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  1. lol remember that year gettlemen tripled down on corners. That worked out great. Unless you are drafting in the top 15, Draft BPA, use free agency for needs.
  2. Tepper doesnt read billboards. he reads analytic data sheets.
  3. I'mma chalk it up to gathering motivation material. This team will need alot of motivation because they will have to way overachieve in order to be an average team next season. As long as the social media thing doesnt become a trend, I'm ok with it, but we have a social media department for stuff like this. He obviously cant sleep because of how bad the team he inherited is and giving him nightmares.
  4. This is stupid. Can we not focus on how long they will be here and focus on what they will accomplish while they are here. I think some of you want to complain just to complain.
  5. Billion dollar organization, Dollar Tree microphone.
  6. I'm dont think we here anything until the NFL year starts in March
  7. Can we all just sit back and enjoy the complete and utter dismantling of the Bucs Staff to rebuild Carolinas. This is win/win. Sinking their pirate ship from within. Watching the bucs fans cry in disbelief makes me giggle like a little girl.
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