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  1. The idea that the next option might be bad is never a sufficient reason to stick with one that you already know is bad.
  2. This may be a difficult concept for you to grasp, but things...change. There was a time when the Texans flatly refused to even discuss trading Watson, but over time, their feelings on the topic evolved. To his credit, McClain was actually one of the first to predict that the Texans would eventually back off their stance and deal Watson, and he was of course proven right. But heck, even if he did make mistakes, someone who's never correctly predicted anything certainly wouldn't have any room to talk about him
  3. From Vic Tafur in The Athletic... Panthers Under 5.5 (+115) The Panthers improved their offensive line. Too bad Sam Darnold is still the QB. There is still some question as to whether Matt Rhule knows what he is doing, which is not ideal in Year 3. They have a shot thanks to their friendly schedule, but if they don’t split their first four games against the Browns, Giants, Saints and Cardinals, or sweep the Falcons, they are in big, big trouble. NFL win totals, over/unders and best bets for all 32 teams Tafur is a long time Raiders beat writer now working for The Athletic as a national reporter.
  4. I feel like that a lot, but I guess that's why I'm seeing a neurologist
  5. Possibly. I suspect if you go to the pro level it might translate to an occasional trick play or something. Don't know that it's be "game changing" or anything of that sort. (realistically, how many guys would actually be able to do that and do it well?)
  6. Seeing this... ...my mood is "thank God this story no longer has anything to do with us" There was also word this week of Watson admitting in testimony that his initial accuser broke down in tears after their massage session (though he swore he didn't understand why).
  7. It's impressive. I'm not absolutely certain it's an advantage. I suppose it could be (the clip does show him doing it in actual games) but it kind of reminds me of those crazy kicking and punting trick shot videos. While they're cool, I don't know if they translate into anything practical.
  8. ...will apparently be guys that can throw it with both hands
  9. Now trying to figure out why the hell that got labeled as "sensitive content"
  10. Corral hanging with Ochocinco... Did he just torpedo his Golden Corral endorsement?
  11. Random: Just read this... That's the kind of thing I want to see for guys like Ickey Ekwonu. I'd love for us to have players so good that opponents will leave the division just to get away from them
  12. It's what could potentially come out of that issue that could make things "interesting". The story Will Kunkel cited above is one example.
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