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  1. @Verge Firstly, thanks for all the posts and insights been really interesting to follow! Secondly, who are the guys you think we're eyeing for the second round? I'm aware about Richie Grant and how much Rhule likes him but who do you think we could take?
  2. I'm feeling confidant we'll get a good player would prefer Sewell but wouldnt be against Pitts I would HATE to trade up for either though.
  3. I was there and it was pretty cool, but I also felt bad for him because he got another sack went to celebrate but all the fans were cheering because it was a fumbled the Panthers recovered which he didn't realize Really happy for him though! 1:27 mark
  4. Matt Miller (formerly of Bleacher Report) has a new site which was free today but will soon be paid for so I thought I'd snag the Panthers picks. Worth noting no trades were allowed and no compensatory picks until they are announced- Panthers don't have a 7th this year. H e also states this: 8. Carolina Panthers — Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, OT, CB | Tier 2 LB, TE, IDL | Tier 3 IOL, EDGE, RB The Pick: QB JUSTIN FIELDS, OHIO STATE Analysis: The trade of Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams that netted the Detroit Lions Jared Goff changed up the quarterback market not just for v
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