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  1. Watch them trade a huge haul to Atlanta.
  2. Updated info on Fields' second pro day tomorrow... Previously only two teams, the 49ers and the Patriots, were confirmed to be attending. There's now word that a third team will be joining them. The Falcons.
  3. Word that our old buddy Ross Cockrell is re-signing with Tampa.
  4. Rhule. Tepper wanted a non-traditional, analytics type GM. Rhule wanted a guy with a solid background as a talent evaluator.
  5. Oh, I get it. And I also know the same people who say "if we just win one, I'll be happy forever" will be the same ones just a few years later loudly complaining about how the team sucks.
  6. There's been many hints that the Panthers don't necessarily think all of the top five are capable of being "THE QB". If you don't believe that, then you take the best non-QB available.
  7. Agreed. Keep your cards hidden.
  8. Can't go along with that at all. I want this team to be perennial contenders.
  9. How Matt Rhule sees it... Basically, they see him like a rookie.
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