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  1. Please name 10 QB's better than Dak right now
  2. Perfect situation? Dallas was awful without him last year
  3. That is the going rate for QB's as good as him these days.
  4. So I'm here enjoying some cold Natty Lights and I'm thinking. So Watson probably isn't happening because Houston isn't moving him. The latest QB drama surrounds Russell Wilson. Who is one of the teams he would accept a trade to? The Dallas Cowboys. I am an enormous fan of Dak Prescott and think he's as good of a franchise QB as you can realistically hope for. He's not Rodgers/Mahomes/Watson good but he's in that next tier. Still young and seems like an incredible person. Jerry might be dumb enough to think Wilson makes his team significantly better (he doesn't, but alas) so maybe we give Dalla
  5. I'll officially be on the fire Rhule train if they take Jones over Lance
  6. If we aren't taking off the field stuff into equation this is a fuging insane take, and I agree with you on most things. JM was a good prospect and would have been a great fit in today's NFL if he weren't wrestling with a lot of demons.
  7. It’s racist https://t.co/LS7sZhNyVh
  8. I also like, legitimately don’t think Watson is getting traded before this next season starts
  9. I can’t imagine that contract has any sort of value
  10. I also wonder if players ever do this in the offseason just for shits and gigs to watch fans lose their minds lmao
  11. This dude literally doesn’t know anything. He throws these random rumors out all day and none of them end up being true. Shaq unfollowing the panthers is weird, though
  12. Tell me you have no idea how good Deshaun Watson is, without telling me you have no idea how good Deshaun Watson is
  13. Rodgers maybe is. Saying Brady and Wilson are better is just absolutely insane and tells me you don’t know even the smallest thing about analyzing this game. People have no idea how good he is. He was maybe the best QB in the league last year.
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