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  2. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

  3. Haha I thought I was crazy for a second. Glad you saw the same thing!

  4. LOL! you are so stupid! I hate Dallas and I hate Nascar! Never been to that redneck event!

  5. Yea,yea, you claim to be a falcon fan now, but let the cowboys win one and out come the silver star shirts. Bet you are an earnhardt "fan" too. HA HA HA!

  6. I am a Falcon fan you moron! LOL! You the one neg rep in smack puss! lol!

  7. never take this serriouslly

  8. You sorryass fkn cowboy fan. Ill be glad when your cowboys win one so you go the *** away and start wearin the hat with a star.....you takin this sh1t tooo seriously

  9. negative rep in the smack forum.......... damn coward!

  10. Falcons life board on the Falcons web site, same handle. They will not ban you. Just can't cuss like you can here

  11. Yeah well its all in fun. What falcons board do you post on? will they ban me if i join?

  12. Thanks my man, I try! lol. The smack section gets me going sometimes though! lol

  13. You know for a Falcan's fan you're an alright guy. Glad you stuck around here.

  14. wow! that hurt...:lol:

  15. Thanks for the reps!

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