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  1. Just the bad bounces of a road game. This has been a weird playoffs
  2. he's been kind of a disappointment in his nba career. he had so much potential at texas
  3. He’s dumb and boring to listen to
  4. adderall xr is basically a controlled dose of speed. sign me up for a QB with a prescription, they'll enjoy studying their playbook and make the right reads on Sundays
  5. Josh Freeman had a pro bowl level season in 2010 on adderall just saying
  6. Psh I hope he does more of it if it helps us win games. Lawrence Taylor had a HOF career on the white stuff
  7. Bozeman’s just on a 1 year contact and if he has a good season he probably walks like Reddick
  8. Everything I’ve heard about him lends him to be a center in the future is that right
  9. That’s the kind of stuff Cam could bring out in a team that a QB like Sam Darnold or Teddy Bridgewater cannot do.
  10. They look like one of the worst teams in the NHL on the road so far these playoffs. The positive is so do the Bruins
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