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  1. Say what you will, Tepper's influence is having a positive impact on the Charlotte sports scene. Doubt Charlotte would have an MLS franchise without him. Might have missed it: Did Dave ask the City Council to kick in some money for this renovation or is this entirely team funded?
  2. Meh, right now Teddy isn't even sure if he's gonna be around in another week or two. If Teddy ends up staying in Carolina, I suspect he'll act professionally when competing with Sam if for no other reason than it's in his best interest to do so. Last thing Teddy needs at this point is to get a rep for having a bad attitude.
  3. Probably not. Maybe I'm expecting too much from someone who may become the next face of the franchise.
  4. Agreed. Among the long time starters, Steve Beuerlein, Rodney Peete and Jake were tolerable to decent public speakers. All the rest of our starters would've benefitted greatly from joining Toastmasters.
  5. True. While Darnold certainly wasn't hired for his Q&A prowess, he should have enough money squirreled away by now to afford a public speaking coach. If I were Tepper, I'd hire one for him ASAP. Shouldn't take too much effort to clean up his verbal pauses and it would make his press conferences a lot less painful to endure.
  6. Checking into rehab as soon as I've recovered from the "you know" drinking game induced blackout.
  7. The Darnold trade is already paying dividends. Other teams can no longer peg the Panthers first round pick. More teams, not less, should be interested in trading picks w/Carolina for their preferred player at 8. TLDR: Panthers are now sitting in the catbird seat thanks to the Jets trade.
  8. It may be too late for that. Ask JR, former franchise owner, how well his payoffs/NDA's protected him from the wrath of the NFL and the court of public opinion.
  9. Welcome and thanks for the encouraging words.
  10. Great example. Drew Brees was traded by the team that drafted him. Sometimes, it takes time and being surrounded by talent before a FRANCHISE QB blossoms.
  11. While Teddy might end up being cut this June, I believe there is a good case for keeping him 1 more year as a backup. Then trade/cut him after the 2021 season. What would be the cap hit for 2022 if Teddy were cut next year, 5 mil?
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