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  1. Stop me if you've heard this one before: Panthers just traded for a former first rounder that has been underperforming on a highly dysfunctional franchise.
  2. Gotta tip my hat to Rhule and Fitterer, they've pulled off some amazing trades in a matter of a few months.
  3. This is actually a good way of looking at it. Panthers have gotten good to great value for their 2022 draft picks. Can't be mad about that.
  4. If the first few games are any indication Panthers have traded a mid to late 3rd round pick for an early 5th rounder from Jax. In return they're getting a former first rounder and giving up a TE that was expendable.
  5. Hope our young draft picks develop quickly, not sure Sam will survive 14 more games taking hits like that.
  6. As far as Marty and G Man are concerned, they may have had their occasional moments of clarity, but neither GM had the ability to build a roster capable of posting back to back winning seasons. No one here should miss them. Rhule and Fitterer are light years ahead of the dinosaurs the Panthers employed for the last several decades. I appreciate Tepper as well for recognizing Matt's talent, doing what was needed to hire him and then stepping back and letting his management team do their jobs. While it is still early in the process, the Panthers future looks brighter than it has in years.
  7. We've all witnessed Teddy B. in action for a season. When the game was on the line he repeatedly failed to rise to the occasion. It was a good decision by the Panthers organization to move on from him. He is who he is and that wasn't going to change. Sammy D. is still a work in progress, but when the game was going sideways Thursday night, he rallied the troops and pulled out a victory. Sam clearly is more physically talented than his predecessor and in 3 games has made several impressive throws that Teddy could only dream about completing. The season is young with many games left to play, but so far there is no buyer's remorse. Sammy is performing at a level not attained by any Panthers QB since 2015.
  8. Yeah, I really liked Sherman back in the day, but he's dealing with some serious issues right now and I'm not sure it would be good for him or the Panthers to do a deal even if he were physically up to it.
  9. I'd take a wait and see approach for now. That is, unless there is a promising prospect sitting on another team's bench that can be had for little to nothing. I seriously doubt that guy exists, but if he does, I think Fitterer will try and get him. Something to keep in mind, Panthers new and improved line is the key to the defense this year. While it is always nice to have a lock down DB like Horn, is it as critical as it once was? With our improved D line? Perhaps, an adequate DB, one that can cover just long enough to give our guys up front time to get to the QB may be all we need? Maybe the answer to all these questions is already on the roster?
  10. If that is the prognosis, I'd like to believe that Rhule and company will prioritize Jaycee getting healthy for the long hall over short term gains. Only thing that would suck more than losing Jaycee for the season is losing his unique abilities forever. Prioritize getting well Jaycee, Panthers will still be here when you are ready to play again.
  11. I know as Panthers fans we're not used to it, but this is what good teams do, beat the teams they're expected to beat.
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