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  1. I'm excited to see what Ealy does in 2016. He put on a absolute clinic in the superbowl. If he works on his discipline He might make our d line the best its been.....possibly ever.
  2. Hey yo, I tried sending you a pm. But it says you can't receive pm's ??????


  3. I think the 1st 1 is from a probowl jersey not Giants (could be Giants tho, they screwed up alot of patch cards when the other Steve Smith was OK) . The 1 i would worry about is the Logo 1. The pieces in it look like patch. And the logo on real panther jerseys are screen print. Could be from the pants tho. Hope this helps.
  4. Im selling most of my Panthers PC (gotta make a mortgage payment) anyone interested hit me up! Some are gone. here is the link. http://s165.photobucket.com/user/beerfest82/library/panthers%20pc?page=1
  5. btw everyone. Im a team collector. But im mainy focused on Steve Smith.....so with that said. If you have any Smitty cards,base,auto,or jerseys PM me and see if we can work somthing out. And if i can help anyone with your PC lmk. THANKS ALL!
  6. um....I think i have 26 panther 1/1s 17 of them are of Smitty. wish i had more funds, cuz the market recently got flooded with Smitty 1/1s
  7. thanks. If you dont get 1. pm me, Im willing trade it, or sell it to you for what i paid.
  8. heres a new Stewy. really glad to see he improved his auto, instead of it getting worse. #5/10
  9. haven't had any new items for a min. but, here some of my favs from my collection. #1/1 (got it for like $12 a few years ago) here is a link to my bucket if anyone is interested in seeing more http://s165.beta.pho... pc/steve smith And i will be back to buying more panthers stuff in the future so stay tuned.
  10. Dude you should see someof the sick patches he had from 2011 NT. look up kalil patch completed auctions. I wish i had the coin to buy em....but instead i had to settle for a 2 color patch here are some of em i wish i owned. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ryan-Kalil-2011-National-Treasures-Pro-Bowl-1-1-Logo-Patch-/270966968984?pt=US_Football&hash=item3f16e3d298 http://www.ebay.com/itm/2011-NATIONAL-TREASURES-RYAN-KALIL-REEBOK-PATCH-D-1-1-PANTHERS-/150791704493?pt=US_Football&hash=item231be2cfad http://www.ebay.com/itm/2011-National-Treasures-RYAN-KALIL-Colossal-NFC-Pro-Bowl-N-Logo-
  11. Been a while. but finally got some pc mail in. Finally the O-Line are getting some hobby love! 25/49 And a low print Smitty #7/10
  12. Sweet CJ auto! wish he had a auto in a panther uni tho. And awesome Cam auto Dude,It is one of the better looking sage cards. Nice haul overall!
  13. some new stuff in today. Still itching to get my 1st auto....hell still waiting to get my 1st multi color patch of this fella. In the mean time single color jerseys will have to do:drunk: #105/250 And last. took me forever to find this auto still in the uncirculated case. Dont know why people would open these anyway, since the whole gimmick is "uncirculated" oh well, here it is:dance:
  14. Holy ****!!! you got that out of a blaster! You need to sell that now. Press pass do not hold they're value very long once other officially licenced stuff hits the market. that card could pull in on a good day $600-$700 bucks bad day $300-$400
  15. Actually i got the Jimmy from one of those team grab bag things on Ebay. And i saw another Greene and had to have it lol.
  16. heres the past month of pickups for me. w/scans, and a scan of the Beason.....which looks a poo load better! #5/15
  17. finally got a beason game used sorry for the poor pic quality #2/15
  18. WOW! that is some awesome $hit! if you dont mind me asking. how did you get those Skinner skates....those are sweet!
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