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  1. More from an old friend of ours...
  2. Side Note: John with a winner here...
  3. Especially when the GM is a guy McDaniels brought with him from new England.
  4. Certainly not one who'd like to be a head coach.
  5. Nah I've seen enough of your prior posts on here to know you're not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you think you are. Let's just say I'm not that bored.
  6. Better things to do than talk with a dimbulb...
  7. Two names with obvious Panther connections
  8. You're generally only wrong when you offer opinions
  9. Better than the bullsh-t stories you've been trying to spread, especially since I didn't endorse Wilson...or any quarterback from that draft. They all had red flags. My concern with Wilson was that he might be too fragile.
  10. For Evero, it's a promotion. For Wilks, it would have been a demotion.
  11. Because he's not a McDaniels guy. For the record, McDaniels also moved on from Jay Cutler so he could replace him with Tim Te-bow.
  12. Having seen many of your past football observations, I'd say not having your trust is probably a good sign. If you were all in on him, then I'd be worried.
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