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  1. I honestly wonder if Sam and a pick for Jimmy could be in the cards. For SF, it gives them a veteran with loads of game experience to add to their room in case it doesn’t work out. For CAR, it gives them a more reliable option capable of operating the offense they’re attempting to run. Also saves SF $6m to the cap. Both are just one year deals so teams can reevaluate next year. I’d do that. We all want to see Corral but if he were anywhere near being ready to ply as a rookie he would have gone long before 94
  2. Sure, I’ll be the optimist. I’m one of his harshest critics but it’s not like he’s experiencing severe, career-altering injuries. It does seem as if most of his injuries are just mild, but since the team is out of the playoff chase so early they don’t see a need to rush him back. He’s had two years to rest and recover, I think he’s due at least one more season of health. I’ll say it’s this one. Doesn’t he mean he might not get nicked for a game or two, but I’ll say he plays in 12+ games this year.
  3. I interpret “bombing” interviews as “he got that dawg in him”
  4. And I want to be very clear I'm in no way endorsing it, I just still have a hard time believing Sam is your week 1 starter.
  5. I know we just drafted Corral, who is certainly a fun day 3 project QB but when is the last time a day two QB came and immediately performed at even an average level for an NFL starter? I guess Dalton, Carr, and Dak could maybe be examples but historically speaking it's not something you can rely on. We still have a lot of available cap space, and do we really think Rhule is hitching his wagon to Sam D in his make or break year? Because I truly don't see Corral starting until November at the earliest, if he ever starts at all this year. We still have plenty of available cap space, I'm just trying to read between the lines here. Because if we aren't still pursuing this Clowney should have been here yesterday.
  6. If Burns goes down we may have the worst pass rush in the league, questions at LB, questions at S, questions at CB2. They look fine but nowhere near the league's best imho
  7. Darnold threw x3 the number of INT’s that Corral did in their last years of college, but yeah sure.
  8. Jamaree Slayer or whatever still out there?
  9. I hope this is what happened, and I think it’s the theory that makes the most sense. HOWEVER, Fitt did say earlier he didn’t want to deal any more draft assets and maybe Rhule looks at a rookie as a chance to extend his job some. but no if I had to guess I think what you said makes sense
  10. If Justyn Ross falls super far how do you not just roll the dice at some point
  11. Howell is just ridiculous value right now. I had a slightly higher grade on Corral but at some point he’s going to have to be BPA on someone’s board. I could see a team not even necessarily needing a QB just draft him anyways and maybe you can develop him some to raise his value and flip for higher picks in the future. I feel bad for Howell this slip wasn’t warranted imo. I think so many teams are just telling themselves they’ll go QB next year. I can’t remember the last time a QB as good as Howell was there on Day 3.
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