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  1. Saw this from Ellis too, regarding the batted passes... It's not strictly a height issue.
  2. The behind the scenes stuff we saw before showed him using some pretty raw language in private. He generally kept it clean in public though. Guess that's changed.
  3. You realize those rankings 1) are subjective and 2) represent opinions of the franchise as a whole, including coaching. The other stuff isn't fact. It's just your opinion.
  4. I think we have enough talent on the roster to be better than we are now with he right coaching. There are areas that still need work, but that's always true.
  5. The Lions didn't disregard their defense. They just picked the wrong person to run it.
  6. We did. We also, after week one of this season, heard that passing is what wins in the NFL. So...
  7. This is why I chuckle when people talk like just getting the best players can overcome terrible coaching.
  8. Wa s thinking Millen was part of that particular disaster but I'd have to look it up (could be wrong).
  9. Dan Snyder gave Ron Rivera full power in the organization and basically allowed him to restructure the front office as he saw fit. That restructure included getting rid of popular front office guy Kyle Smith in favor of former Panthers GM Marty Hurney along with former Lions GM (and Panthers GM candidate) Martin Mayhew. Mayhew is best remembered as the architect of the Lions team that went 0-16.
  10. That's one reason why if we did go the young offensive mind route, I'd like to hire an older OC, preferably a former head coach. Ditto on the defensive side.
  11. Speaking of our old friend Ron, things...aren't going well Yikes!
  12. Not directly related to other games, but... To which one person responded thusly...
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