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  1. Possible. Though in general it also means that it’s very difficult this year to scout.
  2. The stats over a decade. It takes a decade worth of fourth round picks to hit that statistic. This is basic math. Look up the by year hit rate.
  3. I think our fans don’t understand basic math.
  4. Yeah, but 4th rounders over a decade of picks.
  5. Now name the tens of thousands drafted around them.
  6. I’m fine with it, because I know we’re not keeping all of these picks.
  7. You ever wonder why all teams don’t just trade back four times?
  8. Yeah, but you have to understand at this point in the draft you’re generally not selecting NFL level players.
  9. Yeah, but until they do our super fans are going to swear it’s going to be picks for players that can make the roster.
  10. I mean if you want to argue that late round picks are better than low level veterans.
  11. No you cannot. Any veteran will be much better.
  12. For those wondering why fans are skeptical of collecting this many late round picks. They are skeptical because there’s no way to keep this many rookies on a roster or practice squad without getting picked clean. Also, the rookies selected this late generally will not be NFL level players and even low talent veterans will be better to fill the roster with. It’s too many rookies to try and develop. They will need to trade these picks for a veteran or for picks next year.
  13. Which I've never stated even once. He's not a bad selection, he's just a selection in our most stacked position on the team, will probably take a while to develop, and thus is not what most would consider a "need".
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