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  1. Philly has three first round picks next year (7, 18 and 21).
  2. Strongest contenders to trade for him right now are reported to be the Eagles.
  3. Related.. Speculation had been that he'd likely be placed on the Commissioners List this season.
  4. Much as I dislike Brady, damn
  5. I wouldn't have wanted Harbaugh. He's far better suited to college coaching (though you wouldn't know it right now). Riddick? Is he really that good or is he another Jon Gruden like guy with a know it all image because he's got no accountability? I honestly don't know. And Fields? Well, we know where that stands.
  6. Sportsbooks are lousy predictors. Betting sites had us drafting Justin Fields, hiring Jim Harbaugh as head coach and naming Louis Riddick GM.
  7. Say something that isn't stupid and I'll happily acknowledge it.
  8. Nah, just plain stupid... and also wrong. Linville was anti-Herbert. I wasn't.
  9. I have zero interest in Okung or Short, and I suspect the Panthers have even less than I do. As to the rest of the bunch, they're free agents for a reason.
  10. Speaking of free agent tight ends (slash quarterbacks)...
  11. I wish you'd apply the second part of that advice to your posts. Rhule is not in any danger yet.
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