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  1. On the play in question, Schwartz was running a deep route to cut in the middle of the field on third-and-13 at midfield against the Texans. But he froze and Mayfield fired the ball right into the hands of safety Justin Reid. While Reid was returning the interception, Mayfield attempted to tackle him and injured his left non-throwing shoulder.
  2. No qualms there my friend.. physically he's a beast..no denying it
  3. I'm a Tarheel thru and thru but before I got pimped by Detroit I would've took Aj at 13 and mark at 15
  4. Indeed they haven't, however Duren offered better switchability.. Duren could essentially guard 2-5.. you're not getting that with Mark at all..might as well stick with Plumlee defensively in that situation.. on the contrary.. Williams does offer better shot blocking.. pick your poison.. I personally prefer being able to keep the guy in front of you
  5. Both are bigs that really offer no floor spacing.. in pick amd roll situations Duren was miles ahead of Williams athletically.. the edge Williams has is post moves due to physicality but neither are even average shooters and that's where my issue lies.
  6. I'm honestly going out on a wing here.. more like a prayer but there was a report earlier that Detroit was interested in Hayward.. maybe Kup is trying to work a 3 team trade and working some sort of GM sorcery here.. if that's the case I'm all I. With mark
  7. I'd actually hate that very much.. take Duren trade 15
  8. I can only assume it's to dump Hayward or aquire Myles
  9. I guess I wouldn't be mad a at Duren.. he just reminds me too much of Kai
  10. Going on record don't want Mark Williams.. he is what he is but I just feel like a big with no shooting touch at all limits the offense and defense in pick and roll
  11. speaking of Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke!!!!!!!!! picks up around 2:40 mark
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