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  1. IDK how much to take from this. 1 thing that stuck out to me the most tho is that Reich and McCown wanted Stroud and I think we all remember how bad McCown was over Stroud pre-draft. and also the draft call to Bryce when Tepper told him about them needing a QB and them wanting him the year prior to us even having the #1 pick kinda aligns with what is being said. And if so.. this is badddd
  2. I don’t understand the infatuation with running up the gut with small backs. It just doesn’t make logical sense
  3. Poor clock management.. poor coaching… this ain’t it
  4. I just don’t feel like Reich trust Bryce. The play calling is just different from last week
  5. I think Corral settled in with a nice drive their.. overall I liked what he did more than Dalton.. wrong thread
  6. I could’ve sworn he was wearing number 50 or something like that in their last game
  7. Guess Bryce is too young to get that call edit double post
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