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  1. We only have 7 picks - 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5 The extra 5th from SF is in 2024. The seven picks we have for 2023 as of today is the same number of total picks we'd normally have. The good thing is we can double up in rounds 2 & 3 this year if we're able to sit tight and get a guy like AR15 at no. 9.
  2. Norv was the best OC we'd had, and had Cam on pace for career best numbers in completion percentage -- people forget, we were 6-2 and this was with a LT off the damn street. I appreciate the time Ron spent here, but I cannot forgive the fact that we IGNORED outfitting a generational talent at QB with the most effective skill players / OL to maximize his talent. I think the issue with defensive minded coaches is that even WITH a talent like Cam, they THINK I need the best defense I can field and my QB is good enough. When to me it's yes you need a good defense, but when you have THAT at QB, you need to field a GREAT offense. Not just a GREAT QB.
  3. If you go back and watch Wilks' post game, he actually advises that it was 2 man under, which means help was supposed to be over the top in regard to AT LEAST one of those. This was in response to the CJ Henderson one.
  4. Biting the bullet doesn't mean trading three first round picks either. I think we should see how the combine / pro-days / etc. begin to align. I think we will have AR or Stroud there at #9. HOU and IND seem to be the initial threats. Bryce & Stroud, or Bryce and Levis are likely the combo for first two QB's taken. After free agency it will show us who else is serious about a draft QB.
  5. How do you win big games regularly without a ''big game'' QB. Name a team that wins big games regularly and consistently without one of the better QBs... Literally we were working with some of the worst options. What kind of unrealistic expectations did you guys have for Baker, or Sam...? I mean damn, he went .500 with essentially no QB, and a limited defense.
  6. Andy Reid or not, the coach he cut his teeth under was Rivera. He was fired in PHI... That's not coaching tree success, that came here in CAR and most of the talk about him getting HC considerations was after a few years here. Had nothing to do with ''Andy Reid'' ties.
  7. So you're unfamiliar with Ron's success in San Diego and Chicago as the DC, or early in McD career when Ron had to handle play calling - https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/01/17/sean-mcdermott-lands-on-his-feet-in-carolina/ Either y'all young or just don't care to keep up with how things actually happened here over the years. Rivera groomed McD and helped him become who he is as a coach. You can't take that away because "Ron was too conservative".
  8. Those guys are taken, in MIA if you have Hill / Waddle / Gisecki / theose HBs / Armstead and that OL, plus that defense I'd wonder about the coach not to mention a top pick at QB. Daboll, furthest thing from young, was a proven NFL Coordinator was not a ''young up and coming OC'' -- inherited Andrew Thomas, and they draft the tackle from ALA who's name escapes me atm, and two picks before him got Thibodeaux. He also had a lot to work with and is closer to my alternates of -- Reich / Caldwell than that of they young, unproven OC's. Taylor inherited the #1 overall QB in one of the few occurrences where it worked out. __________________________________ You're going to need to do a little better than that. What are those coaches doing in 2022 with what we had to work with. That would be the question I'd ask myself in your shoes. Not faulting them you coach what you get, but are any of them doing more with less is a better question.
  9. Did McDermott do this, also Ken Dorsey OC for HC interview...will he also do this since it's ''who he been with and learned from''? Or does being an OC absolve his from this blanket comparison...why isn't McD Rivera 2.0, he was the first Rivera tree hire....
  10. What other coaches....I already said I'd be on board with a proven NFL coach (Reich / Caldwell / Wilks) of the young up and comers who's going to come in and have players respect day one? Dorsey might be the only one due to his time here, would he be a Rivera re-tread since he was on that staff, or since he eventually became an OC would he be ''an outside the box'' modern NFL guy who goes for 4th and short all the time, and is brash, etc. Also Wilks is not Rivera, anyone with eyes / football acumen could see there was only ONE way for this team to win games in 2022 with this roster. This years plan doesn't' apply to 2023. Maybe some should consider that.
  11. History also says these inexperienced OC's will fail or succeed the same way Wilks could fail or succeed. The ultimate question is what makes you or anyone think a 1-3 year OC is a stronger option...what is the reasoning other than the ''the offensive guys wouldn't be conservative''. Steichen was the OC last in in PHI too, people want him now for two reasons: 1) Philly added a legit WR #1, and has had one of the BEST OLs the last few years 2) Philly won at a high clip this year The two options above are possible because: 1) QB on a rookie deal that is ''good'' 2) One of the best defenses in the league ___________________________________________________ No one was wanting Dorsey or Steichen back in 2020, they are the flavors of the month now, and if those teams didn't have a combination of - Coach / QB / really good roster most folks wouldn't even know who they are. Other than coach offense what would you say these inexperienced OC's would do better as a HC?
  12. From someone you all may respect more than me behind a keyboard.
  13. So when nine are from a team not of his making, not of his choosing, you hang all nine simply on him ''not being quality enough'' when he just took a 1-4 team to 7 and 10.... I'd say that's some damn good coaching considering the gaps we have on the roster, and no QB.
  14. Then who's the hire that gets you excited, what does ''x'' candidate bring that warrants the excitement. NFL coaching staffs are an exercise in nepotism, always has been a good ole' boys / my guys kind of operation. That's not going to change with a new coach, Steichen will pull from PHI's staff / Dorsey from BUF and possibly some former Panthers guys elsewhere / Moore would bring guys from DAL, and maybe even some collegiate contacts he's maintained, same for Reich / Caldwell both former Colts coaches. The only that would really changes is tied to if the coach is an Off minded guy versus Def, and most comments in here simply ''want'' an Off minded guy, but no real preference has been provided, and no real record of success for any of them has been referenced, which I covered in the fact that I'd like Reich or Caldwell.
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