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  1. 2nd consecutive day the WR duo have not practiced.. Smokescreens or will we be facing 3rd and 4th string receivers? https://www.vikings.com/news/injury-report-week-6-carolina-panthers
  2. this kinda goes hand in hand with the Eagles' Db comments. Crazy that a player can recognize it but the coordinator could'nt
  3. I love that celebration..we'll just let that be.. says 3rd leg Greg
  4. I'm noticing a lot of runs towards the left this game
  5. Decent return but Erickson looks scared to death
  6. watching that oline in slow mo was tough
  7. IDK what it means to them but 3 CB's running all sub 4.4 tack in Chinn and that's a lot of speed in the DB room
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