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  1. Seats are section 345, we are coming from Wilmington so easy access in and out to 74 would be great.
  2. Hello, Been to CLT a few times but never for a game. From Google searches it appears 428 W Morehead St parking lot would be the top choice, but I can't find a way to purchase a ticket for that lot. Any help for a Noob bringing my elderly father who doesn't have a handicap sticker but also can't walk very far? Cost isn't a factor. Thanks!
  3. First, let me start by saying it's been a long time since I posted here. I've been following the team, but until they fix the OL, there isn't much to follow. So how do you fix an OL as bad as the Panthers? You have to give up something of value. This brings me to my idea. The Jets own 2 top 7-8 picks in the draft. There are at least 3 OL prospects in the top 10 or so, in my mind. The Jets would love a guy like CMC to be their NY competition to Saquon. Offer CMC for both Jets picks. Draft 3 OL. LT- Cross (Mississippi State) LG- Ekwonu (NC State) RG- Neal (Alabama) RT- Moton Cross is considered by many to be a plug and play LT with a great first step, long arms and the ability to immediately match up with the leagues best pass rushers. He should be a starter from day 1. Ekwonu also considered to be capable as a LT, but versatile enough to slide down to LG where his devastating point of attack aggressiveness would create an ever better push in the run game. He has pro bowl potential according to experts, and is an immediate starter. Neal is a natural Tackle, but has versatility across positions and would be a devastating run blocker at Guard. If Moton doesn't work out, Neal could slide to RT easily. He's a day 1 starter in the NFL. Now, you only need to find a C capable of being a vet leader to bring these guys up to speed. Chances are, you have a rough year and get another top draft pick, which is exactly what you want in the 2023 draft with CJ Stroud, Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson all likely coming out. This is where you find the QB to play behind your newly revamped OL. By the time your OL investment starts to pay dividends, you will have Chubba, Terrace, Tremble, and a new QB to develop.
  4. Todd McShay latest mock has Panthers trading up to #3 and taking Trey Lance over Fields, who then goes to ATL at 4. Would be a VERY interesting NFC South in a few years if that happened.
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