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  1. Or u can do like I do and pay $100 a season for the student package and stream it that way. I pay my sister $50 to use her college email and sign up that way. If any of you have family or kids or even a friend that goes to a college even online you should be eligible.
  2. These players had graduated from college some as early as 2015 it looks like.
  3. I just turned on Fox and I'm seeing football at Lucas Oil Field. Has anyone heard of this league before or seen any of the games? I'm watching now as I type.
  4. We must still be waiting on Watson. That's the only explanation for leaving Fields there.
  5. I hope so cause without a QB were gonna be playing 20-17 games. I say we should have took Fields there.
  6. I think Fields gets to us. We gotta take him.
  7. See if y'all can spot me from the last "Live Draft". Shout Out to the camera man who told me where to stand. I was definitely representing the Panthers with my $40 draft hat I just bought. VID_20190427_205738_854x480.mp4
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