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  1. He was the king of ass though. And he liked wrasslin

  2. he was a disturbed man. He had gay tendencies and loved bestiality. I wont miss him

  3. I'm going to miss sultan. He was a good dude.

  4. avatars and stuff wouldnt work...kurb will transfer my post count and rep later

  5. its me sultan33g...dont ask

  6. i was just messing around buddy...ill keep u informed on the wrestlemania thing..

  7. I'm definitely no badass nor claimed to be one but I can hold my own if I have to. I don't take any of these mb arguments seriously like some of these twits here do. I usually get a chuckle out of how angry people get over this stuff. Hope that answers your question

  8. once tickets go on sale ill let you know. Your not one of those messageboard guys that act like a bad ass on the internet but are a big pussy in real life?

  9. Hell yeah! I'm game! Lol! I was talking to a friend of mine about it yesturday

  10. i was thinking about it actually...wanna come? :D

  11. You going to wrestlemania next year since its going to be in Atlanta?

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