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  1. Hi folks. Neil Stratton is always a great source for this kind of news.
  2. Thought this was going to be about Brandon Graham saying "Dallas sucks" from the podium. (Lady Cowboy Fan is still stewing over that one) This works too, though.
  3. Just leaving this here...
  4. For those watching the Draft, yes Lady Cowboy Fan did hear Eagles DL Brandon Graham say "Dallas sucks" and she's ready to jump off the couch and go through the TV
  5. Hey, everyone As many of you may know, I've been dealing with a lot of health issues for the last few months. Mostly heart and lung related stuff, but also eye issues (will have to have cataract surgery sometime soon) so I'm not online much. Lady Cowboy Fan and I will be watching the draft though. I know everybody is into the skill positions, but I want to see the Panthers land Zach Frazier to man the center spot for the Big Uglys. I've seen him mocked to us a time or two, so we'll see. In the midst of everything though, I thought I'd stop by and wish everyone well. Hope to come out of this weekend happy about our draft haul. (and stay that way). As always, keep pounding.
  6. Appreciate it. Had to have a stent put in because they found a 95% blockage in my left descending artery. I'm told that particular blockage kills a lot of people, so I'm lucky. Currently dealing with low blood oxygen. They haven't been able to figure out the cause yet so I'm on oxygen a lot and my energy isn't so great. To top it all off, my vision isn't so good right now. Likely will have to have cataract surgery sometime soon. So not online much still pulling for the team. Best wishes and keep pounding everybody
  7. Was about to say the same thing. A number of the guys on the offensive side are fairly or relatively new to their positions. McPherson has a lot of experience.
  8. Campen was reported to be one of the guys running to Tepper. It's also believed that Tabor was one, but no names have ever been confirmed from internal sources. Campen was mentioned by someone outside the team, though. Brown wasn't. They'd never met. He was reportedly added after an outside suggestion (possibly Tepper).
  9. Right about the time we settle down and say "okay, we're good now" is when they start waffling
  10. Tom Coughlin had the same problem. Keeping a team healthy long enough to win a Super Bowl is a massive challenge, made worse by the league extending the season to 17 games.
  11. Wrong about you and McCaffrey? Nah As to the analysis of what we've done at the quarterback position post Newton though, I won't argue that.
  12. Also, maybe it's just me but it sure feels like the 49ers have an unfortunate tendency to be beaten up by the time the postseason rolls around. That was a lot of what kept the Steelers from being more successful under Bill Cowher.
  13. Doesn't really matter how many backs Shanahan has on the roster if he continues to abandon the run.
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