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  1. Get whatever you can out of Teddy, eff that. Don't care if it's a bag of chips and a beer.
  2. It's like asking how the saints always have money to sign players and extend players but then are always under the cap.
  3. lol I want Scarlett Johansson to be my wife. Doesn't mean it's gonna happen bro. lol It's okay to dream tho.
  4. I know a couple of people from El Paso/Ciudad Juarez that can make that happen.
  5. Ever since I joined these boards I think maybe one year this board never complained about the line. This is a recurring theme.
  6. I'm going to try and answer this objectively. Given the parameters of your structured inquiry. I would have to say yes. If it costs less than Watson, age be damned. Depending on the cost, the value is high for Wilson and with this offense, if CMC, WR corp is kept in this scenario. Yes. I would absolutely want Wilson for a lesser cost than Watson. If you're talking about a 1st and a second next year. Yes. Does not break the bank and he would still theoretically be available at least 5 years. Not selling the farm for him, with at least 4 years to build around him. But given the fact
  7. Thanks homie, always enjoy your insight on these topics.
  8. You forgot to add "and the inexcusable, ignorant, inability to adjust during half time to a team that has clearly figured you out by Rivera and Shula.", besides the refs.
  9. Hey baby, are you a Tre Boston tackle? Because I always seem to be missing you.
  10. Um, what's going with von miller?
  11. Verge, seeing as this Team is hell bent on a QB, could you do an in-depth analysis on all the QB's in this draft class just to see where they all stand?
  12. lol oh man all these teams needing a QB...including us.
  13. One could argue that several of those guys went to really shitty organizations. I mean the Jets? The Skins? Organizations that don't know how to build around their QB or have meddling owners. Dysfunctional. As of now, Tepper doesn't seem that way and this regime is in its infancy. I rather them take a shot at finding their guy than not do anything about it.
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