seem to be Brady's forte. Than again we didn't really have a TE that could be dominate like Pitts. Sewell will be hard to pass on especially since our LT position has been a turnstile since Gross retire. Chase to me is a luxury pick which really won't fit any of our needs. You didn't list Surtain who would solidify our defense even though we s
  11. There are some that rate Slater above Sewell. Not many but a few. Slater is a stud and If Sewell isn't there he'll be one of our options. I've kind of jumped on the Pitts bandwagon lately just because he is going to be a big problem for defense and I'd rather have him than have to face him. Especially if Atlanta gets him.
  12. You know as much as I hate the idea of taking a TE. Pitts just seems to be man up against boys. I know we need O-lineman bad but we could get a decent OT with our 2nd round pick. Pitts would be a nightmare in our offense. Defenses having to worry about the TE and CMC out of the backfield. I just can't wait until the draft is over so the guessing will be complete. So many variables and as I said a month or so ago. If we address our needs in free agency (even if they aren't top tier) We could go any position in the draft.
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