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  1. We could easily beat the Broncos and Steelers with scores of like 13-9
  2. There are just too many winnable games left I’m afraid. We’re not losing to all of Denver, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans. And those first three are at home,
  3. Oh I’m not saying I take this as gospel. You just said you weren’t too sure about the sourcing so I figured I’d clarify a bit. You’re right there’s been nothing else reported yet, so if there’s any legs to it it’s very very early.
  4. Will Compton played at Nebraska, had a long NFL career, and now has a very popular podcast called Bussin with the Boys. It's not too crazy to think he knows plenty of people close to the Nebraska program. That job feels like a death trap but real talk I could see Matt Rhule and Nebraska being good for each other. But damn if I'm him I'm in no hurry to start working again lol.
  5. Seems to happen all the time. When quarterbacks become draft eligible they get scrutinized more, and we get really picky and look for flaws. When they’re still a year away, it’s easier to focus solely on the positives/ceiling. But I’m unwavering, it’s a massive failure of an off-season if you don’t draft a quarterback in round 1. Preferably Stroud or Young. Sell a future first if needed. We can not keep punting this issue. I’d still be thrilled with Bryce or CJ.
  6. Our QB had an elite fourth quarter last week and they’ve dialed up like one pass past the sticks today. Wilks and his conservative ass game planning can fug all the way off
  7. Listen: I'd go Anderson in this scenario also. But I've missed so badly on QB prospects over the years, if we do invest in Levis early in the draft he still has my full support. He's clearly drawing intrigue from the entire league. And I have to remind myself those actually working for NFL teams know a million times more than I ever will, regardless of what these draft "guru" types say.
  8. There's a great chance a few months from now we look back on this loss as a positive, as it will assuredly help our draft positioning. But got damn it stings like hell right now.
  9. Kind of wish we had taken the Burns package. He was invisible today
  10. Don’t think he’s made a single accurate pass yet
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