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  1. We must still be waiting on Watson. That's the only explanation for leaving Fields there.
  2. I hope so cause without a QB were gonna be playing 20-17 games. I say we should have took Fields there.
  3. I think Fields gets to us. We gotta take him.
  4. See if y'all can spot me from the last "Live Draft". Shout Out to the camera man who told me where to stand. I was definitely representing the Panthers with my $40 draft hat I just bought. VID_20190427_205738_854x480.mp4
  5. I'll take him. If they put cuffs on him for something he did get rid of him and void the deal. Otherwise bring him on. This lawyer is whacky at best. If he was legit I may have some concerns but he's not wrapped too tight imo.
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