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  1. It's been a huge topic some scouts don't like the RPO heavy offense Ole Miss ran, Ben McAdoo likes the quick decision making that the QB (Corral) exerted in this offense, the talking points go on. This video especially towards the end where the Chief's breakdown is shown I think should give people some insight into the success that having the RPO as what you might consider a staple portion of the offense can do for you if run efficiently. Enjoy...
  2. Considering the hybrid nature of our front as I think we continue to see more two points stances on the edges, we have an opportunity to still be ''good'' on defense. Most of Reddick's production was from some isolated performances as far as the sacks are concerned, similar to his 5 vs NYG his last year in ARI. So his final stat line has to be understood in context, hell of a guy to lose, but is ''replaceable'' even if by committee. YGM / Haynes / Barno - all have skill sets we know work / in Barno's case can translate to the NFL. Barno is the same physical comp as Burns off the edge in pass rushing downs and is equally athletic. YGM / Haynes have shown the ability to produce when their number is called, it stands to reason more opportunity means an increase in that production. I think our secondary is better, Gilmore was on a pitch count, and played well but was not ''the reason'' our defense was good. Horn looked the part up to injury (Week 3), Henderson with camp under his belt stands to improve, and DJ is a good corner. We also have improved at Safety with the addition of Xavier Woods, which allows Chinn to be the move safety where he's in the box, out of the box, etc. In general the secondary depth is honestly fairly deep. Brown and Ioannidis are as good a starting duo as most teams can claim aside from the likes of (PHI / WAS) I think another proven veteran could help them, but Roy, Nixon, and Hoskins all showed they could hold up. As far as off-ball LBer's we FINALLY added some athleticism to pair with Shaq, both Littleton, and Wilson are upgrades over Carter, and adding in Smith who will have the opportunity to learn behind that group is huge. Luvu has an all day motor so I expect to see him flash just like last year. All in all the only loss was Reddick, and IMO we have been able to add to the roster to account for that. I can't count Gilmore as a loss as he joined right before the deadline, was on PUP, and was spot duty for the time he did play.
  3. Those were three areas left vacant after FA, we definitely seemed to have had a plan, target players, and we are executing and adding guys with ELITE traits with HIGH upside.
  4. Traits, traits, and more traits, arm...check, athleticism...check....upside check. I'm good with this bottom of the 3rd.
  5. How can he say that when there is no QB comp on the roster at this time, and ultimately this is a Rhule decision as far as who plays.
  6. Ummmmm.....did ya'll not see how bad the offense was when Darnold who knew the PB returned... Cam is better than Sam on equal footing, Cam actually led drives that ended in scores with a week or two of practice, I don't even recall if Sam led a scoring drive in his return until the meaningless Week 18 game versus TB. Weeks 7 through 9: Darnold - Zero touchdowns, and three interceptions and a fumble Weeks 16 through 18: Darnold - Two touchdowns, two interceptions, 3 fumbles, and 2 lost In summary in his 6 games that closed out the year -- 2 total TD's / 5 Interceptions / 4 fumbles - 2 lost (7 turnovers in 6 games) _________________________________________ Cam Newton Weeks 10 through 16 (Didn't play but one or 2 snaps in Weeks 17 & 18): Cam - 9 total TDs / 5 INTs / 4 fumbles - 1 lost (9 turnovers in 7 games) All behind an even worse version of the OL (injuries) and not even knowing the playbook, and having a quarter of the gameplan with Matt Rhule's college roommate as the OC after firing Brady! Like come on, I know a lot of ya'll never really like Cam, and I don' think anyone is acting like he's 2015 Cam, but the NE version of Cam is better than Darnold, and any other vet FA. If there was a location / fit that made sense it's here.
