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  1. also someone one give me one reason, besides money, that a top WR free agent would want to come to Carolina to play for a bridge/rookie qb and have a very slim chance of getting to the post season for a couple of years.
  2. Don't sleep on Gastonia. The gas house is using premium now.
  3. Dalton basically has an identical frame as Stroud height/weight, etc
  4. Sometimes the answer is already on the roster...
  5. wanted Carolina to sign him a year ago
  6. Why do I feel like Reich is gonna bring in Parris Campbell from Indy. It makes less sense not to happen.
  7. I'm not sure why the coaching staff wants to dump Matt Corral. He could be the bridge qb. the new staff hasnt even seen him yet.
  8. from Mcowns breakdown. looks like a kid
  9. if we swap picks with Houston I could see us asking them to swap 2nd's as well and pick up their 3rd. using that to move up into the 1st and snag Darnell Washington
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