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  1. interesting nugget. Scoot and Melo are friends. I don't watch much All star weekend stuff but they apparently both played for team payton. looking at the highlights Melo still ran point with scoot playing more off ball.. https://www.si.com/nba/hornets/nba-draft-2023/scoot-henderson-and-lamelo-ball-friends
  2. I've seen a couple of clips from the panther instagram story but other than that it's been pretty dry
  3. Hadn't seen the 2019 Elite 11's so figured I'd go back and watch since he specifically mentioned that as 1 of his main factors.
  4. I would have given 3.5 to 4 at most.. no big loss honestly tho
  5. It’s crazy how undervalued DJ was here.. may not have been the upper echelon but thru ALL of his years of playing football he’s never had any reliable or consistent QBs.. until last year he was a 1200 yard receiver and if it wasn’t for Faker Mayfield he’d still probably be 1 now.. he’s legitimately already on the all time leader board in the chi and hasn’t even played a single game. I loved the deal until I saw DJ but I can live with it. That’s the business and the game and I’m simply a fan so imma just say DJ definitely was a valuable asset to the team.. same with CMac. I understand but I still appreciate the player and what they did for this organization #keeppounding
  6. Za'Darius Smith requests release https://www.nfl.com/news/vikings-za-darius-smith-requests-release-from-team-minnesota-has-no-plans-to-cut
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10068053-nfl-trade-rumors-deandre-hopkins-cardinals-no-3-draft-pick-available-for-deal According to The Athletic's Doug Haller, not only is there a "strong possibility" that star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is traded, but the Cardinals also "remain open to trading the No. 3 pick and moving back to gain additional picks, which might be their best option." Haller explained Arizona has many roster needs, leading to the team's desire to explore its trade options. "This is a team with more questions than answers. In his first year on the job, GM Monti Ossenfort needs to rebuild the offensive line, add a pass rusher and improve the cornerback room," Haller wrote while adding wide receiver to that list in the event Hopkins is traded.
  8. Curious here to what previous comments led to drafting said players
  9. I imagine Shaq will be back as well.. said he plays coverage well, good size etc assume a restructure coming soon
  10. I’ve had many doubts about Bieniemy myself. Wandering why he hasn’t gotten a gig somewhere yet but I’d really like to pluck somebody off that staff and I think he’ll have the most Reid influence out of anybody. Qb coaches don’t call plays yet we’d love to have Johnson.. Idk but that offense was lights out 2nd half. Who’s mahomes wbu coach lol..
  11. Trust me I get it.. but to publicly make that statement of not offering him a position for that sole purpose and to double back on Evero.. again to me just doesn’t help the case
  12. Yeah I get. I would think you would at least offer him the position tho
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