  7. Then who is the bridge option for the rookie.... Gardener Minshew, Sam Darnold, Fitzmagic Only QBs available via trade is Jimmy G off shoulder surgery, and on a BETTER SF roster he couldn't get it done and is still a turnover waiting to happen. That leaves Baker...do we even need to go into why not with him when he couldn't even handle his team looking to upgrade at QB, no thanks on the baby at QB. Cam is the best option of the bunch, has nothing to do with anything but that. Cam saying he wants to ''win'' is PR spin, but all the contending teams ALREADY have their QB so on a contender he's a back up. He might very well accept that role and I wouldn't blame him. However, if he wants to play, with a chance to win our roster could be suitable to that with more draft picks, and a legit veteran QB and in this case he's better than what is out there.
  8. 44-5, and 26-0 at home, never a season with double digit INTs. And I like the RAS measurables, its why I'd be ok with a later day 3 selection while filling out our roster. I think we could approach winning with this formula having picks in the 1st and 2nd to add OL, etc.
  9. I think I'm completely out on QB at sixth overall... I'm not impressed by a guy that took 5 years to make a name in college (Pickett). I'm at least intrigued by Willis, but six is a high price with no current 2nd or 3rd round selections. Corral's frame gives me some pause, he's very slim, so durability over 17 games long term is something I battle with in relation to him. This leads me to Ridder, 40+ wins as a starter, and is trending upwards but is likely not viewed as a 1st rounder based on reports. Desmond Ridder : I think this guy is the move, he's as athletic as any QB in the draft and allows him to elude the rush behind what stands to prove to be an improved OL at the very least from C to RG. He also has the size / frame to get a little bigger, and he has the arm and accuracy to make all the throws at each level of the field. Signing Cam, and just getting what we can, or even just releasing Darnold is the ''ripping off of the band aid'' this team needs. There is nothing to gain from his presence here. Cam rejuvenates the fan base, roster, and gives a legit chance to win games behind an improved OL / roster with actual time to come in and learn the actual offense / build rapport. This allows Ridder to acclimate to the NFL at a pace with less required of him initially and also leaves us with a plan moving forward. I just personally think using the value the 6th has to continue to further solidify the roster is the best move, while having a QB on a rookie deal to move forward with for the next 4 to 5 years so you have the cap / resources to build the best possible roster to compete.
  10. The owner isn't negotiating... GM, and other front office staff negotiate, and that is via the agent. Robbie or likely any player is going to take the agents advice / weigh options. So that's not really a concern.
  11. Pretty sure he is referencing the 3rd year under Rhule, his other profile photo was like a red-shirt, so this doesn't seem like an issue...
  12. This, if a rookie was coming out THIS year with those measurables guys would be salivating, he has great physical tools, and is young, I'm not sure how you don't like the signing. This is like the 3rd / 4th week of FA, this is where you fill in spots / look for diamonds in the rough and this guy comes with a good big of NFL starting experience, beyond Jackson / Rashaan Melvin we are limited in that department. Horn IR, Pride played a lot as a rookie but IR, Taylor got some good work in, and STO limited action. It's a ''smart'' signing, I can't say ''good'' til' we see results if we want to nit pick.
  13. I also think people are really underselling the return of Steve Wilks, has a history of success developing DB talent. I like the state of the DB room, lots of versatility / size / athleticism -- it's honestly an exciting group as a whole.
  14. Free agency is a 2-way street, and all the positions you mentioned aside from LB are premium spots as far as money allocation and most of the better guys >>> depth have been signed. We also added two off-ball LB'ers in Wilson / Littleton. Edge / DE could use some depth but -- Burns / YGM / Haynes / plus a vet camp cut, rookie, etc. should help solidify that rotation not to mention Luvu as well as a blitzer. As far as the addition of Westry hard to complain about adding a guy with elite traits in an effort to develop him / the depth on the team. Horn / Jackson / Henderson is likely the top 3 -- adding Westry with Pride returning from an ACL, STO III, and Hartsfied who also plays some safety is a good move, and if he shows more than the veteran Melvin, that's a good thing for that room moving forward.
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