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  1. CCTV footage of the Nepal quake
  2. No way Philly B hasn't read this.
  3. GIFs are pictures... pictures aren't always GIFs... I WIN
  4. OK, who the hell thought it was ok to teach robots martial arts?
  5. It wasn't at Jase's house again was it?
  6. Ahem... where exactly did you guys watch this movie?
  7. I'm confused Jase... on the stove in a plastic bag or in the oven? Wouldn't the stove melt the plastic?
  8. ...and here I thought Johnny Rockets was a meat expert.
  9. Gas dries out the meat... charcoal is the way to go.
  10. I've pretty much quit playing ball like that too... it's just too easy to get hurt and takes too long for me to heal now. I got a new squat PR yesterday... first time I've ever ventured over 405... tried 425 and got it pretty easy for 2. I'd like to get 455 at least once in my life and I can say my combined squat and deadlift is 1000 lbs plus.
  11. Not seeing many articles on this... did the NFL release any info on the suspension, as in reasoning other than "conduct detrimental"?
  12. I swear to god Philly I'm going to murder you.
  13. Having been myself I can say that you are not exaggerating in any way. It is really quite special. I haven't been since 2008, and desperately want to get back.
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