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  1. 1a. Sewell 1b Fields/Lance 1c Pitts its possible none of those are available, in which case trade back and take either Slater or one of the top CBs, Surtain/Horn
  2. So are they gonna start the regular season on Labor Day weekend or go a week later in January?
  3. Exactly what I was going to say. We also wouldn’t have 20+ million tied to a worthless qb heading into 2021
  4. Had some nagging injuries that were bothering him which took its toll by year end. I don’t think he was able to even go the last game
  5. At least we beat Washington last year. Totally worth it
  6. Hopefully we can lock him into a long term deal this summer and not let it get to free agency where his price would be driven up. He’s a true #1 WR, neither Samuel nor Anderson are, so your 2nd option would still leave us with that need.
  7. Lance won’t be there at 8 but otherwise I agree with you
  8. Knowing our luck we’ll be fighting for the division at the end of the year and get a Sunday game flexed to MNF right before a TNF game
  9. He’s not a free agent
  10. If I’m Carolina I’m thinking long and hard about picking this guy up in the mid rounds to come in and compete for that slot WR spot. Guy played for terrible QBs at South Carolina and still balled out. Would be a good replacement for Samuel
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