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  1. When's the last time Carolina allowed any player 4 tds that wasn't a QB.
  2. Wilks has definitely established an identity for this team and I like it. Were going to pound the rock and when you try to stop it by loading the box, were gonna beat you down field.
  3. he was following the script. Force the ball to DJ to showcase him so he can be traded.
  4. Is Wilkes trying to establish an identity of of a pound the ball down your throat team cuz that's what it looks like
  5. Looks like we're showcasing cmc for his new team
  6. he should just make posts on here, I am sure the huddle collective can help him out /end sarcasm
  7. Well we might actually game plan this week and that is a phrase that I don't think I've ever heard Matt rule say of all his press conferences I don't think he's ever mentioned game planning at all
  8. I say direct snap to Christian McCaffrey for the whole game let's get some use out of him before we trade them
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