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  1. what I dont get is why people seem to think the Falcons and Saints cant be legit good teams. Saints Defense played Lights out. It would be hard for many other teams to have thrown against that defense. The secondary was blanketing the receivers for the whole game.
  2. Courtesy of a @Lame Duck comment I present a new meme
  3. its just stupid, the argument is the cost. a turf field is what a couple of million installed but grass is higher maitenance? how much does it cost a team when your star players are being injured. How much do you think its costing the Jets right now? Possibly a Super Bowl.
  4. I like Dalton, actually wanted him a few years ago. He can Ball.
  5. So tepper. Your franchise LB and QB are both out with ankle injuries. We gonna change that turf or just keep progressing through the list of players until everyones hurt?
  6. which way is that helmet facing SCP
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