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  1. I negged u once. That's it

  2. ur neg reps arent even fair u got me in the red ill never be able to climb out :(

  3. HAHA! Damn you're alright man. I'll positive rep you next time.

  4. honestly, i just searched for the most recent post u had and negged it jnXdV.gif

  5. Woooooow, proof that you're a ***. Neg rep for posting pics of a Girl? You've sunk to a new low malik. I'm impressed.

  6. LOL, nah man. I'm done now. I'm just setting your rep back to where it was before I gave you positive rep. That's all.

  7. i thought we was done with this. Guess u want to go to war again 4XCAn.gif

  8. Hahah, that was actually pretty funny.

  9. Are you naturally a fine young male or did you just find out?

  10. gave me another green ;cam: Ill see u in a few

  11. lol not a thing :P but then it doesn't really have to.

  12. What does thath ave to do with me?

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