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  1. What did the Texans know about Watson's activities and when did they know it? Smart move to proactively settle in an attempt to get Watson's stench off of the Texans franchise. I've got to wonder if Tepper comprehends how lucky he was to lose the Watson sweepstakes?
  2. I see the Panthers in contention this season... for a high draft pick.
  3. I'm okay with this sort of fandom. Yeah, the cake tins are barely in the oven and we still have to make the frosting, but the recipe looks tasty good. If only little Matty Rhule would stop bouncing around the kitchen long enough, we might finally end up with a blue ribbon at the state fair this season or next.
  4. Behind Closed Doors: A Fly on the Wall Perspective of NFL Owner Daniel Snyder at Work
  5. Honestly, what does it take to be a good NFL owner? Recognize your own limitations and hire good help. Also, don't sexually harass your employees. If you can do these things, your team will win more games than they lose. This should be a pretty low bar for any multi-billionaire capable of tying their own shoe laces.
  6. This is the sort of comment that would be reassuring to hear from the coaching staff.
  7. Clearly this is what Rhule and Snow are betting on happening. Hope they're right. Devil's Advocate Take: Opponents successfully use their running attack to control the game's tempo, keeping Carolina's high powered offense on the sidelines, meanwhile gaining first downs in bunches and wearing down our defense. By the 4th quarter, Panthers D is beat up and winded, opponents are able to move the ball at will and run out the clock.
  8. It appears Snow is doubling down on his 2021 defensive philosophy favoring speed over size in 2022. TL/DR: Size Matters
  9. So, Baker starts and if we're trailing at the beginning of the 4th quarter sub Baker with...
  10. Yep, and every team Carolina faces in 2022 is going to test the defense's ability to stop the run. Especially in the second half by teams holding a lead trying to run out the clock. It will never end until the Panthers demonstrate they can consistently stop other teams from running the ball down their throats. I'm not sure anything meaningful has been done during the off season to address this glaring weakness. Personnel wise, the Panthers may have even less talent capable of stopping the run this coming season. Scary.
  11. To be fair, Jake was a late bloomer, his first season with the Panthers was in his sixth season in the NFL.
  12. The first thing John Fox told the Carolina Panthers players when he took charge of the team is as true today as it was twenty years ago...
  13. Alternate Theory: Pittsburgh Steelers owners were desperately looking to get Dave "Fire Tomlin" Tepper and his Moneyball for Dummies management theories out of Pittsburgh. The league giving him his own team was the only way to do it.
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