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  1. Imagine what a film session with Young and Kuechly would look like
  2. Because if you can't predict the future right now, you must be a coward Also, the first preseason pass of any quarterback's rookie season tells you everything you need to know about their entire career.
  3. On the flipside... https://twitter.com/4ourmanrush/status/1665448919042588674?t=10GN-eVRqlhK52dGbIfHOw&s=19
  4. What Lady Cowboy Fan calls laziness I call retirement.
  5. Already studied 'em before I tested out of my college math classes. They called 'em CLEP tests back then. I don't know if they still use that name anymore. Mind you, the most practical application I use those skills for these days Is not buying lottery tickets.
  6. Said those exact three words the day I won an argument with my teenage stepdaughter. ("miracles can happen" would probably have worked just as well)
  7. That's the big debate these days. Super athlete quarterbacks can absolutely dominate at the college level, but if you're going to succeed at the pro level (and do so long-term) you need a little something more. In that department, Young has a lot more.
  8. From a few days ago, a cool story (not the "bro" kind)
  9. Had honestly forgotten he was still in the league...
  10. I didn't read this one Okay, maybe I did...
  11. And/or the day we hired the guy who hired Reich...someone who I was assured on several occasions should have been fired along with Rhule
  12. Oy Alternate Suggestion: Try looking up the definition of irony.
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