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  1. Some of the donkey fans are saying its going to be like A "home" game and that their fans will out number ours by a large amount.... LMAO!!!!
  2. The patriots had a hold a few plays ago and no call. Broncos just had one and they called it..
  3. Broncos better start putting some points up, you dont want it to be a one score game and let Brady get it.
  4. LMAO at the teammates faces while Manning ran for the 1st down.
  5. Anyone else getting chills every other minute just thinking about the magnitude of this game...
  6. I can remember when I was a freshman back in 2013, Mooresville area (not too far from charlotte) and there was a point where there were more fair weathers fugs wearing Hawk gear then people wearing panther gear proudly. Then we went on our winning streak and finally their 'fans' would stop coming up to me and telling me how my team "sucks". We did get eliminated in the playoffs but it was satisfying to feel winning again at the time. I'm a junior now and I have been telling those same people (a few of them havent worn any hawk gear since the past few weeks) all week to wait until Monday... they aren't gonna here the end of it from me.
  7. WOW What an effort by the Minnesota defense. haha
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