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  1. Robby, hes been a menace to society while drinking too much juice in the hood.
  2. part of the problem is the Panthers Oline is so bad they have to use more players to block, RB, TE etc this allows for an easier time for the secondary to cover and no real check down option.
  3. Moore has had the dropsies as well. I think they need to spreading the ball around to some of the other guys. Shi Smith is fast. dont get me started on that end around to the TE. Huge face palm.
  4. problem is the staff got their expectations on the team way too high. that pressure falls on Sam Darnolds shoulders, which is a bit unfair. He needs time to find his rhythm with this team just like anyone else. Hes not getting a whole lot of help. Oline, WR, OC have been as bout as terrible as it gets. His only glimmer of hope, watches from IR.
  5. Shaq being out hurts the defense. The defense has great players individually but they are not communicating well without Shaq.
  6. Shaq is the qb of the defense, and he was out.
  7. having time to throw and no one to throw to doesnt really help. The wr ran lazy routes, didnt get open. The Viking corners ran better routes than the wr did.
  8. Sam had to take more chances because obviously hitting the receivers in the hands with the ball wasnt working. Man did everything but run out there and catch the ball himself. No QB in this league would have survived with as much as the receivers failed in this game. The blame goes on Brady for a dumb game plan. Run the dam ball. The team is built for it.
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