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  1. he fit better with a young head coach
  2. They’re very different. How is this even a comparison other than they went to OSU? Fields has the rushing element and is less polished as a passer. Stroud is mostly a pocket QB and has superior passing stats. It’s like comparing Cam Newton to Matt Ryan.
  3. I'm not sure how many people they allow to these intro press conferences, but Rhule's seemed pretty large. But I have a strong feeling the amount of players, both past and present, would have been way higher if Wilks was the hire. The past players in attendance made sense given their history playing with Reich but there were no other former players there from the more recent era, probably as protest they didn't hire Wilks. I was honestly surprised as many current players showed up as they did.
  4. I get what you're saying, but your argument that it's a crapshoot finding a good coach is only half true. Yes, it takes a lot of variables to be successful beyond just hiring the right head coach to have a winning team. It takes a good staff and players, a whole mix of other intangibles, and honestly luck to have sustained success. But at the same time, Matt Rhule was obviously going to be a failure. It wasn't really the "variables" that caused him to be a failure. The red flags were all there before Tepper hired him. He had almost zero NFL experience, he had almost zero NFL connections, he wasn't really that successful in college (never beat a ranked team), the list goes on and on. And once he had two losing seasons, he started to show his true colors and should have been fired. Rhule's insane lack of accountability, excuses, and player-blaming started to come out and it got ugly. I was shocked he was retained for the 2022 season. The fans knew he wasn't going to work out at the end of the 2021 season. It was just a mess. Reich is the polar opposite of Rhule in just about every way. Like you said, it will be a crapshoot. But the chance for success if far higher than it ever was with Rhule.
  5. Matt Rhule's NFL experience was being an assistant position coach for the Giants for 1 season. Frank Reich's NFL experience was being a player for 14 seasons and has been a coaching for 18 years. Tepper realized he f*cked up hiring someone with such little NFL experience and went the complete opposite direction. I think Tepper finally understands that winning in the NFL is hard and you need guys who have been-there-done-that to get it done.
  6. Nixon was Rhule's homie. Albeit one of the few on his staff who had NFL experience before working with Rhule at Baylor.
  7. Reich is about as white bread as it gets. At least he's a good man! Matt Rhule was a sleaze ball who needed to take about 1000 showers
  8. I’d be thrilled if Brian Johnson came in as OC but I have this gut feeling he is the next OC of the Cowboys…. he was Dak’s college QB coach.
  9. The Charlotte Golden Corral might go out of business now
  10. I'm not sure who Moore would bring with him staff wise and I think that scared Tepper considering what happened with Matt Rhule's staff. Reich is about as polar opposite as you can get from Matt Rhule. While Rhule's staff was maybe the least professionally experienced coaching staff in the history of the NFL. Reich's staff will be full of coaches with tons of NFL experience. Because Reich has been around the NFL for a long time, there's a lot of coaches he is familiar with. Kellen Moore's staff, who knows. Maybe Fangio's interest cooled off earlier than we realized and that nudged the decision towards Reich. I have a feeling if Fangio was on board, they might have rolled the dice with Moore. Fangio might not have wanted to work with Reich since he's an older more experienced coach as well. Fangio would have had influence over someone like Kellen Moore but maybe not Reich who is set in his ways. Who knows. But I think it came down to the staff.
  11. There is a difference between "rigged", meaning the entire game is predetermined, and "nudged", meaning the NFL attempts to influence the outcome. The NFL is not "rigged" so to say. The NFL is, however, 100% influencing games for their own reasons, whatever they may be. Tim Donaghy proved that a professional sports league (the NBA) would willingly influence games. He claimed the NBA put out memos to referee certain players differently than others. The fans don't pay money to come see a game and see a star player on the bench. Players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, are officiated differently than regular lower level players. The NFL works the same way. Advantages are given to star players and marketable teams. Preferred storylines to create media coverage will be nudged. The NFL doesn't write the script. But they are making edits.
  12. CMC was probably miserable on the Panthers. It's no surprise he stayed healthy playing for the 49ers who had a legit shot at a Superbowl this season. Depending on what the 49ers do at QB they might be the favorite for a title next season. It is still a good trade for both sides.
  13. Not retaining Tabor would be a huge mistake. Campen should stay as well. I think they'll get it done.
  14. The referees 100% nudge games in the direction they want. It’s a proven fact.
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