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  1. This would be a non-story if you know, Darnold wasn't playing like ass. As far as Wattson goes, i would love to have him but unfortunately that's a huge can of worms I don't want, he comes with some serious baggage even if he is innocent. Rather Darnold stink it up and we get a high pick. Either way, Darnold ain't it and it sure as hell isn't going to be Wattson either.
  2. It's bad enough that poo ain't going right but god damn it when Darnold makes the amazing throws you HAVE to catch them man...wtf was that Anderson?
  3. As much as i am an advocate for this idea, no on will trade for him if he's like this. I mean unless Fitt finds a trade partner and completely murks them with a crazy trade, which I think he is very capable of doing. But again it's not gonna be easy or probable if CMC is this injury prone, because believe it or not, he's officially injury prone now. I don't care what fans have to say, he's been injured for over 2 years, on and off and hasn't played a full season in god knows how long.
  4. Remember when the brass was talking about playoffs? They basically jinxed themselves.
  5. Don't see this team winning tbh. Almost feels like it's implosion time. The lines are poo, Sam's regressed because of it, and the Defense is being asked to bail them out and it seems that Offenses have figured out Snow's schemes. Not feeling confident.
  6. I swear to god if they pick him up I will be done for this season.
  7. Well...The line for starters, that affects Darnold. Then Darnold for throwing the first pick, that one he had decent protection, the other two were just....head scratchers. Coaching staff all around. Can't blame the defense man, they are doing their job, but when you're pushed back that far you can't do much else. Darnold is regressing, not good. Not good at all.
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