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  1. I do but a lot of it is behind a pay wall now. When you do get to read, Alaina Getzenberg is actually pretty good.
  2. To say Washington fans are entertaining right now would be an understatement...
  3. I figured you had a problem with voice to text / autocorrect or something.
  4. I probably don't want to see us compared to the Bills right now. Maybe in a couple of years...
  5. Relevant? Don't know. Interesting? Probably.
  6. He's reportedly the number one candidate. Saw this from one of the Washington beat writers...
  7. Here's the biggest deal to me in all this... They interviewed Ryan Cowden. Ryan Cowden... The guy is a front office rock star with the Titans and loads of people think he's going to make a great GM, plus Rivera should know him from his time here. Heck, I was hoping we'd interview him. But with that said, it's one thing to pass over Ryan Cowden for a guy like Scott Fitterer. Passing on Ryan Cowden to hire Marty Hurney?! Yikes!
  8. I mean, I suppose they could have a chance. They do have some competent front office people like Kyle Smith. Of course, there's speculation that Smith might leave if he gets passed over for the GM job.
  9. Oy... I still remember that first press conference. He sounded like he was gonna be great. I wish that guy would have shown up, because the guy that showed up in his place just wasn't good enough.
  10. Just objectively speaking, "the Jets know something we don't" is probably a statement that should never be spoken.
  11. I'm reminded of the Jets fan that got interviewed on ESPN right after they drafted Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino. His comment was "Obviously the Jets know something we don't".
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