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  1. Perfectly sensible. I've said before if I hire a guy to build my house, I can tell him what kind of rooms and such I want but I'm not gonna tell him how to build them. (sure as hell not gonna try and build them myself)
  2. That's exactly what I don't want, and I'm pretty sure it's exactly who Harbaugh would be. And believe it or not, I'm not so beaten down as a fan yet that I'd accept a temporary winner.
  3. If they pluck someone from Philadelphia, I'd prefer Brandon Hunt. He's got loads of experience, and most of it being with the Steelers organization would mean he's familiar with Tepper. Mind you, that also means at least potentially he might be someone who'd be willing to call temper on his bullsh-t.
  4. The root behind Tepper seeking advice from so many people is that he still thinks he's the smartest person in the room. Basically, he believes all he has to do is get a bunch of advice, put it all together in his own miind and he'll do the right thing. As long as he keeps believing that, nothing's going to change.
  5. No, there isn't. The vast majority of the in-season scouting work is already done. The next steps are things like the all star games, Combine, pro days, etc. Scouting and personnel guys don't tend to get fired until after the draft, and I'd prefer to at least keep Adrian Wilson anyway.
  6. Dumb sh-t like this doesn't surprise me at all. Mentioned in the other thread that during the previous go-round, he wanted an analytics based GM.
  7. Ed Dodds has stated he will take a job without full control. It's generally expected that Jim Harbaugh want the same. Not sure you can make that work...
  8. Here's my concern on this front... The last time we had a GM search, Tepper wanted to go a different route than normal and choose an analytics guy as the GM rather than a player personnel guy. Mind you, that was back during his "I'm going to prove I'm smarter than everybody else" phase when he thought he'd set the league on fire by hiring a college coach. It's possible he's come out of that phase now. But if he hasn't...
  9. He already did once, specifically after the 49ers gave him a new title and a raise. Might also be worth mentioning that one of the big reasons he got an interview here last time was his being old friends with Matt Rhule.
  10. Pretty sure he was also in New Orleans during Bountygate, for what that's worth.
  11. He's a lifelong 49er fan and says being the 49ers GM is his dream job. He's now one step away from that position and will probably have it within a few years.
  12. FYI: Hunt should probably be familiar to Tepper, and vice versa. Not sure what that would mean as far as the dynamics, but at least they'd be familiar. He'd likely also have Kevin Colbert's endorsement as well.
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