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  1. Confirmed -- Rhule said the 5th year option has NOT been picked up yet, May 3rd is the deadline, that is BIG news!! Allows them to take a QB, and only have Sam at his cost of 4M ish for just this season if the draft falls our way.
  2. Gentlemen, are me looking at the makings of a playoff roster....share your thoughts below. Offense - QB - Darnold / Walker / Grier / Stevens / TB to TBD HB - CMC / Bonnafon / Smith / Cannon / Clark the UDFA from the workout FB - N/A (Maybe the TE Colin Thompson as needed) WR - DJ Moore / Anderson / David Moore / Kirkwood / Zylstra / Young projects TE - Arnold / Thomas / Sullivan OL - Erving / Elflein / Paradis / Miller / Moton -- Key Depth - Little / Daley / Scott --------------------------------------------- Defense - DL - Brown / Gross-Matos
  3. 1) Fields or Lance falls to #8 -- take them, Sam is still a huge ''?'' adding a LT doesn't resolve the ''?'' that he is, don't pass on the talent that Fields / Lance possess + up to 5 years of QB play at that low of a cost, even if we exercise / have exercised Darnold's 5th year option, for a future QB needy team he'd be cheap if we had to deal. Then use the 2nd, and possibly the 3rd to trade back and add additional Day 2 & 3 picks. (We're in a great position to do that since we are at the top of each round) 2) If Fields or Lance fall to #5 or #6 -- Swap 1sts, and offer the thir
  4. Will, and HAVE aren't the same. From all I've read its not. They have until after the draft. MAY 3rd Is the deadline.
  5. Sullivan is the UDFA TE, that also played some DL from SEA -- Ivey I can't recall atm.
  6. I think the EXPECTATION to pick up the 5th year was floated out there by the media, but I haven't seen it made official, would be in the team's best interest to wait until the deadline May 3rd which is the Monday after the draft. This way if we draft a QB we can forgo his option, and if we don't we still have the option to not commit to it. I personally wouldn't commit either way because he's not getting market value money, and if he's gone in FA we sign or look to the draft. I'd rather keep that QB money low until we draft a guy, and just build the best total roster. (See SF / MIA, as r
  7. TB IMO set up his own exit after the MIN game and blaming a call coming in late as the reason he missed a wide open receiver directly in front of his face. Then trying to dive over the pile in GB only to fumble, and the 4th and 9 in the final moments of a game where he just checks it down to a 2 yard drag. There's several examples, IMO they bought into the Saints hype, he looked better on a better team, I dunno who was responsible for the money, but if you're paying a guy that much they need to at times be the reason you win; especially at QB. He's a game manager with below a
  8. Just watch the presser, TLDR 1) We can draft a QB if one falls that we like 2) We can move up, down, or stay put This is what Fitterer said yesterday, also OL / DL / CB are points of interest in the draft in general.
  9. 8 >>> 5 is not nearly the jump from where SF was (12) to get to #3. We're talking a 9 spot jump versus 3. Pick 5 is worth - 1700 Pick 8 is worth - 1400 and our 3rd is worth 225 (1625) If this required our 4th (68) or 5th (29.4) Those are throw ins when talking about a QB, and we can make up for some of that via trading back at the top of Rd 2. Realistic enough for you (I looked into all of this before when talking about a potential trade to get to 3 or 5 weeks before SF pulled the trigger -- that was the scenario for us that was going to require a future 1s
  10. This ^^^ IMO the media is using the availability of QBs to drive media consumption whether it's for clicks, or tv ratings. The value teams would have to give up can't be overlooked, we're not the only teams with holes. Each of these teams has a QBs in place with NFL experience / talent. Locke on a DEN team that's not decimated by injuries could make a push as a WC team. OAK and LAC still have a ways to go as well the main comp is KC. Fitz & Allen in WAS seem like the move this year, doesn't make a ton of sense to trade UP for a guy that will be the 3rd QB. If it was just
  11. Like I said, it all boils down to price, will teams want to pay the cost to move UP for the 4th QB. IF Fields or Lance gets to #5 I could see us trying to jump, swapping firsts and adding our 3rd to move up 3 spots. We could easily trade back at the top of Rd 2, swapping 2nd's and adding a 3rd early 4th to keep our total pick count the same depending on the value.
  12. Need to simply say, I'd rather draft a mid round prospect like Mond over trading for Darnold. He only has the 5th year option left at this point, and that is IMO too high a cost for a player that remains in question. If we can't get Fields / Lance at #8 or maybe a trade up to #5 if ATL takes Pitts, I'd like to see us take SeWell or Slater in the 1st, and then look to bring in Mond or Newman on Day 2 with a solidified OL in front of him. OL - Sewell or Slater / Elflein / Paradis / Miller / Moton -- Key Reserves -- Erving / Little / Scott WR - Moore / Robby / Moore / our
  13. Yeah ATL >> CAR trade is nigh impossible. One can only hope the asking price is too high. If number 3 got a swap of 1st's, two future firsts, and a 3rd -- you'd have to imagine that the price will be similar. The question is will teams want to spend that much on the ''4th best QB''. I think that's what it will boil down to. DEN would make the most sense as they (ATL) could move down to #9 and still acquire a great player, and the cost cost for DEN would be a little less that what it may take for WAS, or NE to jump. I also see a trade with an NFC opponent unlikely so WAS seems
  14. SanDiego didn't trade for a QB though, so you don't make any sense. They simply drafted the replacement. Brees was coming off of a shoulder surgery as well when he was released. In your scenario you're adding a 3rd QB, and looking to eat dead cap to cut TB and sacrificing a draft pick to get Minshew. Makes 0 sense.
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