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  1. I disagree with Lombardi that Tepper needs someone with "skins on the wall" so he can big-dick Tepper. It doesn't matter who Tepper hires if he's still involved in the decision making. He could hire Belichick to coach the Panthers, but if Tepper is self-scouting the draft picks and making his recommendations to the coach, it's not going to change anything. It's going to create problems with autonomy and trust from the very beginning. Where I do agree with Lombardi is the fact that Frank Reich was a bad hire and he was probably going to fail either way. Reich was a broken coach who changed literally nothing that caused his failure with the Colts. Pile on the fact that Tepper was heavily involved in trading up and picking the QB they drafted, and it was a recipe for disaster. I'm confident the defense consistently out performs the offense because Tepper has little to no involvement in it. He never mentions defense or his involvement in it. His pet project is the offense and finding a franchise QB. Bottom line, Tepper needs to get out of the on-field operations and focus on the team off the field. He needs to find a top tier president of football operations and let them run the show. The practice facility fiasco emphasizes the fact Tepper has lost focus on the areas of the team he should be focused on.
  2. Going to let yall in on something….Fitterer is not really the GM.
  3. 100% agree. Performed his best in the biggest game of his career. What, you want a guy who doesn’t do that?
  4. Predictive probability analysis lol dude ran some madden simulations
  5. One thing to remember is that Evero was on Harbaugh’s staff in San Francisco his entire tenure there. Harbaugh may come in to just develop Bryce and the offense and keep the defensive staff intact. Some continuity on one side of the ball would be a good thing.
  6. Sounds like the panthers got lucky to get him. Maybe we can keep the defensive staff intact. Evero has been a miracle worker with all the injuries and crap he’s had to work with
  7. It just shows how degraded the culture of the team has become. Tepper wants to win but the only tool he has to motivate players is money. Money will only motivate a person enough to put in enough effort to not get fired and that’s what we see on the field every Sunday. Tepper’s biggest oversight is not hiring a coach the players respond to and respect. We just all know damn well if Wilks was the coach this season the team wouldn’t be 1-10.
  8. https://www.texastribune.org/2023/11/09/san-antonio-austin-growth-development/ just piling on the fact that ATX/SATX is an exploding market and will 100% have an NFL franchise sooner than later. Will it be the Panthers? Probably not. But will the NFL have a team there? 100%.
  9. Some of Frank’s decisions make me think he was trying to lose
  10. If Ben Johnson didn’t want to work here last year, why would he want to work here this year with less resources and a worse roster?
  11. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen. You guys think Frank was bad? Wait until Belichick gets here and flushes this turd down the shitter for good
  12. Bucs win in a blowout. When they fired Rhule last season it was still early and the players had a shot to make a run. This season they’re already at 10 losses and there is nothing to play for. Coaches are coaching for their jobs but I bet many of them are already making calls and texts to line up a new job next year
  13. Not even close. Seifert rode the coattails of Bill Walsh and had been out of football for 3 years before coaching the Panthers.
  14. Remember when Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl?
  15. Seifert had an eye for talent, gotta give him that. 2001 draft was fire and key to the 2003 Super Bowl run
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