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  1. Michael Thomas expected to miss the first few weeks of the season after surgery to repair ligaments in his ankle
  2. 2024. Some friends and I have been planning for it since the relocation was announced. Most of us turn 40 that year so we have a great excuse to do it big. Worst comes to worst I have a ton of Hilton points
  3. Who is better? I’m not necessarily saying he’ll be the best, because no telling what could happen with injuries, etc, but he’s the best CB prospect I’ve seen come through there
  4. We just drafted the best Gamecock corner of all time, why would we give up assets and pay a large contract to Gilmore
  5. I had YouTube tv last season. It’s pretty good. The only way you may have issues is if your internet sucks. They also offer Redzone for like 10 dollars more a month, so you’ll probably want to add that on in September
  6. Since when? I live in Charleston and was able to do it a couple of years ago. My neighbor had directv
  7. You can get out of Directv contract for like $200 after the first year. So think of it as, you’re paying $200 to get out of contract, but you’re saving the $300 it would cost to pay for the Sunday ticket that you’re getting for free.
  8. They can still do it, they just can’t be forced into doing it.
  9. - X clown for sure. Remember being at a friends house and we were supposed to be heading out to a party but the game kept going and we sat there in amazement. I had no faith that we could win that game before it started, special moment for sure - few weeks before that versus the Cowboys in the wild card round. First playoff game I attended, was at night, Madden and then hank Williams jr on the big screen before the game as it was an ABC broadcast and thus included all the MNF stuff. As a teenager that was special. - then obviously the NFC championship. A surreal experience to b
  10. I’d be interested in the week 11 game
  11. Let’s see what they are about 2 weeks before kickoff, and see what ticket prices are in November for the late season games. Panthers play there in 2024 right? I will definitely be there, hopefully in the stadium but if not the nearest sports book
  12. Could you imagine this board if we lose
  13. I know the discussion of beating Washington has been beaten to death. However, now that the draft has taken place, who do y’all think we would have taken in that scenario? Guessing it would have been between Sewell Pitts and Horn, with the likeliest choice being Sewell. I’m good with how it turned out btw
  14. Here’s what he said when someone asked about the free safety position .... “I think Chinn is going to play mainly at safety (Panthers don’t differentiate between free safety and strong in Snow’s defense). But they could look to add there.”
  15. So obviously you know that the Gamecocks had absolutely no pass rush. Amongst the nations worst. QBs sat in the pocket all day. As we all know, it’s extremely difficult as a Corner to have to defend a WR while the QB has all day to throw. Since you’re throwing out all these stats, did you bother comparing that pass rush to what Surtain’s DL did for him? Or would that have hurt your argument too much?
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