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  1. wtf, you reactivated this shiz?

  2. dude i have no idea. i have it set for mobile on my glitchy ass metro pcs phone and at home it's set for reg on the computer. my computer was stuck on mobile for a while but i don't remember how i demobilized it.

  3. Hey how did you switch off of messageboard mobile?

  4. no I am 82. Are you the guy formerely known as the Assman?

  5. wow, your penis is sooo large!!!!!

  6. go to hell you avatarless bastard! glitchy ass niglet

  7. thanx that is what Ill do...ure the man

  8. I'm stumped. Try making a new account? Write down your posts and rep score and I can transfer the values to another account.

  9. Well at least someone's working on it now...

  10. lol canadians can only sell beer in those
  11. isnt it my luck? kurb is working on my avatar problem but i think I am the only one who has the problem...guess the huddle Gods did not approve of my asses

  12. not working still. I think it is disabled for some usernames

  13. Not sensitive, just tired of idiots. :smile:

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