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  1. As most of you know by now the Moton extension freed up 10M in cap space, putting us in a pretty solid spot financially with 24M available. I think Rhule outlined last off-season that they'd like to carry at least 6-8M into the regular season to account for unforeseen circumstances, so for the sake of argument, let's say we have a functional 17M (average of 6 & 8 is 7). Names like Clinton-Dix were already in camp for try-outs, and recently Kawaan Short was cleared and recently featured in a picture with Derrick Brown and Bravvion Roy (see twitter / instagram) Knowing that DL &am
  2. He needs to be considering we passed on a top rookie QB prospect. We seem to be taking the SF approach of build the BEST possible team, and insert QBs as needed if one doesn't work out. With the notion that IF we have a complete team we can mortgage picks to move up if needed, but if Darnold aka our Garoppollo works out then ok to that as well.
  3. This 100%, Sam was not so PROVEN that you bring him in WITH NO COMPETITION and he only costed 4M at that time, you take the QB when they're there because the position is that important. You'd always be able to trade Sam just like we did T2G down the line.
  4. The NFL is the NFL, even on the worst teams. I think the turn-around could be more similar to Baker and CLE vs Tannehill and TEN. Freddie Kitchens had no idea what he was doing. I want us to win with whoever is under-center, I just preferred the talent / monetary value Fields provided at #8 over a corner. Look at the last several SB winning / participating teams, none of them had high end DB pedigree, they all had top end QB play, and / or weapons ALL OVER on offense, and a pass rush, with at least one high end back end safety. You're not looking at -- LAR (One of the b
  5. As much as anyone else, I want us to WIN, however I don't let common sense elude me either. At least I try not to. I don't care who the QB is IF WE'RE WINNING. I just don't like the idea of signing / trading for unproven talent, because we're on the hook for 18M, and if he's good ''IF'' we're looking at paying PREMIUM QB money in just 2 seasons. Where as if Fields hit's his potential, you have up to 5 years of modest QB money, and with all the young guys we have coming up, we'd have less need to let 1 or 2 walk, especially considering the savings on Shaq's contract in a season or two (20
  6. Teddy had weapons, even with CMC out of the line up. People defending Cam because people know what he's capable of. QB's or ''a'' QB (Tannehill), who else thrived after Gase, also Tannehill had already ''earned'' an extension prior to Gase's arrival he was already proven, he regressed under Gase THEN returned to form in TEN. Darnold hadn't even convinced the team that drafted him to keep him, there's a difference.
  7. His 4th camp.... His 1st with us, a lot of the same excuses / hype were made for T2G, I'm waiting to see. However; I was 100% on board with Fields, talent / value of the rookie contract with Sam AT THAT TIME only on a 1yr / 4M deal. I would have let them battle it out in camp, and used the money to sign a corner this off-season or next. I'd have been ok going after a Peterson, Sam doesn't strike me as a get us to the playoffs talent, and I don't see anything in his game that could be considered elite -- at least with guys like Cam (early), Lamarr, Russel, Kyler, and even Josh Allen
  8. TB / TEN are probably the other teams I think of when you look at WR (having 2 studs), and a HB where I can say we might be behind them considering the gap at the QB position. But DJ / Robbie / CMC -- stack up well versus anyone's top 3.
  9. They can eat it pretty easily IF it was necessary. Its just a safety net if he plays well. And isn't to high to eat if we make a move.
  10. I think skipping on Fields will come back to bite us, and I am in full acknowledgement of the talent Jaycee Horn could turn out to be. I just don't think you essentially sell out for Darnold, those rookie QB contracts on TALENTED QBs which is what Justin is are too valuable to just pass on. 18M guaranteed / 22M over these next two seasons, while also eating the dead cap from getting the Teddy decision wrong and having to trade him is a bitter pill to swallow. That's money for guys we need to extend in the next few years IMO: Moton, Robby's deal ends this year (Marshall was drafted but is
  11. I think we keep 6, thinking about the NFC South / longer season we'll need depth. 8, 26, 24 -- as the ''starters'' 29, 25, 28 -- ''rotational'' depth I think the kid ''28'' Keith Taylor out of WAS will edge out STO III, but I think STO III will end up on the PS.
  12. This is why you draft Fields at 8, and have a QB on a rookie deal for 4 years plus the 5th year option. I understand the DB need, but I'm not sold on Sam same way I wasn't on TB. And he's locked in for 18M next year.
  13. His QB for all but 1 season ...
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