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  1. The Darnold trade gives the Panthers flexibility to trade down and not feel desperate to grab a QB. We haven't seen the Panthers trade down in the 1st since 2007. I think it's time to start accumulating picks to fill out a depleted roster.
  2. If Lance is there I'd have to think they'd strongly consider drafting him and letting him sit for a couple seasons, but I don't think they're as desperate as they were before the Darnold trade. If they trade down to accumulate more picks, I'm definitely in favor of that. So many holes on the roster even after free agency and with the 2nd and 4th gone next year it'd be good to get more picks this year or next.
  3. Makes no sense to release him. Trade him or keep him as a backup
  4. My mind is prepared for Darnold to be hot rancid trash but my body is ready to be wrong
  5. Texas law is literally written to allow massages with no draping if it’s mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  6. Teddy is worth less because of his contract IMO. Otherwise about the same caliber of QB
  7. I guess this is a good signing, needed someone with experience in that secondary
  8. Team knows they need depth behind McCaffrey. I wouldn't be surprised to see Bernard sign here. He went to UNC so there's a Carolina connection too.
  9. I'm in favor of doing that in addition to signing a vet RB. Not only insurance for CMC but allows CMC to be more versatile lining up in different places.
  10. After Mike Davis signed with the Falcons, there's a big gaping hole at the backup RB position. Bernard put up almost 800 total yards last year for the Bengals, in relief of an injured Joe Mixon. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31209079/cincinnati-bengals-release-rb-giovani-bernard-eight-seasons
  11. Hardest part of Darnold's development will be erasing all the garbage Gase tried to teach him. More than just having bad fundamentals, Gase's offense routinely called for plays that were not designed to beat the defense they were facing. At the very least I hope Joe Brady's offense can put Darnold in more winning situations.
  12. You’re right, to an extent. Part of Darnold’s problems are his poor fundamentals. Not setting his feet, throwing at odd angles, etc. But another part of his problem was how bad Adam Gase’s offensive playcalling was. I watched some analysis of Sam Darnold from last season and it was obvious how wrong some play calls were for the defense they were facing. So if Ryan can fix some of Darnold’s fundamental shortcomings, hopefully Brady’s scheme will put Darnold in more winning situations too.
  13. No idea what the market is for him. Chicago and Houston need a QB. Maybe a Super Bowl contending team that wants a reliable veteran backup. Pittsburgh comes to mind. Maybe New Orleans wants him back. But I wouldn’t trade him there...
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