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  1. People acting like we don't want him. If Seattle is willing to pay 1/2 his salary than who are the idiots. I admire Fitterer to sticking to his guns about no more than 5 million. They drafted Corral, let them roll with Sam. Once he's proven for the millionth time he isn't a starting QB go with Corral. Personally, I think it is better to let Corral start and get those 1st year QB blues out of the way. If we lose and he looks lost we are in a position to draft a first round caliber QB. If he shows promise he might just save Rhule's ass.
  2. Either we are the minor leagues or the Observer doesn't pay worth crap.
  3. Anyone to want to tank for a HS QB is off their rocker. Many, many top rated HS QBs have never sniffed professional football at any level. While the Manning name is blue blood it doesn't mean he's a surefire NFL QB and definitely not #1. Not sure what article you are reading but most of the information I have seen, Manning is the #1 HS QB in his class
  4. Gross-Matos can be a difference maker for our defense. DE is one of the more difficult positions to transition from college to Pros and most start to show promise in year 3. I am hoping this is the case. I think the Panthers believe 2022 is his time because we really didn't address this position this off-season.
  5. No thanks. Knowing our luck Manning will pull the daddy trick that he doesn't want to play for Carolina.
  6. I enjoyed listening to Goose but Donovan was on of those story teller I could listen to all day. He had the most funniest stories back when football was a man's game. Where guys would bite each other and other dirty tricks and pranks.
  7. I saw, youtube i think, a video about TE university and Olsen was there. They put these guys through a pretty decent workout. I am sure that it will help Tremble. To hear Thomas isn't there doesn't surprise me. He doesn't seem like a guy to really give a damn whether he improves or not.
  8. My first thought was this is a smoke screen for Carolina to take the 50-50 split on Baker's contract. I just recently saw where Seattle was content with their QB room.
  9. Considering we had Brady as an OC and used the TE very little. I would say he should get a pass. He's a good blocker and that will only help the new OL push the running game. His potential as a pass catcher is going to show up in 2022. He's another optimistic option on offense. I am very interested in see how he does this year.
  10. Reminded me a lot of another great Baltimore lineman. Art Donovan. He had a great sense of humor and I enjoyed listening to him on the field. Goose was a member of arguable the best defense ever assembled in the NFL. 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Lowest points allowed in an NFL 16 game season. RIP Goose
  11. She's a great woman's coach and has turned the SC program into a power house. She would have to convince a lot of people her coaching style would work in the NBA. For the most part the woman's game is below the rim. I would have to be convinced her style would work. If so, I think players would buy in especially if they start winning more than they lose.
  12. Why do you think he has been with so many teams recently. He doesn't mesh with anyone. He can't dominate a game anymore and I definitely see much better options including standing pat. The Hornets need defensive help. They were one of the top scoring teams in the NBA. We need a big man to improve our defense. Plumlee definitely isn't the answer.
  13. I hope Corral shows off in camp. I think he is a better option right now over Darnold. What I think is funny is Rhule's going to sit Corral and he's probably the best option for him to win. I like the kid and I think he's going to be a find for a 3rd round pick.
  14. I didn't think so either. I just read the article and found it funny that they'd tie him to us. Maybe he's trying to generate suggestions that the Titans will trade him away to let Willis play now. It's the worst part of offseason. Even the writers are grasping for things to write about.
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