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  1. I say go get Willis. Hell give us "something to be excited for".
  2. So we have a lot of Ps5 owners in this forum like myself?
  3. That this season was probably not gonna be worth a poo either with Rhule running the show. No O-linemen worth a poo, trotting out Darnold week 1. But now with the free agent signings and Watson in the mix and actually signing free agents that make sense, I'm giving this team the benefit of my interest for the time being.
  4. I tell y'all what after the shitty season we had last season, Cam coming and energizing us and actually giving us a reason to watch, I had actually just kind of excepted the bad season and hoped for a few crumbs this season. But this has been the most engaged I have been for a player we probably won't get and I've actually enjoyed being on the huddle all week. Thanks y'all. Because I never get out with my work schedule, high ass gas prices and twin babies that don't like to sleep. Keep Pounding and come on Deshaun.
  5. I'm watching Sportscenter where he just said it.
  6. Schefter is talking like Watson doesn't know poo right now. His tone is definitely different than yesterday.
  7. I think most of this poo is a play and we will actually prevail for once.
  8. So he announced this poo during bracket release day? Oh well. We will have Watson soon anyway (hopefully).
  9. I pay for Sunday Ticket and never miss a game since this is the only time my wife and twins let me watch in peace. Now as soon as the game is off, it's back to business. 70 hrs of work and raising babies.
  10. Surely they not about to trot his ass back out there?
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