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  1. I also think that scouts have his floor rated much higher than the average Joe that's watching games. The reason being is his physical running, which wasn't really utilized much last season, is something that could keep the chains moving his first couple of seasons before refining as a passer. A lot of quarterbacks in their first year starting have poor passing statistics. I'm wondering how much Richardson would improve in his second year, in college or the NFL. If he can come up to a 60% completion percentage, with his running ability, he might get off to a faster start than some think.
  2. Thielen would be a great addition if just for what he can show the kids in the receiver's room.
  3. Yeah, I can tell you don't watch the games because you refer specifically to college statistics instead of evaluating what's happening in each player's games. I don't really care either way. You can go back to evaluating quarterbacks you find the hottest for all I care.
  4. You're not very convincing. I don't feel like you're the type to take the time to watch the games.
  5. I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously. I've watched every game I can find of each of the top four. Stroud, Levis, and Richardson I've often watched games 2-4 times.
  6. Not really. He misses receivers a lot of the time because of footwork. He has elite movement in the pocket, scans the field well, and generally makes good decisions. This along with his elite size, speed, and ability to create with his legs is going to be enticing to front offices. I would bet on some level a lot of the scouts have Young's size, and Stroud's adversity under pressure as worse knocks than footwork leading to inaccuracy. If Richardson played another year he would have definitely improved his accuracy enough to be considered possibly the consensus number one overall.
  7. I have a feeling they do really like Richardson. His tape is really interesting if you take time to watch it.
  8. Jets fans would come for him.
  9. It shows when you watch his games. If he had problems with processing or reading a defense I don't think they would have kept him as the starter. Their offense was generally a pro-style, where he would stand tall, keeping his eyes up field, going through his progressions. His lower body mechanics just were so inconsistent he had poor overall accuracy that would fluctuate.
  10. It should be apparent from the fact the Panthers traded so much draft capital for him and just let him walk when they currently have a barren quarterback room. They obviously didn't want him here even in a mentor role.
  11. If the Panthers are serious about moving back it is for Richardson. I do not believe for a second it's a 1a/1b situation when they have an entire scouting department to make definitive rankings for draft day.
  12. You're talking to a person that predicted he would be traded to the Bears, months ago. If you want to post D.J. Moore's stats in relation to other receivers, go ahead. It's not going to change the fact that it's going to difficult to replace him. Tee Higgins would not be cheap and most likely not directly replace his production.
  13. With what? The 2024 first round pick?
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