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  1. Even if we end up losing this trade it was still the right time to make a gamble like this for the price. It’s not every year the #1 pick is even available especially in one with decent QB prospects.
  2. PK Subban is a certified loser throughout his entire career
  3. They literally need to hire a power play expert coach. The canes power play is like embarrassingly bad
  4. The hurricanes absolutely do not suck. They suck in the eastern conference finals for some reason though if this team had a top 8 power play they’d be in the mix for the cup every year
  5. Every game was a 1 goal loss. Florida’s season is going to end exactly like it did in 1996. Vegas is a much stronger team. Bobrovsky finally showed the goalie I always thought he was and gave up 3 goals tonight. Have fun with that Florida, you aren’t winning the Stanley cup.
  6. The NHL wanted this series over and it was made very clear in the final minute of the game.
  7. The refs just gave them this game
  8. Power play opportunity let’s not embarrass ourselves
  9. The hurricanes need to hire a coach that only coaches power play techniques
  10. Also nothing pissed me off more than hearing the real panthers growl sound at this arena
  11. We lose a player and they get a power play
  12. Corral will get a shot whether it’s on the Panthers or somewhere else. He will be better off that he didn’t get thrown into the fire under Matt Rhule
  13. 2020: monkey meat 2021: gruel 2022: (until Rhule was fired) rotten vegetables 2022: (Wilks era) black strap molasses 2023: old cheese
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