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  1. I defended the Bryce trade but man… in hindsight Jalen Carter at 9 and just drafting one this year would have been nice…
  2. Been very impressed by this Washington RB tonight. Puts his body on the line in the face of a blitz to protect his QB and runs so hard every play. If our new coach wants to install elements of a power running scheme again he would be perfect. Dillon Johnson
  3. Preach. That’s why I’m talking myself more and more into a coach with a defensive background. Mayo, Anarumo, a real culture setter
  4. Exactly. You need a GM + HC that share a similar vision for the construction of the roster/identity of the team. You do not waver from that. If Fitterer isn't gone we are truly screwed. Tepper has to also allow patience to let them build this roster from scratch more or less. By far the worst roster we have ever had.
  5. The thing is, even outside of QB we have the worst roster in the NFL. Quite literally every position group needs upgrades. Whether you like it or not Bryce will get another year as the QB. Sure we will be "building around him" this offseason but you can also just look at it as we are building up the entire roster which is BY FAR the worst we have ever had. I have some major major red flags with Bryce, but I'm not totally out yet. Did we pick the wrong guy? Yes. Did we pick an absolute bonafide bust? I'm not there yet. If you watched the game yesterday nearly every replay they show there is nowhere to go with the ball. Either that or he's on the ground before he even hits the end of his drop. I'm worried severely about his athleticism and arm strength, but this has been a brutal situation. Start chipping away at the rest of the roster right now. I made this comparison earlier but when the Lions hired Dan Campbell they had what was easily the leagues worst roster. In three offseasons they've found guys like Penei Sewell, ARSB, Aiden Hutchinson, Jack Campbell, Sam LaPorta, etc. People have been begging for them to take a QB, but they're currently 8-3 with a roster loaded with young talent. Can Goff ever win an SB there? I'm not sure. But they're in a spot now where they can get aggressive in search of an upgrade there if they feel like that's what they need to take the next step. We need talent anywhere and everywhere. That's the focus right now. Maybe Bryce shows improvement 12 months from now. If he doesn't, we'll be in line for another top 3 pick which we can use to address our serious talent deficiencies. Maybe bring in some sort of vet as competition as well. Is our situation terrible? Of course. But at least we're not the Giants who have committed like hundreds of millions to a straight up bad QB. If Bryce doesn't improve he's cheap so it's easy to get out. But right now we just need talent. Any sort of talent.
  6. This just isn't true. The Texans almost traded up for Young. The Raiders tried trading up for Young. The overwhelming evidence suggests Bryce was near consensus QB1 throughout the league heading into this draft. Dane Brugler, one of the more reputable scouts in the world for the Athletic, ranked Bryce as his number one overall player for the entire draft. Was everyone wrong? Yes. But acting like it was only the Teppers who wanted Bryce just simply is not correct.
  7. If there is any truth to this, whichever of them are doing this need to be cut immediately. I don't care if it's Nathan Peterman playing quarterback and Orlando Pace is at left tackle. You will never build a winning culture with a single player that has that sort of mentality. But I don't think this is true because the offensive line has been terrible all year.
  8. The Lions are a good example. When Campbell got there everyone was pushing QB QB QB. Start there. But their roster was so bad they’ve kind of done the opposite. Sewell, Hutchinson are legitimate culture changing players. We have no one like that. They’ve built up the rest of the roster and are now 8-3 still with Goff. Ideally you build the roster well enough. He starts improving and you can win with him in the right system. If you decide one day he can’t take you all the way then you go all in on another QB with a legitimately good roster in place. But right now the priority is adding talent. Everywhere
  9. The only priority right now is building up the rest of the roster, you have to give Bryce at least one more season. Let’s be real the rest of the roster is so dreadful anyways it’s not like this over complicates things. If we’re not seeing growth next year we can start talking about other options, but he is the surefire starter heading into next season
  10. Yup, if we're smart we're clear with any prospective candidates that the short term priority is building around Bryce. That means adding more pieces to the OL and especially at WR/TE. The thing is, everywhere on the roster needs talent. So regardless of who is playing QB we would need to be adding talent to these groups anyways. Anyone interviewing has to know Bryce is the priority next year, but if he doesn't start showing growth next season they can start looking for alternate solutions. But the QB musical chairs has to stop. Bryce will have a chance under a new staff with hopefully a better roster, but if he still isn't playing well next year or especially the year following then you can start looking for a replacement to step in while hopefully the roster has been strengthened. It's not as disastrous of a spot as some are making it out to be.
  11. I hope we at least interview Lou Anarumo. Been a part of a winning organization for years. Plucking from the DC pool has been the only thing to ever work for us. Bryce was supposed to be Burrow lite, so perhaps he brings in people to install a similar scheme on O.
  12. Last year we approached it as we were a few moves away from contending. Surely the understanding this time around is we need a hard reset/rebuild, and whichever coach they choose will have a few seasons to demonstrate progress/growth. Does Tepper realize this? Who knows but nearly everyone in the fanabse is on the same page of thinking on this.
  13. I know it's been said but it means nothing, I mean absolutely nothing if the GM isn't gone also. And that needs to happen right now. You need your GM in place first. Find a GM + HC pairing that share a vision for building this roster quite literally from the ground up.
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