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  1. Finished 6th semester of Uni, feeling good. Tired, but good.
  2. As much hate this regime gets for Darnold, I think they learned their lesson from that. I don't' see them doing that deal at all. Right now, there is no leverage from the Browns. They are crazy if they think Baker will garner that. We're good where we are at right now. Let Darnold play it out and slowly ease in Corral.
  3. Guys...LET IT GO. Cam is not coming back, and Rhule has made it clear what he thinks of him last season.
  4. Love the analysis of Darnold and the Line. I never noticed that his happy feet were more prevalent when the inside of the pocket collapses. I always thought it was whenever it collapsed from any side. The interior of the line is upgraded, but I think, at least in my opinion is that Darnold is too far gone. Too much trauma to be honest.
  5. Rather have other guys out there. Melvin Ingram for example. Dunlap. Clowney is so overrated.
  6. I hate this fan base. The dumbass nicknames it tries to force on players man...ugh. Golden corral...like...wtf bro.
  7. Or #13 because he was the 94th pick and 9+4=13?
  8. I got a huge chuckle out of this. ngl.
  9. The whole interview is great and it gives you insight on Corral. But the really interesting part was at minute 18:19 where he recounts a game where Corral was hurt and what transpired. Really good stuff. Also recounting some off the field stuff that happened, not the alcoholism or depression part but the social issues he had to go through and the reaction that I believe won that team over. Basically whatever he said in that locker room lead Ole miss to have one of the best records that School ever had. Give it a listen. It's really good.
  10. No, my 'counter' is that NOT all teams need a QB and given that everyone knows we are a QB needy team and had NO mid round picks, they probably thought they could get a QB in the 3rd round and get higher graded players in other positions, this draft was deep, consensus was always that this was a weak QB class but everything else was deep and rich. LT, DE, WR, etc. You saw where they went, the 3rd round, why waste a 1st round pick on a QB that's going to be there in the 3rd round. Media hyped up the QB's too much and also not every team that needed a QB was a desperate as us. The NFL is all about situation. taking a flier on Corral for a future 3rd rounder is much better than what they did with Sam. Look at the situation as well. This pick screams Ben McAdoo, he's gonna install something that Corral will excel at. This is why I feel you're being more pessimistic than realistic because if you were being realistic you'd see that. Corral wouldn't be here if there wasn't a plan in place and they didn't' think he'd be able to run the offense they're going to execute. Believe me I don't care for Rhule but the moves that have been made in the off season have me a little more hopeful. The odds are against them but they are at least giving themselves a chance to do things the right way and progress for a change. Time will tell though.
  11. The dude is so overrated. Even when he was with the texans with all those talented linemen he was pedestrian.
  12. Pete Brisco gave them a C-. Which is like, whatever.
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