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  1. Yep he just had super sure hands and every now and then would make the first guy miss and just get an easy 12 or so
  2. Dante Wesley Mark Jones as a returner. Never felt safer.
  3. 28 and I have (what appears to be) permanent loss of my sense of smell. Been 4 months since. Low key kind of like it though no bad smells is pretty nice. But, it's wild how this stuff works.
  4. I love the guy but I feel like we've already invested a lot at the DE position.
  5. Muschamp didn't put the best athletes back there. He was about hands over all. Hayden Hurst was returning at one point.
  6. The real question lads...does he have the balls to ask for 89
  7. First one where I'm like..welp alrighty then.
  8. It's a need and at this point in the game may as well get the best one available according to reports. It's a 10-15 year basically minimum paid position.
  9. What do you do with the last pick? Best available safety/backer/kicker?
  10. Hitting them needs with a sledge hammer today. End of an era for JJ I reckon.
  11. Is there some small school MLB that slipped we could grab? Really cover all those basis.
  12. Clowney just makes us all sad tbh. Should have set the league on fire and just coasts off his ridiculous athleticism. From SCs program you really only wanna pay close attention to your skill positions. They face a much taller task than some of the good teams because like you said HUGE disadvantage on a whole team basis.
  13. Did you feel the same way about Deebo? Much like him Shi was expected to carry the entire passing game on his back because the QB play was just so god awful. I've been around this board for 10+ years. I've always been pretty realistic. Shi and Jaycee were the only players from last years team I would've drafted.
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