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  1. That's the thing tho, you won't need to trade up to get him, hell you could probably trade DOWN and still get him.
  2. Funny you mention the games we lost because Foreman was stopped by good Run Defenses. Incredible, some of you guys are just this ignorant. Also you named Cinci 2 times? Like Foreman creating a Running game AFTER CMC leaves isn't the reason we fuging almost got to the playoffs? How do you think Sam got to be productive? The passing game all of a sudden start working? Do you know the fundamentals of football? The Run game opens up the passing game. All of you mad at CMC being gone where the fug were you when he was injured and non existent this whole time? Now that he's fine in SF and with a coach that also knows how to utilize him all of a sudden you wanna cry over the trade. point blank period he wasn't doing jack poo here and that's why he was traded. This coaching staff could not use him correctly. Like for fugs sakes, USE YOUR DAMN BRAINS! smh.
  3. I think those CMC picks will help get the most important piece to this puzzle. The next QB. Unfortunately that's how this cookie had to crumble.
  4. Hate it for him, but he's a man's man. I wish him nothing but the best and I hope that he gets another HC opportunity.
  5. I think the point of the "RB aren't value positions" is being misconstrued. It's not that it isn't of value, it's that it's easy to replace. Foreman...for example. Replaced CMC and almost willed us to a playoff berth. You can get a decent back in the mid or late rounds or get someone off the street to perform well or better that expected. Hence why the value isn't as high as say a CB, QB, DE, LT, etc. The picks we got for CMC, no one else would have given up what the niners did. If there were other teams willing to give up all that, then you'd have a bidding war for CMC, which never happened.
  6. Where's the "undecided" option? I can't have a definitive choice here. I do not know.
  7. Chuck Pagano is in this segment and he has some really good insight on what Reich's process will be with the coaching staff.
  8. So I just read the news... Steichen is out. Mediocrity it is guys. Lock this thread up. lol
  9. Someone WILL trade for Carr, probably Indy. If we want whomever is left between Young and Stroud, we'll have to trade up at least to Indy.
  10. If you want Wilks, you want mediocrity. Point blank period.
  11. I've been doing some critical thinking. It seems that most fans are ready to go back to mediocrity. I include myself in this. Yes what Wilks did was nothing short of amazing. But if you really think about it. He went 6-6. The guy before the fraud we had at HC was that. Mediocre. It's a reccuring theme it seems. Look at buffalo. Another Rivera tree product is up there and they are a playoffs team loaded with talent with a franchise QB and they.. can't. Get. Over. The. Hump. We're seeing it play out. Daboll left and all of a sudden the Bills aren't as good in offense. McDermott is still there but I digress. Honestly it's time to move on from the same thing that this team does over and over and over again and expects different outcomes. Yeah we'll be a playoffs team, sure it will be a good story to see Wilks that's from Charlotte have success but the writing is on the wall, he comes from that same tree of mediocrity. I for one am tired of that. It's time to go a different direction. No I don't want Payton. Or Dorsey. Steichen is the guy. Sirianni told him to take over and Hurts is basically an MVP candidate all of a sudden. He's the guy. /Rant over.
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