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  1. No thanks on Stafford. It’s Watson or rookie QB for me. Only way I am cool with Bridgewater even staying on the team is if there’s a rookie behind him waiting to start.
  2. Some companies leave job postings up for months or years and never hire anyone for this very reason.
  3. For me it was the Minnesota game. Teddy had a bad game against Tampa both times, but they are one of the best teams in the NFL this season. Teddy straight gave away the game against Minnesota and inexplicably played like trash. You would have thought he would have upped his game against his former team, but it was quite the opposite. Then he threw the coaching staff under the bus after the game. That game ended the season and Teddy's possibility of being a long term option.
  4. I agree with most of what you're saying. The trick is really finding guys that mesh well with the personality of the coaches and other players, along with like you said, the players having enough of their own inner drive to be successful. That "fire in your gut". One of the reasons I think Andy Reid is a fantastic coach is, he always seems to get the best out his players. Guys like Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt are massive talents with questionable character that could have destroyed a different team. Marvin Lewis used to be the guy that "rehabilitated" troubled players. It'll be interesti
  5. What sucks for Teddy is, he really did some good things especially earlier in the season. He hadn't played a full schedule since before his injury. Part of his issues were probably conditioning, which would explain why he got worse as the season went along and why he was at his worst at the end of games. I'm probably one of the biggest Bridgewater haters on this board. I'm on record many times saying I would have rather kept Kyle Allen for a minuscule salary over Bridgewater. But I have to say I would assume Teddy would be better next season with better endurance and conditioning. I'
  6. There are NFL caliber players in every round. The variables for success are so wide ranging that sometimes a guy might have a wonderful career in one situation and be a bust somewhere else. Say Dwayne Haskins was drafted by the Steelers originally and got to spend a couple seasons on the bench on a well coached team. I have a feeling he doesn’t get cut in under 2 seasons.
  7. Teddy will start with a rookie on the bench
  8. He gets sacked a lot and hasn't achieved much without Calvin Johnson
  9. What if the new stadium is only for the soccer team
  10. Baseball is where creepy dreams are born my dude
  11. In the business and especially the software world, a “start up mentality” means long hours, being forced to party with your co-workers, low pay, drinking required, being decent at ping pong, and being a smug douche bag.
  12. Enjoy seeing the different eras on the Huddle. A lot has changed since I joined in 2006. I used to be called ganja back then. Sweet username I retired after everyone assumed I was a pothead college kid (I was). Been waiting for dark mode for years and I love it.
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