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  1. Falcons life board on the Falcons web site, same handle. They will not ban you. Just can't cuss like you can here

  2. Yeah well its all in fun. What falcons board do you post on? will they ban me if i join?

  3. Thanks my man, I try! lol. The smack section gets me going sometimes though! lol

  4. You know for a Falcan's fan you're an alright guy. Glad you stuck around here.

  5. I paid around 30 for them.

  6. Yeah no worries. Yeah I really hope we jump on them early. But they got some damn good pitchers. Should be a good game.

  7. Thanks for the rep. Here's to beating the Bruins!

  8. what did you pay for that gamecocks card set?

  9. so red dead is the shiznit? online play?

  10. I doubt i will be playing BC2 for a while with Red Dead out today. I will still add you. I am certainly not done with BC2

  11. do you play BC2 on 360? if so add me. GT is Pepp90.

  12. thanks pal. and btw the pic of hayden on your profile is hawt!

  13. :D no biggie, that's why I didn't say anything publicly...
  14. doh! i didnt see it.

  15. on the bright side though hes like i dunno 2 hours or so give or take 30 minutes from his brother robert in cincy

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