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  1. Here's an excerpt from a 2006 article from ESPN... Scripps Howard was able to compare mortality rates for professional-football players with the 2,403 Major League Baseball players who have died in the last century. The comparison found that football players are more than twice as likely to die before age 50. Asked to speculate on the cause for this difference, experts noted that football players generally are heavier than baseball players. The threat isn't lost on retired players, who acknowledge that they are spooked by the potential problems they now face. "Do you see any oversized animals anywhere in the world living a long life?" asked Tony "Goose" Siragusa, a 340-pound defensive tackle for 12 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens. "We're pretty much on our own here." https://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=2313476
  2. Yep, I'm hoping to see significant improvement on the offense, with a new OC and assistants. That is, if the line gels and whatever QB the team settles on can consistently move the ball without constantly turning it over. The defense's Achilles heel will be its inability to stop the run. Not sure anything meaningful has been done to address this problem during the off season. Snow is the best of Rhule's bad lot. Regardless, he's not the answer on D and should have been replaced during the off season IMHO. 3-7 wins, another losing season.
  3. This ^^^ is well reasoned and logical. It is also why Tepper and Rhule, not known for being well reasoned or logical, are likely to choose another course of action.
  4. Don't try to fix what isn't broken, defense was solid as is. Just putting Moton in at RT would likely have been a big enough difference for the Panthers to run an effective offense against the Broncos. The Moton change alone gets the Panthers a Lombardi Trophy.
  5. Note: If you're a relatively new owner and an outsider trying to build goodwill in a community, this isn't how you go about doing it.
  6. Seattle to be sold? Hmm, guess I better check the classifieds for a new place to live.
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