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  1. And it would have worked if they'd drafted CJ Stroud. Or hell, even Anthony Richardson would have been better than Bryce. Panthers picked the most undersized QB in NFL history first overall. Can't make this stuff up!
  2. This means absolutely nothing and we should all know that. It's OTAs. He's a rookie. The Bears have a brand new offensive coordinator and a bunch of new players on the offense. Williams has barely had any time to work with his teammates yet. Fun fact, former Panthers coach Eric Washington is their DC. He helped develop some very good defensive lineman for the Panthers. The Bears defense is also returning a good number of their starters including Montez Sweat who had a career season last year. The Bears will probably be a fun team to watch next year.
  3. He was invisible in 2023, he made some plays in 2021 and 2022 but not many
  4. I wouldn’t care if he looked like sloth from the goonies if he throws the football well and wins games
  5. It’s really tough to predict these things before you see the team in preseason. There’s always teams who end up being randomly good and bad. But based on all the upheaval on defense and the suspect notion of Bryce morphing into an NFL caliber QB, it’s quite possible this team does not win a game. However if they go full ball control offense, run 60%+ of the time, and the defense gels, I could see 5-6 wins being possible as a ceiling. If Bryce turns into a totally different QB than he has been his entire life, 12 wins.
  6. It’s not only that, Bryce had to scramble because he is too short to step up in the pocket when he is pressured. I almost never see it happen when I watched his games, college or pros. When he faces pressure he will roll out so he can see the whole field, or well, half of it. He didn’t face consistent pressure in college with a few notable exceptions and he did not individually fare well in those games. It’s definitely not a recipe for success in the NFL. I won’t go so far to say Bryce won’t stick around in the NFL for awhile, even Jimmy Clausen bounced around as a backup for a number of years. But I do not see him lasting as a starting QB after another season or maybe two. Meanwhile, CJ Stroud is heading towards MVP caliber seasons and I’m certain he will play in a Super Bowl at some point in his career. The Panthers really can’t do anything right since Tepper bought the franchise.
  7. Rod definitely deserves one more year. This was the first time the team went out and got mercenaries for the playoff run at the trade deadline. Guentzel paid off big time. The 2023 team probably would have beaten Florida if they’d done ANYTHING at the deadline last year. This year was unfortunate because they ran into a very good Rangers team and they held their ground, but the lack of success on the power play ultimately sunk them. There were moments they looked like the obviously better team and moments they looked like they didn’t belong on the same ice as the Rangers. That inconsistency is what Rod needs to fix for his next playoff run. They need to retool the roster and assess the roster for a playoff run at the trade deadline like normal contending teams do. Those extra mercenaries are what put teams over the top in the playoffs.
  8. Do I want Bryce Young to be a good QB? Yes, the Panthers homer in me is rooting for him to turn it around against all odds and prove all the haters wrong. Do I think Bryce Young will be a good QB? No. And the odds are he won’t be. I didn’t think he’d translate to the NFL from the moment I watched him against the Texas defense in 2022, a game Alabama only won because Quinn Ewers got knocked out of the game. When he faced pressure he looked like sh*t and that’s the exact same QB we saw in the NFL. He’s too short to step up in the pocket so you have to design a gimmick offense to allow him to improvise plays. He didn’t scream “first overall pick” to me at least. Meanwhile CJ Stroud played out of his mind in the biggest game of his life against the best defense in college football and the Panthers said nah we’re going to draft the 5’9 guy who couldn’t carve up an average Texas defense.
  9. Good seeing a game in Vegas, at least you can get some hookers and blow back at your room after watching Bryce throw 3 INTs and a pick 6 to make yourself feel better!
  10. For those asking who a new head coach would be, if they aren’t going with a guy who already has a Stanley cup ring, what’s the point? So it’s Craig Berube or Joel Quennville. I think you stick with Rod with a retooled roster next season. If it’s the same result it’s time for a fresh look.
  11. It’s not unpopular but I think you give Rod one more season because this was the first time they’ve actually made a push at the trade deadline. They’ll retool and be back next year but man, this hurts. They were in control of this game and fell apart. The rangers wanted it more and they couldn’t get anything else out of the roster.
  12. They can’t even possess the puck a man up. They are done. Get them off the ice. Even if they miraculously tie it, they’ll lose in OT in 1 minute
  13. Get these losers off the ice. 100% piss poor effort by the canes in the 3rd period embarrassing
  14. Game over. After they scored the 3rd goal they gave up. Pathetic trash I’m turning it off
  15. I saw Kyle Allen make the same “big time” throws we are seeing on these Bryce highlights. CJ’s arm talent is multiple levels up from Bryce. I still have no idea how anyone watched the tape of these two QB’s and thought Bryce would be the better NFL QB.
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