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  1. Just fyi, Marc Ryan is a laughing stock to every other media personality in the state. The guy is literally never right on anything and spends half of his day arguing with people on twitter who are constantly bumping old tweets of something he said that turned out to be complete b/s
  2. We must have really low balled that offer we supposedly gave
  3. How have y’all not heard of him? Wet highly recruited guy out of NC. Think he had some injury issues in college, but was a starter the last 2 years for Nola. I like the pickup to be honest
  4. If Bryce were 6’2 the Panthers would have already turned in the the card. Without the UGA game I think Stroud is still the pick but then again I don’t know if they trade up to 1 to get him.
  5. Regardless of a few years ago, we owe a ton of gratitude to him and his family. Prayers to them.
  6. So he says his basis for leaving is because we weren’t winning. Yikes, I wonder how it felt to watch the 2015 season unfold while going 5-11 in baltimore.
  7. Some friends and I have been talking about this for years, it’s 2024. We all turn 40 that year and are making the trip for it
  8. Not to mention this fanbase needs to be rejuvenated. Can you imagine starting next year off with the type of game we just played versus the Saints? I mean a win is a win in that scenario for guys like us, but the casual fan wants to watch an exciting offense put up 35 a game, not 10
  9. Can see it coming a mile away… Wilks will get hired and we’ll be promised an exciting offense under a new offensive coordinator. Shortly after, Leftwich will be announced as OC after being canned by TB. Holcomb will then be announced as full time DC. We’ll start the season 2-7, and finish 7-10. Media will say how great Wilks did navigating through some bad breaks early in the season and finishing on a 3 game winning streak (vs bad teams that dropped us from 3 to 11 in draft order). Wilks will take the winning streak into 2024 with a lot of hype and fall flat on his face. Tepper will fire him week 5 and begin yet another brutal, pathetic attempt of a coaching search
  10. I would have liked for him to have to sit there and suffer through it. I’m sure Wilks probably hopes Tepper didn’t watch it at all
  11. Joe Person with a lengthy article just now pushing Wilks for the job, smh
  12. The theme of the last 7 years. Things have got to change.
  13. He has another season as a head coach we can look at also. Point is, he’s never proven to be a great head coach or coordinator. The only thing going for him is that he’s from Charlotte and the players like him. I mean that’s great but after the years we endured under Rhule and the last few years of Rivera, it’s time to change the course around here
  14. Not sure why OP is getting flack… Are there really people out there that think Wilks should be the head coach moving forward?
  15. Probably safe to change that last part to year 1. He’ll be by far the best HC in the division the day he steps foot in Charlotte and I don’t see the other 3 teams in the South making much improvement next year.
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