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  1. I’d probably throw denial in there somewhere but spot on otherwise
  2. The next question after Rhule said that should have been… “thoughts on Matt Kalil?”
  3. Darnold sucks, Robby sucks, Ian sucks, OL sucks
  4. There DL gets to go pin their ears back now. Absolutely no chance we win
  5. Yeah I appreciate it, because you never know
  6. Yeah I can’t see that happening. The optics would look really bad for us, considering Gilmore apparently was involved in the decision to be traded here to be closer to home. No one is going to want to come here in the future if there’s a sense that they’ll be blindsided once they get to town.
  7. It’s definitely a contract issue. He’s demanding to get paid and has threatened to sit.
  8. Ian Rapaport mentions the 5th rounder in his initial tweet on the original post to this thread. I missed it the first time reading through it as well. It’s accurate.
  9. If Bouye or Jackson get hurt or come off the field for any reason , you’re confident we can match up with Bucs, cardinals, etc WRs as is?
  10. Joe Person thrives off being over dramatic. In a somber voice he asked darnold “do you think mccaffrey will be back this season?” Darnold immediately said yeah but then said he didn’t know anything and that was him being optimistic. He probably wondered why Joe would ask that
  11. I wish I could bump all the threads from the preseason last year calling for Charlton to be cut because he shanked one in practice
  12. Charlton is such a stud. Hopefullys he’s changed the minds of all the baseless hating he got on this board during last years training camp
  13. Repetitive reminder that we drafted Butker then let him go in favor of Gano, and now we have one of the worst kickers in the NFL
  14. Michael Thomas expected to miss the first few weeks of the season after surgery to repair ligaments in his ankle
  15. 2024. Some friends and I have been planning for it since the relocation was announced. Most of us turn 40 that year so we have a great excuse to do it big. Worst comes to worst I have a ton of Hilton points
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