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  1. Nice stuff lately guys snd tuka you sure are lucky with your pulls
  2. Well I had some unexpected bills come up. Looks like im throwing some stuff up on ebay tonight
  3. Thanks. Been trying to get that kuechly for a while. Got a good deal too I think. $30
  4. This is random but have you guys saw the guy on ebay trying to sell Jimmy Clausen cards for 1000 each?
  5. Yeah I was just goibg for the lowest numbered. Thst /25 was nice too
  6. I made a offer on one of them and he declined abd sold it for 5 more. I would have payed 5 more
  7. I wondered if you had bought that other 1/1 also. Sweet pickups
  8. That would suck since u could if got s sweet cam like a contenders. If you guys see any awesime cams 100 to 150 lmk
  9. I cant decide what to get next. I either want a sweet cam rc auto or 2 boxes of 2011 crown fb. Any input?
  10. Im excited too see it and its not even my card. I could take guesses but ill just wait
  11. Man you must be trying to get something insane. My curiousity is up
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