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  1. For one game and basically his play giving the Panthers an edge on Offense. Yeah, so far, it has been a good trade. I just want to see more consistency.
  2. I get your point but really it's moot. He's injured. Also he couldn't beat out Darnold. And this Regime, well RHULE, is a fuging moron and wouldn't play him even if he wasn't injured (Corral).
  3. This is what I feared. I want this team to win, but we all know it, we see the writing on the wall, Rhule and company is not going to work long term, yeah they might get wins, but they will be meaningless. One win we get and all of a sudden you get people thinking we can beat anyone. lol. Nah fam. Truth is this team beat a really beat up saints team with a beat up Jameis. They aren't winning the next two games.
  4. I feel no sympathy for a problem that has been created by Rhule himself. Had this "Competition" BS he tried to sell not happened, Baker and Company would be better off. All of training camp essentially. it takes time to gel. Once again, problems that he himself creates by trying to be 'smart' or cute about the process.
  5. I might catch the tail end but I'm not getting my ass up at 9 am on a Sunday to watch this team be ass cheeks. There is no incentive for that. Rather sleep in and watch the rest of the poo show later. Or not at all.
  6. I love Lamar, I hate this coaching staff. fug no.
  7. #1 pick here we come. The time for rage and being upset is long gone guys. It's time to just sit in this lawn chair, sip on your alcoholic beverage of choice and watch it burn to the ground.
  8. Damn. My lazy ass is gonna have to search for it then. xD
  9. David Tepper cares about one thing and one thing only guys. Winning. Don't let the media, team record, performances of the team, tell you otherwise.
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