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  1. Way too many distracted car drivers for me to feel comfortable sharing a road with them on a bike. I don't like the odds of 200lbs. vs. 2tons. Even in my car, I pretty much treat nearby drivers as a potential threat/drive defensively. RIP Greg
  2. Gotta say, as a Panthers fan, either way, I like our chances.
  3. No matter how fast you may be, you can't outrun Father Time.
  4. Last year's record tells me Panthers fans have no reason to take any game for granted on this year's schedule, including the Jets. If we lose, it will likely be more than just Darnold shouldering some blame.
  5. Painful to realize had we done nothing in free agency last year, we would have been in a much better situation today.
  6. Sam and Dan are The D'arnolds connection.
  7. That's precisely my point. After more than three months on the open market as a free agent in 2020, Cam agreed to an incentive laden contract in NE. It wasn't close to the long term "Franchise QB" level contract many fans had anticipated from Carolina earlier that same year. In Cam's own words, he wasn't the same player in 2020 that Panthers fans knew from years gone by: https://www.al.com/sports/2020/07/how-cam-newton-can-earn-645-million-in-incentives-from-the-patriots-in-2020.html Unfortunately, 2020 didn't help Newton's long term prospects. However, if Cam's
  8. Cam was looking for a new long term contract from the Panthers. His ability to play an entire season w/his nagging shoulder injury was a legitimate concern for management. We had some great years with Cam, but it was time to move on.
  9. Do you think Cam was prepared to accept the same sort of short term contract w/performance incentives playing for Carolina that he has received from the Patriots? I certainly don't.
  10. Other than questions remaining about the O-line, Sam has upgrades at every position vs what he had with the Jets. Can't think of a much better situation for a QB looking to redeem himself. Here's hoping for the best.
  11. Not as expensive a diet as you might imagine either.
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