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  1. I lived in Houston last year and made it up to Austin a bunch. I interviewed for two positions there. Who cares, doesn't matter. The point is that some random kid who writes a blog about his college sports team doesn't isn't a source worth mentioning. Its beyond irrelevant.
  2. Barner had six rushing attempts for a grand total of seven yards. Edmund Kugbila was a bust purely because of injuries. It happens.
  3. You don't know that. You don't have access to other teams boards. Even if he does go undrafted (unlikely), who's to say that he signs with the Panthers? Does a team with three first rounders and a ton of depth sound like a good landing spot for a UDDA trying to make a roster? I'd go somewhere else if I were him. Our scouts obviously liked him a lot. He was his conference defensive player of the year. Gettleman has missed on a single draft pick (Barner) since he's been here. The other two non-hits are injury asterisks. I trust his evaluation skills.
  4. The thing to remember here is that Gettleman has earned the benefit of the doubt. Last year everyone bitched about Bene. Why did we draft Kelvin when Lee was rated higher. Boston had poor instincts and was going to be a bust. Look how it turned out. I don't care what Kiper says, I don't care what the huddle says. I trust Dave's talent evaluation abilities. I'll grade the draft after a year or two.
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