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  1. She's skewing a lot. Yes Burns is good. He's not 30M dollar good though. Lions need to call and offer Williamson a 1st and a mid round pick for him.
  2. The only way i see this working is if they go back to the run and get a SOLID Center. otherwise nah bud, this ain't working. Ickey was miles better as a run first LT and only some Passing downs, and not a full 3 pass downs. Also the idea of moving Ickey to LG and thinking that will magically fix him is just asinine. In College he played LT and limited LG snaps. Zavala was next to him most of his career. Moving him to LG will not magically fix the issues, that narrative needs to die.
  3. Honestly Wilks called a better game than Shannahan. Kyle abandoned the run, for who knows what reason and the offense with the turn overs was just not helping. Also the special teams giving mahomes that short yardage TD...I mean Wilks adjusted but it was too much in the end. Too many bad turn overs that they couldn't stop the bleeding. But that ending was just bleh.. HOnestly I don't blame Wilks, there were some questionable calls on him, like rushing/blitzing when the 4 man rush was actually working and no spy on Mahomes really did them in.
  4. Nah, there's always a choice. You don't leave it to chance like that. Hoping and praying doesn't get this team to where it needs to be.
  5. Don't put to much stock into guys getting open on 1 on 1 drills. Those drills are designed to literally help the WR get open. I'd put more relevance on it if they did that at actual games and not these practices. Game speed/ability will always show up there. Not saying that guys that had a good week aren't good, just saying that it's not the be all end all.
  6. I do know that. I watched the games and he has less batted balls in the NFL than most QB's. Like wtf are you correlating height into his game play? There is no correlation there and there isn't a significant stat that links back to his height being detrimental to his production. Nothing. Only stat would clearly be batted balls and in that stat he's not the QB with most batted balls. So again, Height isn't the problem for Bryce. Durability isn't either since the man got sacked 62 times and only missed 1 game compared to bigger taller QB's that missed MULTIPLE games. So this dumbass narrative needs to stop.
  7. That was not a problem last year, even as much as the huddle loves to point it out.
  8. This basically. IN reality, if we get one of either Evan or Higgins, that alone helps, then draft a rookie in the 2nd round.
  9. This basically. IN reality, if we get one of either Evan or Higgins, that alone helps, then draft a rookie in the 2nd round.
  10. Instead of saying "Fix" maybe use another word that is more fitting for Bryce..."Develop" Because that's what needs to happen. Most of his "fixing" will be done by giving him a better line and maybe weapons that actually create separation and aren't in their mid 30's.
  11. Have you seen the track record of Tepper. I don't blame anyone that is rolling their eyes at this and is not happy about it. We don't know what is said in those meetings but so far these events have not lead into anything good. Believe me I HOPE to god Tepper learns and keeps it simple and doesn't meddle.
  12. I like this hire more than ol concussion boy.
  13. He will get free agents in here. Which is badly needed. I like Canales hiring more than Morgan (GM wise, loved the player)
  14. The truest dumb thing here is your assessment, the deflecting, and poorly used example.
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