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  1. Thanks man, I must spread rep before giving back. I am only 5'8" and 170.

  2. You are most certainly welcome. Dexter is one of my favorite shows.

  3. I have some important information for you. You asked about the chick Bill was banging in the last episode of "True Blood." If you thought that scene was hot, you should watch Dexter season 4. With her role in Dexter, she does several RAUNCHY sex scenes! She did lots of nudity and there is one scene in particular where she is graphically eaten out.

  4. Meanie... But thanks for not banning me (yet)

  5. Thanks much. The model in the avatar has a small gallery posing in Panthers gear. She posed when the Panthers were playing in the Superbowl. I can send you the link if you want.

  6. Tomorrow is only a day away.... 420 FTW!!!

  7. Beautiful little girl bro!

  8. Kobayashi Maru..... Nice trek reference.

  9. I have casted my vote for you. Good luck!

  10. Dude, I have had out of body experiences from the gas mask. I was looking at myself from my ceiling while sitting on my couch.

  11. Welcome back! Havent seen you on in a while bro

  12. 13 is my favorite number

  13. YOU are an alter ego....

  14. Howdy mate!

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