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  1. Ah, just saw it posted by Mr.Scot. Lock it up. My bad. lol
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/11/panthers-trying-out-quarterback-kevin-thomson/ Didn't see it posted. If it is, lock it up mods.
  3. Sam...redhead irish guy leave the color green? Good luck with that. lol
  4. lol I don't' get the disdain for Fields...Jesus.
  5. So what he's saying is he's getting more than just 2 games to prove himself? Who woulda thunk it.
  6. I was watching a lot of his highlights and my god this dude is criminally underrated. He's athletic, high point catch type of guy, red zone threat, BALL SNATCHING, YAC, Striding, profiling, SOB. Damn!
  7. The thing is people will always associate that 2nd rounder for him. It's literal peanuts. If he doesn't work out, the foundation is already here for a QB that will be here. A stout D, a decent line, weapons. The thing about this coaching staff that makes me not be as apprehensive is that they realize this and are laying the groundwork to work for that Elite QB. So it could be via trade, Draft, I don't know. But the foundation is there. This is why I wish they would have taken Fields, but they are banking a lot on what they can do and Darnold's potential. This brass is literally washing th
  8. Fair enough, but this 2 game window is not ideal when you're trying to figure out if this person you just acquired is the fit for your system and can flourish. The other side of the coin, if he does amazing, you gonna have that 2 game window are are you going to think, nah, let's give it more time? If you mindset about Darnold is that you do not want him here or he was a waste of a 2nd round pick then it won't matter how many games he plays, that mentality will follow no matter what he does. It's not an objective amount of time at all to see if he is it or not. Especially learning
  9. He can have any # he wants as long as he brings that heat.
  10. On paper, this class is one of the best ever. Regardless of Sam panning out or not.
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