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  1. Obligatory required post due to my screen name. Give em hell Cap!
  2. Seems like an ideal pick for the Ravens tbh. Given the Jackson situation it'd make sense to draft an athletically gifted QB to have waiting.
  3. They had Alshon Jeffery who had suction cups for hands as well as Brandon Marshall and Moose. I think we over value DJ Moore here just because we wanted him to be Steve Smith so badly.
  4. I'm not a huge fan of trading that much in such a weak QB class but I guess they think one of those two is that dude so we'll see I guess.
  5. Here's the problem. We don't have an all time great at QB. OR a hurricane to Cinderella story us to a free superbowl.
  6. I've found myself pretty much every game being salty about this tbh. He'll make a kick that's doubtful and I'm like "Ohhhh but you can't make a kick in a dome can ya fug head?"
  7. I wanted to try until it didn't matter. I can't help kickers can't make kicks in domes *shrugs*
  8. No not live anyways. I'll watch it on ,NFL plus 30 min version at some point Monday probably.
  9. Forfeit next weeks game. Either that or only play backups.
  10. You mean we can't beat Tampa AND the refs..Shocked I tell you..simply shocked
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