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  1. Sandland is gonna win it by the end of the pre-season.
  2. Glad to see KB back in the grove, He also looks buffer
  3. I think Sandland is more balanced TE, He will def help in the run game but having the other HB/TE role will allow panthers to run the ball on either direction without defense keying in and it also allows the either one of the "TE /HB" to be released for passing option. This package would allows us multiple option with the run game and play action. Hammer Time!
  4. IMO we will either keep a extra FB or HB/TE along with our regular TE to help the OTs unless we have upgrade at OT. There is a reason for the competition at HB/TE. 2 Sleepers for HB/TE role Bonnet & Devon Johnson
  5. How good of a route runner and *Catcher is Hill. IMO Garrett is a better option.
  6. Yes , I still wish he would have helped the offense, but nothing can change that now. Also the first 2 corners should help out with the loss of J-no so I'm all on aboard. This draft shows that he will flood a position in need of help so next year should be OL with 4/5 becoming UFA
  7. Yes but we will face similar defense in playoffs,
  8. Yes I know but I'm making the case for next years draft since half of the OL will UFA next year and we will have to sign a lot of other core players. I love the 2 TE set thats why I was advocating for Huntery Henry he was my # 1 choice. Maybe next year's draft will a have complete TE to pick up like O.J. Howard from Bama. Huddlers are advocating to cut Stewart next year but its going to be hard to find a complete RB who can run the rock and have fundamental pass blocking skills like him I woudd like him for another 2 years unless we move up the draft. This year I beleive Williams will win the RT job and having KB will def keep opponents from stackign the box leaving Stewart to run for 1,200 yards I put my money on it!
  9. Nobody is going crazy, I'm just advocating the need to invest in OL with Talent not just big bodies. The golden egg is finding players that fits Panthers scheme like Trai, Norwell, Williams who can play combo of Power & Zone. You can have all the continuity in the world but if you dont have the talent then your gonna get exposed when playing playoff caliber teams. Its better to have talent that can be part of the contiunity process that requires 1-4 rd investment (usually). Our run game became top notch when we got talent in the interior with Norwell & Trai. Remeber the the playoff game against 49rs when Panthers got stonewalled on goal line play if we had this interior that would have been a TD. http://www.nfl.com/videos/san-francisco-49ers/0ap2000000312463/GameDay-49ers-vs-Panthers-highlights
  10. If we can find guys like Norwell & Turner then there will be other guys smiliar to pick up on draft days. For top rated guys that failed there are little less talent players that succeeded like Terron Armstead, D.J. Humphries, etc.
  11. I liked the picks ,DG basically said he didn't want a revolving door in the secondary anymore(press conf.)! Based on the draft strategy we should see it apply to the OL next year,I don't want to hear all the good lineman are gone it's s reach a now, just find the system player.
  12. His Ego (pun intended ) got in the way from last year hitting on cpl of picks lol
  13. I know, just wanted to give another ref. BTW I had that pick couple of months ago :)
  14. They actually seen AJ play first hand so they could warm up to it if we add in future pick or later round pick.
  15. I like the trade idea just wrong players 38: Hunter Henry TE Arkansas 59: Su'a Cravens, S, USC From BBR Hunter Henry was going to be the pick if Butler wasn't there
  16. Move up midway in the draft and we will get our TE, IDK about patriots they just signed Bennett. I have a good feeling we will get Hunter Henry. Hopefully couple of QBs go in the 2nd round to push the talent down. Dak Presscott & Cook
  17. Seattle is a must win game especially if Panthers want to maintain a home field advantage against them in the playoffs. Nothing less than 13-3 minimum season.
  18. Well how do you know the player we drafted didn't have the highest grade, so in essence your just speculating much as anyone else. Can't trust a snake.
  19. actually Kuechly was BPA he graded the best in just about every category.
  20. Well there is no such thing as BPA without need and system fit but Hurneys first round picks where BPA because they all turned out to be the best at their position, aka Kalil, Kuechly, Cam, Stewart, etc.
  21. Yes he did with Luke Kuechly when we had the chance of drafting Fletch Cox when we where in bad need of DT help.
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