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  1. Absolutely what happened. Non contact like that, has to be Achilles. Man that might f*ck his career up. Those injuries are no joke. Can’t catch a break with this team.
  2. Hubbard just doesn’t have the power or speed to be an NFL running back yet. Maybe he can beef up and have more power or condition to get more burst. But he isn’t there yet.
  3. Abolish Thursday night games everyone is dying
  4. DJ is now the offense. Where the F is Robby aside from dropping easy throws
  5. I think we should coordinate a call and email campaign to berate the NFL to fire this crew. Every single one of these f*chs should be fired for this obviously rigged game.
  6. This game is a disaster. I don’t like being negative bro. But the sky really is falling in this game. First CMC, then Burris, now Horn. Who is next?
  7. Not only was this game rigged for Houston for some asinine reason, now everyone is getting hurt. F*ck this game. One game single handedly ending our season.
  8. This game is rigged. Nightmare of a game
  9. Wow these refs should have their throats slit
  10. To be fair he’s had Robby and Dan Arnold open deep and Darnold hasn’t even looked at them
  11. This game is about to get ugly unless the defense can score. I am not sure the offense will put up another TD without CMC.
  12. Bro don’t say that. That’s probably what will happen.
  13. The team’s best player got hurt, Darnold fumbled twice and the O-Line looks like garbage. Then the “#1 defense” just made a third string rookie look like an all pro in one drive. The sky kind of is falling. Team needs to get their poo together fast or this will get ugly.
  14. This fanbase is as shell shocked as Sam Darnold. Sick of pathetic football and losing.
  15. Those penalties were bullshit. That ref was blatantly favoring the Texans.
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