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  1. We could have just taken Colson instead of acquiring a new long snapper or whatever they'll take in the fifth is what's hurting me right now.
  2. Tepper just love's his money balls RAS players.
  3. I'll be honest, I wanted to stay put and take Colson. I don't know anything about Wallace.
  4. People say this every single year. Every year I read this comment, usually 5-10 times on draft day.
  5. Cool, we're back to Fitterering around. Or maybe it's just Tepper all along?
  6. Lot of ILB and safeties on the board.
  7. Okay, damn. Maybe a ILB, Safety, or if they like Sanders I guess.
  8. I didn't really like the tight ends in the second. No one stood out to me.
  9. Jerry looks so sad. The Brooks pick was so worth it.
  10. I will say this. I like that I can see what they're doing or trying to do. It isn't painfully head-scratching like under Fitterer or even Gettleman at times.
  11. I don't mind it, even though I've said year in and out that running back aren't good positional value. I did not watch anything on him this off-season and just read brief summaries so I cannot comment on how I think he'll do in this league. Having said that, our running back room is lowkey atrocious. All of our running backs are horrendous blockers and while they give effort, there's no one that's scaring a defense. If he lives up to his potential, great pick, regardless of positional value.
  12. Makes sense if they really think he is HIM. Positional value isn't there anymore, but if they think he's blue chip, I get it.
  13. Okay, a lot of players I don't care about are left. I think the Panthers could trade back to the top of the third and still get a highly rated player at a position that's not coveted. Wilson, Cooper, Brooks, maybe a safety.
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