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  1. I strongly disagree. He did a great job going through his progressions and sensing when time was up and needed to move to avoid pressure. If you were listening to Jake Delhomme on the radio during the game, Jake was gushing in his praise for BY. Yes both of the interceptions were on him, but I believe he will learn to avoid repeating. My only compaint is he needs to work on his deep ball accuracy.
  2. I believe that drafting Mingo did a lot to offset the loss of DJ Moore. Moreover, I predict the overall productivity gain of Mingo+DJ Chaulk (the new DJ)+Theilen+Damiere Byrd >>> Loss of DJ Moore. So we basically got our franchise QB for a 1st rounder next year and a 2nd rounder in 2 years. I would take that trade in a heartbeat.
  3. I love our new head coach and his staff. I feel confident that great things will be coming our way.
  4. I thought OTAs continued today. Why no postings yet? I need my daily fix of Panther news.
  5. You gotta be effing kidding. If not, kiss my ass goodbye to this team
  6. I would love to receive your tickets and will take as many photos as you want
  7. The sad thing is that DJax has been playing his best ball this year and is a team captain. I hope this is not writing on the wall for his future with the Cats.
  8. Dickson has not done poo. Need an upgrade for #2 TE. Hope this is it.
  9. Dickson has not done poo. Need an upgrade for #2 TE. Hope this is it.
  10. Sins of the flesh. Lord help me, I have lust in my heart.... I love football too.
  11. I now recall the spleen rupturing to Tampa's QB (by whom to whom?)
  12. The most brutal hit in Panther's history. Tolbert gave that guy an Excedrin headache. What other lights out hits are worthy of this title?
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