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  1. No clue and I have no idea why he isn’t used on the goal line. I’ve seen CMC stuffed way too many times on the goal line.
  2. Another weak ass first 3 games just like last year inflating the stats
  3. IMO it’s the coach. Good coaches can identify good QBs that can work in their system. Andy Reid is the prime example.
  4. Yea I have a feeling it could turn this game back towards the cardinals. It would be on brand with the 2013 season too since they lost to the Cardinals in week 4 after starting 1-2
  5. When was the last time they beat the Panthers? 2013??
  6. I am glad to be wrong. I forgot what it felt like to win a game
  7. They just need 14 to win. Panthers aren’t scoring again. Offense is ANEMIC
  8. I’m not stopping anyone from making up their own minds what kind of gaslighting garbage is this lol
  9. I’m doing great haha. Not all ads are targeted, as we saw on the Huddle when everyone got some weird ad about a phone game with two dudes jerking each other off. The proximity to the Panthers game day post was just funny
  10. damn a little dramatic twitter promoted ads, it’s a shitty team to root for but hopefully no one takes it THAT seriously
  11. Season is going to be a waste either way. It was obvious Rhule was a failed hire last season. He should have been fired after finishing the year with 7 straight losses. The fact is, the team is a mess. The coaching is terrible. A couple more losses and the team will give up just like last season and blowout losses will be an every week occurrence. If the report is true, there’s any chance that Rhule will coach next season there’s no reason to support the team anymore. Rhule and his staff have been a colossal failure.
  12. It’s time for the fans to stop being patient with Tepper. Stop paying PSL bills. Don’t go to his fancy bullshit field boxes. Don’t pay to see the players get out of their cars. Don’t give him a cent.
  13. Saints 20 Panthers 17 Saints kick a FG late to win it. Panthers have a enough time to have a chance to tie it up, fail.
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