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  1. He knows that. I'd be surprised if he plays for the Panthers this season unless something changes with his contract. With DJ up for an extension soon and drafting Marshall, Robby is clearly not in the future plans and he might want to go somewhere that he is.
  2. There's a legit chance Robby gets traded if he doesn't get a new contract I'm just gonna go ahead and say that.
  3. These expansion draft rules are too favorable to the new team. Basically you can protect your top two lines minus one forward, and your top 2 defensive pairings minus one defenseman. The other half of your roster is open for the draft. No wonder Vegas was so good so quickly.
  4. I mean are they running stories on the guys from Ron and Hurney’s era that are getting cut? First Ian Thomas now Donte Jackson?
  5. Might get a chance in someone’s training camp but if you’re getting cut in OTA’s you probably don’t even know the playbook well enough to be a camp/practice squad guy/
  6. Just watching the Bruins play, bouncing back on the road against a very good Islanders team after going down 1-0 early. They have guys like Pastrnak and Marchand who are just lethal snipers. Big time goal scorers. The Hurricanes need a couple more elite scorers. With Ned up and coming and a pretty good defensive backline they could be competing next season with just one more elite scorer
  7. They should just be thankful this wasn’t a sweep and it was damn close to being one
  8. I mean they lost this series last game when they gave up a 4-2 lead, I knew they were done and wouldn’t score another goal after that. Like I said good season, but got wrecked by Tampa.
  9. Damn that close to being down 0-2. These boys need to nut up for the final period
  10. Yea they should be able to go after a few big time scorers. I look at the Lightning and Bruins top lines and the Hurricanes need to add more elite scoring talent. If they can bolster the top line, and Ned continues to grow, they’ll have a very competitive team next season. Sucks the season had to end this way, not even winning a game at home against the Lightning. But I’m hopeful about next season.
  11. Eh it was a good season. Ran into a Tampa juggernaut that skirted some cap rules. Hope they can retool and add some more offensive firepower this offseason to compete with the top teams in the East. The Canes still lag behind the top teams but they’re getting there.
  12. He's not building a dome but will he built a retractable roof stadium? Survey says definitely.
  13. Colbert was actually legit in 2004, he sucked after that. I always wondered if he got injured and it was never disclosed or something. And let’s not forget how lethal Panthers legend Nick Goings was in 2004. How many 100 yard games did he have in a row? I grabbed that dude on my FF team and he was fire for me. All great help for Delhomme that season.
  14. Let’s be real. Jake wasn’t a good QB. Jake was an average QB who had a great supporting cast around him. But what Jake had in spades was moxie and the ability to make clutch throws. If the game was on the line, Jake was gonna make it happen for you. That’s where he was great. He benefited greatly from having prime Steve Smith, veteran Mushin Muhammad, and maybe the most clutch WR ever in Ricky Proehl. As his WR corp declined, so did he. He had a roided up O-Line the year they went to the Super Bowl. And probably a better O-Line in general every season he played than Cam Newton ever
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