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  1. No way a legitimate coaching candidate comes to this team this off-season. It's career suicide.
  2. These incel takes are getting old.
  3. At this point, should we be happy with the first overall second round pick? You know, if you can mentally square away that we don't have a first. You don't even have to pull for 'tanking', the team is already the worst in the league.
  4. The best drafted player the Panthers have produced in years was picked by Matt Rhule's wife. That player is still pretty mid.
  5. You have to give it up for Fitterer. I've never seen a man able to assemble so many certified fuging losers on one team before. This is a historically awful team.
  6. I swear to fug I aint watching a game next year if he's still the general manager.
  7. Waiting on Fitt to draft a Cam, Luke, Davis, Norman, or trade for a Greg Olsen. I'd even settle for a Kalil or Beason or anything worth watching.
  8. What an absolute shitshow. Coaches pulling knives on each other.
  9. I'm getting bad vibes from this. It's not a good look firing Frank this early without just letting him finish the season. It looks like we have an impatient owner and a General Manager that's trying to save their job by throwing everyone under the bus. This team is doomed this year, and I don't know if we can evaluate any potential in-house coaching hires with what's left of this year's games and roster. It's starting to feel like we've cemented ourselves as the bottom dweller, the worst team and front office in the league. Are the Panthers really the new Browns?
  10. If Fitterer isn't then this feels meaningless and even possibly detrimental. If we're keeping Fitterer but firing another coach mid-season, then I feel like most of the coaching talent pool are going to scoff at requests to interview. The reason being is it looks like we have a buffoon running the team and an even bigger buffoon running the front office. Who would really want to interview with us? Please Jesus, fire Scott Fitterer.
  11. Yeah, he traded sometimes, but overall he acquired picks more than lost them. The Panthers had a lot of selections with Hurney compared to any of their other GMs. The thing with Hurney is he wasn't bad with all trades. For example, he fleeced Chicago for Greg Olsen which was a cornerstone of the offense for nearly a decade. He also was able to trade away guys like Kelvin Benjamin, somehow acquiring a third rounder.
  12. Mingo should really be benched until he learns to run basic routes. Give Smith-Marsette a chance.
  13. I think Mingo's interview was overblown. I think they saw what they wanted to see in him. This is what Fitterer looks at first, then fills in the gaps with confirmation bias while watching tape and interviewing players.
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