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  1. Is it a one for one thing or does your neg rep power increase with your rep count?
  2. I suspect Hawk is already going back thru threads spreading the neg rep around...
  3. Posted especially for PhillyB
  4. Carice Van Houten is hot. Maybe her tits will be the last scene.
  5. I got to go with Jon as well... although it may be something about Dany and a dragon...
  6. ​I'm pretty sure Dave Grohl has a Johnny Rockets T-shirt.
  7. This thread has become what I had hoped it would not... my original intent was to make fun of that one particular song... Every generation has great and horrible music, now is no different. When I was young we had "New Kids on the Block"... today you have "One Direction"... it's not about old and young at all. Nobody has a monopoly on what's good and what isn't... sure we can all agree that Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber are horrible, but I can find comparable artists from any decade...
  8. Obviously Pryd's already posted the best skyline... :)
  9. I don't even know who you are anymore.
  10. Jon Bon Jovi would cry if he read this.
  11. Watt is the overall #1 D player right now and Luke is overall #2, but would you take the best DE or the best MLB if you had the choice? It's similar to the QB situation imo... you take the guy that is the best AND the captain on the field directing the entire D, something Watt doesn't do. As for the Cam vs Watt question... yeah, Watt is a beast, but I would still take Cam (and that's not even factoring in that we have Luke)... whoever made the point about Watt having an insane season and Houston still sucking was dead on.
  12. Seriously Philly, why the long wait before the flight? Skittles are very nutritious fyi
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