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  1. From a gamecock board. He's put in for his draft grade so we'll know soon what scouts think.
  2. I try to be. When your college and pro teams tend to under perform historically. You learn to take it all in and be objective lmao
  3. Was pretty much the laughing stock of the league in the SEC and would piss down his leg in every big game. You wonder if the down grade in competition makes him appear more competent?
  4. Has played well to end the season. Needs another year to put it all together. Arm talent is there. Biggest improvement he's made is climbing the pocket which is a really big deal at the next level. I sat 4th row on the home side of every game and was able to observe his demeanor. He doesn't seem to lose his cool like you would expect given his reputation. Right now I'd give him 4th-5th round. I think he could climb to the 2nd if he has a good year next year.
  5. BULL fuging poo!!! Edit nvm 2nd cam angle looked bad.
  6. They've been the best unit all year. Won about 3 of our games for us.
  7. I WANT NEW $PRING SWINNEYS HEAD ON A SPIKE!! (football wise of course..)
  8. I would be ok with it if they would start flagging offensive players for lowering their head. I'd bet about half the targets they call could either off set or go to the offensive player.
  9. And if I'm taking up for a Clemson player you know the rule is bullshit.
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