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  1. "Just telling the truth and having integrity is revolutionary. It's subversive. It's countercultural." -- Dr. Cornel West RIP MLK
  2. What will it take for the 38% to finally wake up to reality?
  3. This. Republican politicians peddling right wing conspiracy theories about the election results should have been treated with complete contempt by the media for the last several months. Trump supporting politicians need to be publicly shamed until they make a full admission of guilt for propagating Trump's lies for personal and political gain. All Trump supporters should be treated in a manner appropriate to what they are, a threat to the future of our democratic republic, in a word, traitors.
  4. This. Those that continue to refuse to wear masks as a political statement are a big reason why the US has failed to control the spread of COVID for the better part of a year and why we're experiencing a record number of deaths in this nation today. COVID shouldn't be viewed as a political issue. Viruses don't have the ability to distinguish between political party affiliations. COVID should be viewed as any other national crisis. If all Americans cooperated with one another, wore a mask, social distanced, and got vaccinated at the first opportunity, we'd reduce the n
  5. So far, no back to back winning seasons, no Lombardi Trophy for any of our GMs. Being the best GM in Panthers franchise history is like being king of the dipshits. The new guy has a relatively low bar to meet in order to claim the title of Best GM Ever.
  6. Russel Wilson's contract is taking up a whole lot of the Seahawks cap space these days limiting the amount of money left to spend on the rest of his teammates. Seattle was a much more dominant team before Wilson got paid.
  7. This. At the end of the day football is still a team sport, doesn't matter how good your QB is, he still needs a capable O line to protect him, teammates to run w/the ball/catch it and a stout defense to prevent opponents from scoring. The next coming of Dan Marino won't help this team without a decent supporting cast.
  8. Any one of these 1st round QBs could turn out to be GOAT or JAG and there is really no way of knowing for sure. Keep the 8th pick, address QB w/the BPA and retain the other picks to address this team's numerous other needs.
  9. And yet, almost half of 2020's voters are unwilling to acknowledge this.
  10. This applies to all the Representatives and Senators that backed Trump these last two months: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/11/opinion/ted-cruz-capitol-attack.html?action=click&algo=bandit-all-surfaces&block=more_in_recirc&fellback=false&imp_id=116979695&impression_id=773704a0-5632-11eb-9dc2-65d86bf85539&index=0&pgtype=Article&region=footer&req_id=876415690&surface=more-in-opinion&variant=1_bandit-all-surfaces#commentsContainer
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