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  1. Sandland in and Dickson out and cut by the end of training camp...my prediction.
  2. Sandland in and Dickson out and cut by the end of training camp...my prediction.
  3. Sandland in and Dickson out by the end of training camp...my prediction.
  4. I think Cox makes it over Horton. Also Garrett over Hill. Another change would be Rock Head and the TE out Duke will make the 53 over Dickerson and Ball. Rock Head will replace Tolbert next year so I think DG wants to give him some time with the 1st team during the season. I feel like the TE out of Duke has some real potential.
  5. My comments are based on DG moving Jacobs or AJ out for picks for both Norris and Cash to make the 53-man roster. The other two are possible... Garrett over Byrd or Bersin? Possible Richardson over McClain or Williams or Young? Possible
  6. I have a feeling there will be a few UDFA making the team this year. Ben Jacobs, Ed Dickson, Bersin, and Byrd might be gone by June 1st. This UDFA rookie class DG has brought in is filled with potential! Garrett, Cash, Richardson, and Norris will make the team and 1 of the 3 will make an impact this year in some capacity.
  7. After reading some articles about DG and Ron liking the DE's we have on the roster so I would go with either Hunter Henry or OT.
  8. DG has a plan...the draft is a week away. Watch DG work!!!
  9. I can see DG moving up for Sheppard or Ogbah in the second.
  10. I think Butler will be there for the Panthers to pounce on at the end of the 1st round. Then DG can move back up in the 2nd to grab Emmanuel Ogbah, I have a feeling he will be there in the 2nd.
  11. I think DG either gets a deal done or bring in Norman's replacement in the draft...can't really say if DG grabs a CB in the 1st then Norman is gone but it would seem more likely.
  12. http://dlvr.it/Kr8nN3 7round mock draft by Spin Zone 1st CB Alexander Not a fan of his, I would rather have Apple or Fuller if we went that route in the 1st 2nd WR Thomas 3 top receivers with no vertical speed...don't like it. Maybe Fuller, Cooper, or Shepard. The rest didn't excite me either....
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